I was in a couple of weeks ago on a Friday night. Julie sat with me for quite some time while I was being delivered. Then, that night at 11:00 p.m., I randomly stopped vaping. I had been addicted to nicotine for over 11 years. I vaped constantly; it was always in my hand. I would also supplement vaping with nicotine mints. It’s been two weeks now, and I did not pick up one time since the night of my deliverance.

The following week after the women’s seminar, I made a decision to stop taking Ambien. I had been taking it nightly for over five years and was dependent upon it to sleep. Desperate to forever cast out witchcraft, I completely stopped. It’s been a week, and not-so-ironically, I can’t even believe the incredible nights sleep I am having. Two weeks completely free of addiction and dependence. Love this and wanted to share.

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