I wanted to share my praise report with you. I was at the ADC last month with my ministry friends from Minnesota and I had a one on one meeting with Erica. It was a powerful deliverance.

One of the biggest obstacles I had was food addiction. Specifically sugar addiction. I had received deliverance before for gluttony;  lust for food etc. Nothing seemed to help. I had gained 30 pounds in less than two years. My clothes didn’t fit anymore. I was self conscious and miserable because I could not control my eating.  I decided I would use all my might and go on a serious diet.  In May of last year – I ate only 1200 to 1500 cal a day and walked 2 to 4 miles every day for a month. I didn’t lose a pound. In fact, I gained some. That is when I knew for sure this was a spiritual demonic issue.

When I met with Erica we dug deep into relationship issues, demons of doubt, all sorts of things. I came home from Arizona and I committed to the Lord;  A two week fast from sugar. All sugar. I didn’t eat a piece of fruit even. It was such a pleasure to do that for the Lord. After two weeks I started eating fruit and went back to my sugary coffee creamer. But after a few days I just started feeling yucky and I realized I don’t even really like sugar anymore! 

It was so wonderful to meet you and the team at Arizona deliverance center. 

God is SO FAITHFUL!! Oh how I love Him! I’m so grateful. See you all again soon.🙏

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