It as been years since you have sent the Miracle List concerning my family. It has been a whirlwind of attacks since I received your response and for a time I forgot about the email. One of my best friends has been inquiring of me to do prayer meets and bible studies with her since we have recently relocated to my home state of Louisiana. She inquired a month ago and I have been distracted for so long you probably just obeyed Our Father and did your part and thought nothing but it did not fall on bad ground! I started to get my business affairs in order this morning and found the printout of this very email in my prayer journal. I am at step four in that guideline and I can feel the pressure starting to literally release in my mind and physically in my chest. This will take time but just acknowledging half of the things that have tormented my mind has alleviated much anguish in my soul, to the point I can feel a physical release (which I didn’t expect). I have much more to do but I had to reach to you and say thank you for being obedient, I thank God for the direction, and I pray that this coupled with fasting will break the hold over my bloodline for the next generations after me.

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