Brother Mike, I have thought about sending you an email for a few days now.  I just want to tell you how incredibly blessed I am to have come across your ministry on the internet.  It is literally saving my life from a lifetime of bipolar illness and pharma pills. I never understood spiritually what was going on with me. I began to ask the Lord why I had a hard time submitting and loving Him. After a solid day of research, I decided to just finally keep it simple and just write ‘mental illness demons Christian’ – something along those lines, and your website was in the top 3 on Google. 
When I began sorting through your list and skimmed the hand chart, Planos Spirits and your rejection videos…I began to weep from joy because I felt that I was finally on my road to freedom. I never understood before why mental illness was a strong hold in my life since I was a child. Just in my 22nd year of life, I put the dots together that it was from trauma and multiple types of abuse.  Finally, brother Mike, you said…”if you only knew…how much the Father loves you…” always hits deep. And now I am eternally grateful for you and to the Lord for sending you to heal the brokenhearted.  I truly don’t know how I would cope today if I hadn’t come across your ministry and your informative seminars. You have the humor that brings me joy and your switching voice tones really help me focus and scatters some of the racing thoughts. 
Thank you so much brother Mike. May God Bless you abundantly!

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