Hi Mike,  We’ve been slowly covering the list making sure were covering all bases. Going back over the list and examine ourselves repenting praying confessing et.. Just wanted to give you a quick testimony. While covering the request for godly sorrow, I immediately felt the spirit of conviction and godly sorrow began to overshadow and fill me. I knew this was the Holy Spirit but every time I have a supernatural experience or receive gifts or impartation etc. I ask for confirmation. Sometimes he’ll flood my mind with the scriptures that prove it and other times he’ll answer differently ( Holy Spirit doesn’t fit in boxes lol) . Anyway it popped in my head to open my bible app and the scripture of the day was Jonah Chapter 3. After reading and sharing this with my wife I spent a good while in Gods presence praying in Tongues worshiping and allowing the conviction to do its work. The sorrow I experienced was quick and heavy and was a gift.  Just wanted to let you know that Gods definitely using you and your ministry and the list is awesome. 

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