Dear Mike and Karen , God Bless you both for the tireless work, promoting the Kingdom, I personally know of many including yours truly ,who are thankful for the deliverance we’ve received in JESUS Christ…having seen Heaven and Hell. I have been delivered from Hell and the grave and given my life back and healed beyond my wildest dreams. Thank-You for the training  And the teaching to stand against the wiles of the devil… I know my break-thru, is coming as the attacks seem to be on the increase ….last night was no exception. I just had to invoke JESUS’S NAME to get relief. I know with what you both have been thru is a toll taker. I’m Glad that you Both stand with Jesus. I do want to Pray the Lord Bless you and your family with the Magnitude of the Blessings Bestowed upon JABAZ in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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