Bro Mike, I had been Molested, beaten, tortured, verbally abused, from age 4 to 15. I was completely BROKEN. Diagnosed with Dysthymia, Generalized & Social Anxiety Disorder, Severe, Chronic Depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, migraines, Constantly Tortured and harassed by demons, hopeless and SO MUCH MORE! I’m a Christian and thought God had abandoned Me. No one could help or convince me there was ANY HOPE it had been hell for 25 Years! I had hung on JUST for my 3 Children. I was exhausted!  I was very Suicidal and at end of my rope, LONG story!  I cried out to God ONE LAST TIME with ALL my heart for healing!  He instantly lead me to your vIdeos and started taking away the scales and chains instantly!  I watched all your videos and listened to Godly music and Bible on CD. GOD HAS HEALED ME!  It’s been 5 WEEKS!  I waited to write cause I could hardly believe the MIRACLE. NO more fears! I stopped believing The 1000’s of Lies, God Bless.

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