Hi Mike,
I’ve emailed you a couple of times. Once to get the Miracle List – Mentally Ill and another to ask a question. This time I’m emailing to say thank you! Frequently, I ask God to bless you (I spend a lot of time in my prayer closet, so you get blessed a lot), because I am so thankful for all of your videos, your Miracle List, and your books.  Almost 24/7 for the last 5 years, I’ve been working on getting rid of the demons tormenting me. The most successful tool for helping my mental state – by far – has been your ministry, which I stumbled upon on YouTube mid 2018.  I started your Miracle List – Mentally Ill in October of 2018.  I’m toward the end of the list, but still working on it. The biggest breakthrough came last week. Yeah! I know I still have more to go, but I feel I have started to turn the corner. 

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