Hello Bro. Mike, I meant to send a note expressing our profound gratitude to the Ministry. 
The Lord led me to this Ministry via YouTube just when we needed it the most. 
I called and left a message and Sis. Stephanie called back and ever since she has been so great with our  daughter who has never had deliverance before.  They literally had her admitted, then wanted her to go on medication but we knew better and was grateful Sis. Stephanie understood what was going on too. After just 2 sessions with our 16 year old, she was just a different person and has been like that ever since. 
She is usually very, calm, kind, respectful but we noticed that last year she changed and will cry and be really upset when she can’t have her way which was unlike her. She started wanting to hang out with friends that she will never hang out with because she knows better. It was really getting tough on us. After doing a couple of sessions  with Sis. Stephanie she literally became herself. Today, she even wore some jewelries that she ordered online and she told me she had PRAYED OVER THEM. Glory to God. So on top of that, she now has a better understanding of deep spiritual things. We thank God for her deliverance and we believe that who the Lord sets Free, is Free indeed. 

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