I am so happy I was able to go to the Arizona Deliverance Center and speak with you. It was such a wonderful and healing experience, nothing I’ve encountered before. I am filled with so much gratitude and thanking God for you guys every day. I have struggled with severe depression for 17 years, anxiety and panic attacks for 13 years, and I was filled with so much dread and guilt, insecurity and self hate for so long I had accepted it as my lifestyle. Simply, I was miserable. After my deliverance, I am now filled with so much joy and confidence. Every ounce of fear, depression, and anxiety is gone. I have never felt so free and light. I was never known to be a “happy person”. In 7 years I slowly forgot how to feel joy, and over a course of time I just stopped laughing. But now since my deliverance, I have laughed more than I knew I could.  And smiling has never come so easy. I used to see a cloud of fear and dread hang over my relationships, over myself, over my husband, and over my home. I was filled with a lot of fear, and it consumed every part of my life. It’s now gone. I am now more productive, I can think clearer, my relationship with my husband is slowly but surely healing and getting stronger, I am filled with confidence, joy, peace, and thankfulness. I can’t even begin to tell of my thankfulness. I finally feel like I can live. Not only that, but I have seen, and felt, a huge improvement in my children. They are also filled with so much laughter and confidence. Thank you x 1,000

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