Good morning! It’s been awhile since I last contacted you.  You sent me the email of the List on what I was supposed to do tho get rid of a bunch of things I had wrong with me.  I did what you said to do. I didn’t really see a change in my thinking our my attitude.  I became even more hopeless.  I reached out to you again & you sent me the same List. Now I was becoming angry with you.  🙂  I was putting my hope in you, hoping that you could some how fix me!  Ridiculous, I know. But when you have been deceived & jacked up as I have been for over 50 years….. Anyway, I listened to your video on overcoming anxiety on Sunday 12/8/19 & when I did the self deliverance I was totally & completely healed of all the craziness I’d been living with for years! Why now?  I don’t know. Why did it take now? I don’t know.  I’ve heard your message preached for  years. I even wrote a book about how not to listen Satan & how your identity should only come from God! What in the world! I digress. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to God for your ministry & I praise God that your daughter led you to our Mighty deliverer.  Give her a great big hug from all of us who love your ministry. Now I can boldly go & do what God has ordained me to do!

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