Greeting Brother Mike!  I just wanted to drop a note about my deliverance experience and ongoing emotional healing since I have began my journey with AZDC. I learned about you and have been listening to you for about a year. Prior, I believed in spiritual warfare (due to my occult background).  I poked around your site a little and after much hesitation finally took the dive and visited the AZDC. The spirits  did try to talk myself out of  going, but thankfully the Spirit gave me the strength I needed to walk in and have a sit.  I was a tad nervous, the first time I went was a Thursday, the teaching was excellent and I experienced some level of deliverance.  I returned on Friday, again the teaching was over the moon excellent and resonated so much, you spoke on Joseph and Destiny.  Again, I received deliverance.    I was attacked.  The 48 hour rule was so on spot!  Thank you for continuing dialog via email with me during this time and helping me understand.

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