I want to give a testimony. Last nite I listened to a great teaching bro mike gave and in there he talked about how there are negative thoughts that come into our heads that are not our own and how we are to take captive those thoughts & rebuke and repent. So this morning the little jabs began in my mind I started feeling horrible and just then the holy spirit came to me and reminded me to take those thoughts captive and repent. I did & DEMANDED that they leave and never come back in the NAME of JESUS. I repent & never again. I delete that way of thinking & giving glory and thanking FATHER. Then I named off many body parts to be healed of this attack. Then I came and felt led to find this video FATHER is doing a mighty work in me and I pray HE will do a mighty work in my family and I pray very soon. Blessings to Mike, his wife and everyone who helps to make these vids possible THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH.

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