The trip we made to the Arizona Deliverance Center was great. It really changed out life. My wife said after the teaching of Renewing Your Mind lesson and ministry afterwards and demons leaving that it was like a 2nd conversion. Next to her coming to God and receiving the Holy Ghost it was the most significant spiritual experience she has experienced. I listened and followed your advice about getting rid of the spirits of my ex and my mom and dad. My wife and I both watched the meditation video you recommended to me and we both have been doing Holy Ghost meditation everyday and it is really amazing. My wife is a new person. She wants me to be close to her. She appreciates touch from me. She loves me. It is amazing. She is allowing me to be the Spiritual head and I have been scarifcially loving her. We have both been doing self deliverance and I have been honored to be part of my wife’s continued deliverance. She is sleeping better. She was even been given knowledge in a dream about other spirits to cast out of us. Her sleep went from being oppressed to being restful and used for God’s purposes. I have had the honor of doing deliverance on my 2 daughters age 4 and 8. I felt great as they were yawning during the deliverance. Their behavior has improved. Thanks for everything. Everyday I am focusing on renewing my mind. I’m now starting work with a few people at our church with your process and list. I’m giving them a little bit of truth at a time so I can help them be delivered and free like me in Jesus. 

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