Mr. Singh/Mar. 2020/Radio Show

Hi Dear, I listen to your radio show on dark sky and I really enjoy it. The show was absolutely Spectacular! We loved every minute of it! I can’t begin to describe how magnificent you sounded it was awesome. I look forward to more shows like this one, or...

Bethany W./Mar. 2020

I can never read one of your testimonials without the Holy Spirit falling on me and making me ball like a baby! Praise you Jesus for delivering your children!!!

Kathrine C./Feb. 2020

Good morning. I just wanted to share that I woke up this morning feeling so different since my deliverance yesterday! Thank you Father! This is absolutely amazing and I love you guys so much. ♥️

Jesus A./Feb. 2020

Holy Spirit led me to watch your live preaching and demonstration of the gospel. I am grateful to God for your life and the gift to the body of Christ. I was touched by you demonstrating the power of God to deliver people as in Acts 10:38, even I experienced a touch...

Ashley S./Feb. 2020

I just want to thank you! My visit has really changed everything.  I see through the lies and I am taking my authority.  My prayer language increased at Fridays meeting so much! You carry love and authority and I appreciate everything.  God bless you brother Mike....
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