This is mind blowing and unbelievable!  After I did step one on my ex and his girlfriend ( whom I hated).  I asked God to help me forgive them, God did. I was crying and repenting and telling the Lord, “I don’t want to hate them, I want to obey you Father, I don’t want to hate.”  Suddenly my cry changed into compassion and love for these two ppl.  My heart saw their lost condition and much love for them came over me. I was free from 75% of my horrible early morning reoccurring panic, fear & emotional pain torments.   But. what about the 25%?  That was in step 2.  As a baby Christian I fell into a deep depression and left my husband. This turned out where my son, age 8, was left w/ him too.  I HATED MYSELF for this. Despised myself.  This led to picking up old sinful behavior of pre-conversion, and a death wish!  Well, I did step 2 on this and forgave myself!  I’m 100% free of my early morning anxiety!  Every morning for 18 years, I’d wake up with severe panic. I’d wake up breathless & shaking. I didn’t know why.  I knew it tied into me and my son. Than I met my ex and when he betrayed me w another woman, these panics increased. Since I now HATED my ex and his girlfriend, Satan had access to me.  I was attacked with negative thoughts. The thoughts were memories of my son or ex or some mixture of negative thoughts of my mom in hell or my family going to hell.  I’d get hit w thoughts (lies) and it hit my heart, stomach and brain.  I’d wake everyday in such a state, I said I’d rather put a gun to my head!  I preferred dying!   Well, I completed most of the work on your list and I’m about 8 days free of those intense torments!  I’m still diagnosed borderline personality disorder.  This list is utterly amazing!  I begged God to heal me!  I’ve been hospitalized 85 times and am in a group home far from my loved ones. God did for me, another absolutely amazing healing. Captive set FREE!  TY MIKE!  Ty soooo much for freeing up the captives and being so dedicated!  Love ya!

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