I had to take a moment and give you my thanks for all that you are doing. I ran across your videos and have completed all 18 deliverance training courses and have watched almost all of your existing videos via you tube! I feel obligated to share what our Lord did for me!  I was watching one of your videos and when the deliverance got started. In the end I was laying in my bed with very harsh back pain. I had  been having to go to the Chiropractor 3 to 4 days a week for about 4 months prior to this. My lower back pain has been going on for at least 10 years keeping me going to the doc, yearly. I’m healthy, 45 years old but my back was only getting worse! At the end of the video I was told to place my hands where the pain was and I did, both hands on my lower back. Part way through I felt waves of something rolling through me from head to toe 12-15 times.  I completed the Deliverance and then shortly fell asleep. I didn’t honestly think about it again for 2 days when I realized I had zero back pain that day nor did I have any pain the previous day! It has now been almost a month and honest to God I have yet to have any pain whatsoever. I absolutely believed in what your doing Mike but I’ve got to say I’m completely amazed that it worked on my back. I’ve been humbled even more and I thank God he led me to your work! God Bless and never stop doing what your doing.

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