Hi Everyone, just a little knowledge about myself. From my earliest memories, I was a victim of Sexual abuse, from neighbors, and cousins, then Later in Facilities that where supposed to help. I have very unpleasant memories most of which I saw constantly from a distance. Then I learned I was the worst of the worst. Except for GOD, I let myself be used and abused; drugs, alcohol, pornography & prostitution was a easy fix. I had no way of knowing what I really was dealing with until I visited the Arizona Deliverance Center for a one on one session with Bro. Mike. Those Demon spirits controlled me but, I can truthfully say that now the fear of GOD, has been released, and as the Bible says, they are scattering. I’m not supposed to be able to tell you this. I’m supposed to be Dead, but God Has A Jeremiah 29:11 for my life. I Pray to be able to Tell People about the healing, that God Has Blessed me with!

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