I wanted to share with you an experience I had after following the sermon and deliverance prayer available in YouTube ‘Blessings or Curses your choice’. I have been practicing self-deliverance following the Arizona Deliverance Center and praying to the Father to help me and work with me to remove all works of the devil in me. One spirit I had discerned I had in me, I started calling a ‘shadow spirit’, something like a invisible layer of demonic presence that covered me. I started discerning that this spirit was embedded in me for most of my life, since childhood at least. One of the symptoms of having this spirit was that sometimes I felt like somebody else was living my life, like I was watching myself doing things, like my life was a movie I was watching. I think the Holy Spirit moved me to follow this sermon ‘Blessings or Curses. Your Choice’ which talks about generational curses. As I was following Derek’s prayer I was standing, with my eyes closed, and my arms raised, when the prayer got to the point where I started casting demons, I felt a tingling on the back of my legs that started moving up, then suddenly I felt dark spirit or presence detaching from me, raising from behind me, and at the same time I saw a very bright light in my mind after the demon left, I felt I was going to pass out so I opened my eyes, by then I stopped following the prayer. Immediately I felt free of that presence, now I can look people in the eyes more. I also can express the fruits of the Holy Spirit more easily than before. So I thank you for directing me to Derek Prince. It has made a big difference in my life. Thank you Kelley, may the Father bless you for your sending me in the right direction.

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