Diona T./June 2023

Hi brother Mike,I was in Zoom meeting on Wednesday and when brother Rick was praying I felt such a release of heaviness and when Stephanie prayed I just kept crying feeling like a release too. It felt great and I slept so good with no pain from bone the  spurs in my...

Matt T./AU/June 2023

Praise God for all you, your wife and your team do. I’m not sure how I stumbled acroess your Hard Core Christianity site but Thank God I did. Your teachings are so valuable. 4 years since being born again and not getting taught on Unclean Spirits etc from...

Kevin C./May 2023

Just wanted to share something with you.. I had run into your website when looking at deliverance, then starting watching your YouTube. At first I thought it was interesting and weird but I pressed though and I like your truth speaking and style of delivery to set...

Roxanne D./May 2023

I am writing to let you know I followed your last video about the spirit of rejection. I got healed from a cracking arm. I followed your deliverance session I kept on yawning and crying. I know many demons flew out.

Chris H./May 2023

I just wanted to share my love in Christ & gratitude to hardcore christianity for all I have learned from you. I am dealing with some medical issues but your ministry has taught me a more combative faith.      My encouragements.

Bronco H./Apr. 2023

I listened to one of your sermons last night – “skid row” and prayed along with the people your people were working with. I slept really well, better than in a long time but… I woke up to a “nice” message from this spirit in me.
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