Mike,  I wanted to thank you and your team for helping me break through all the lies that had built up in my mind and life.  My one request of God was to have an encounter with Him. He answered more abundantly than I imagined.
I’m in my normal world and I am very different now.  It’s a little weird and is taking a while to adjust, but it’s a good adjustment.  I saw how you got out of the way and orchestrated each person who ministered to me and each assignment while I was there. Thank you for that as well.  Robert was a perfect choice and was instrumental in my break through Friday night.  It seems so different yet the same. Praying in the spirit daily. I wasn’t able to do that for myself before I came out there. I could for others, but not myself. Now I can.
May God bless you for all that I received!  Keep fighting and do not grow weary in doing good. You’re making a difference.  Much gratitude.

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