I want to take a minute to THANK YOU for this ministry!  It has changed my life – Since the night on zoom, where I had a block, and from coming out to AZ in April where Melissa was able to get to it and get some true deliverance, I thank you for all of it!  God has freed me from control, rebellion, a selfish attitude, and even a hate/murder spirit.  My thinking has changed so much – each time it took me a few days to figure out what was different about me but I then realized my brain had changed and I would never think the way I used to bc I was now free.  I know there’s more work to do but I feel so joyous about what God is doing in my life in this area.
I have been watching your training videos from Saturdays but the last two nights have been so powerful – with Rick and also your teaching last night.  Both nights I watched and worked through the deliverance.  Last night when you helped the woman from Romania with the 5 husbands – I got healing right along with her.  PRAISE GOD!  And then you helped the lady speak in more tongues – I had believed that same lie and when I repented for believing that there wasn’t’ more for me, I had much more released and started praying new words/syllables!  It was JOYOUS!  God is so faithful and I am just in AWE at deliverance and how quick God is to heal us!  
THANK YOU BROTHER – from the bottom of my heart.   I hope to come back out to Arizona again this year.  I am also getting on the phone with Melissa as well.  She is a gift!  This is the answer to what everyone needs, and I know most don’t even know it.  
I wanted to share this with you and encourage you, I am sure you hear that often but God is using you mightily and I thank God for you, your staff and the work you so freely do for others.  I pray God uses me as I get healed.  

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