Few months ago I was in a very dark place. I had no hope, I was depressed, I was hurt, I was having anxiety every single day, I did not know what peace was anymore. The good news is that God always sends the right people at the right moments so that they can help you. I was blessed to have a counseling session with Julie and God blessed me through her. She listened to me, prayed for me and I didn’t feel judged, but loved. If it wouldn’t be for Michael W. Smith and his ministry I don’t know where would I be today. Today I live an abundant spiritual life in Christ. I have so much joy and peace, I have a blessed marriage, great hopes and plans for the future. I am healed, I am restored, I am FREE and I’m ready to fulfill God’s great destiny for my life. If you struggle with any sort of pain, any sort of illness, any sort of addiction there is hope for you. If you live in fear, if you can’t make any spiritual progress, if you have no peace and joy, God can set you free from all of it. Please seek help and stop hiding your problems. There is hope for you and God wants you to have PEACE and JOY that overflow. God has a great destiny for you here on earth before He welcomes you in Heaven.

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