Brother Mike, I want to share my testimony with you and I hope brother Rick will hear about it too. I was praying for my husband for 4 years, I wanted him to be born again. The real fight started last year, my husband starated to do drugs, drink alchohol and I was in a very unhappy marriage. He was no longer a kind man. I could not spend my time with him, sometimes I couldnt even look at him because I was terrified. This whole time I was depressed, confused (I didn;t know he was on drugs, I trusted him when I asked him and he said no), I didn’t know why he was losing weight, he no longer slept at night and He was so talkative (which is nothing like him, he was always very quiet). I felt like I was going through hell. I was waking up crying and this is how I started my days for months. I kept praying even if sometimes I was so mad at God and I couldn’t understand why was happening to me. I was faithful to God since I was a kid. God showed me in a dream in September that a huge snake is at the house’s door, the door was open but I started to speak the Name of Jesus and the snake left. I understood that I need to fight on my knees. Once I wanted out, just wanted to live back in Romania but then when I imagined Daniel without me. I knew I could not leave him. Then we came to talk to brother Rick. God touched my husband! He completely delivered him and my husband has a great testimony. I wanna shout in the streets how good God is. He gave me a new husband! The heaven came down in my house. I want to thank you, I want to thank Rick, God worked through you. I used to start my day crying and I do the same now but now I cry for joy! Praise the Lord!

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