Hi Mike, thanks again for “the list.” Because of the ministry to Veronica I’ve had to get very aggressive about night time prayer in my home for protection. I asked the Lord to wake me if an attack is imminent which He does!  I met with Veronica today, laid out the List to her and she’s willing to do the list. She read the entire list to me out loud. She was quite compliant and it went well. I asked her if she desired a deep relationship with The Lord and deliverance and she said yes. We ended up spending 4.5 hours together, after our session and prayer I bought her a Bible. Mike, I deeply sense how The Lord loves her. Last night I heard two cats fighting in the spirit. I told her that demons would fight her tooth and nail to keep her in bondage. I explained a lot of stuff to her and she listened and there was no resistance to the truth. Glory to God! Thank you so much! I’m doing the list too. We are both working on # 1.

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