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14.Now that you have been delivered from evil spirits and/or a mental, emotional or physical illness you must take several aggressive & pro-active steps to maintain your healing so you will not become re-infected with demons or sickness. This is your new 12 step program. This one actually works. Please read it carefully. MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE DELIVERED FROM SPIRITS BECOME RE-INFECTED. It can be avoided by building an intimate relationship with Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost thru the Word of God. Healing & deliverance are not a “cure-all.”  You MUST renew your mind to find and fulfill your destiny. You MUST be pro-active & aggressive:

These next steps in your new life will determine your future:

  1. Receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2, 8, 10, 19, Jn. 14,16, I Cor. 14) and release your Gift of Tongues.  Every born again person has their Gift of Tongues but, most have not relaxed and released it because of confusion, doubt or false teaching.  Without the Baptism of the Spirit your chances of being permanently healed & delivered diminish.  It is the conduit to the Gifts of the Spirit and the “dunamis” power of God.  See “Glossa” on the  “Teaching” page.
  2. Please rid all traces of sin from your life.  Any negative attitudes, words, behaviors, hobbies, interests or recreations must be eliminated right away.  If you go back into sin you may become sicker than you were before you were healed (Mt. 12, Lk. 11, II Pet. 2:20).
  3. Forgive and release ought (negative emotions or thoughts) for everyone who has ever hurt you.  Forgive yourself of your past sins & failures.  Un-forgiveness, ought and bitterness are the main routes of demon re-infestation.  Any negative feelings or thoughts (ought/GK. ei tis) about yourself or others must be removed & released to the Lord.  He will remove them if you agree to release them.  Taking offenses will ruin your spiritual life and disintegrate your health (Jn. 16:1).  Un-forgiveness and ought are the root causes of autoimmune diseases (see “Teaching” section).
  4. Start attending a solid hardcore Spirit filled, full gospel church or home group.  Find one that believes in the spirit world & understands the moving of the Holy Ghost & demons.  You will need their prayers, support & experience.  Non-full gospel denominations are usually powerless against demons.
  5. Please remove close relationships with carnal friends or relatives who lead you into doubt and sin.  Demons can get back in thru soul ties, romantic relationships, unsaved relatives, carnal best friends, sinful work associates & anyone Satan can use to encourage you to behave, play or talk sinfully.  Be careful as spirits almost always use close associates to wound your soul or distract your mind from the Word.  If you won’t let them go, the demons won’t let you go.
  6. Attend Bible studies, worship services, church or in-home prayer meetings several times a week.  You should not miss one week.  If you get lazy the spirits will, drive you crazy.
  7. Delete any kind of demonic or fleshly recreation you previously enjoyed (Rom. 12:1-2).  Worldly & fleshly movies, sports, music (metal, hip hop, garage rock, psychedelic rock. gangster rap, techno, country rock, acid rock, indie rock, grunge, glam, punk, hard rock, etc.), videos, MTV, DVDs, video games (Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, etc.), carnal TV shows, comedy clubs, bars & happy hours.  Any recreation that distracts your affections & attention from the Lord & is used by spirits & does not glorify God must take the train.  If you ride the fence the demons will ride you into a trench (I Tim. 3:6, II Tim. 2:26).
  8. Please rid your life of any kind of sexual sin.  Delete your unsaved boyfriend, fiancée, girlfriend, DL group, live-in lover, friend with benefits, etc.  God has a wonderful life-mate picked out specifically for you.  He will send them to you AFTER you are spiritually mature & your inner healing and deliverance is complete.  Any form of homosexuality, trans activity, drag, bisexuality or pornography will allow the spirits to re-enter your body & brain (movies, Internet, chat rooms, magazines, phone sex, sexting, etc.).  FLEE fornication (I Cor. 6:15-20).
  9. Read the Bible every day & pray in solitude daily in addition to your worship services & group Bible studies.  Speak in tongues off & on all day long for self-edification & power (I Cor. 14).  It must become second nature to you.  Memorize a couple of Scriptures every month & quote them daily.
  10. Start serving the Lord with your time, talents & treasures by helping others, working in a ministry, participating in evangelism programs, praying for the sick & seeing others delivered from demons & illnesses, just like you were. You need to adopt a Holy Ghost lifestyle based on “Freely you have received, now freely give” and James 5:16.
  11. Your old life was a breeding ground for sin & evil spirits.  Your new life must be one of adoring worship of JESUS/YESHUA.  Your body must become the Temple of the Holy Ghost & a shrine of holiness.  The Son of God is not just a “buddy” or a “pal.”  Your Heavenly Father is not your “pop,” “dad,” “papa” or “daddy”  but, your Eternal Sovereign King and Divine Heavenly Father.  They are to be addressed & treated with the utmost respect at all times.
  12. This is your initial Bible study.  It will renew your life:  (Rom. 8, 12:1-2, I Jn. 2:15-17, Eph. 6:11-18, II Cor. 7:1, Jn. 5:14, 8:11).  You must learn spiritual warfare to maintain your healing, find your spiritual destiny & obtain God’s perfect will for your life.  By His Grace AND your obedience, you will walk in the Spirit & not fulfill the lusts of your soul & body.  Your new life of power & joy starts NOW!  You have been called by God to fulfill your specific purpose in life.  Your destiny is calling you.  The Gifts of the Spirit are now within your reach (I Cor. 12).  Seek diligently the ones the Spirit wants you to have.  The most important Gift is to be your strongest one (I Cor. 13).
  13. If you need additional prayer please plan on attending the deliverance services at Arizona Deliverance Center. Visit our Calendar to see when we offer deliverance.  Learn spiritual warfare & how to fight the Devil (I Pet. 5:7-8).  You have been called by God to win. 
  14. Please discontinue watching deliverance ministers on You Tube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.  Over 90% of them have familiar spirits and will distract you and may cause you to become reinfected with spirits.  Do not get involved with prophetic ministries (Bethel, Sid Roth, Kat Kerr, NAR, etc.  These ministries are heavily infected with familiar spirits and will allow you to pick up transfer spirits. 
  15. Please consider supporting our ministry with your prayers & financial support.  All donations are tax deductible. Visit our Donation Page. Love to all, Bro. Mike.
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