I listened to the first 8 sessions of your Deliverance Training. The very first one changed me. Have not had a lustful thought since. I repented of questioning why God had me born into an abusive and deceitful family and just agreeing to trust God rather than resent His plan allowed me to understanding the truth – that my parents were under demonic influences. I’m now able to see those influences in my past life and in the lives of people around me and I have no fear of directly addressing the demons in people and asking the person to confess and repent of the sin to which those demons are related and in the name of Christ command that the demon spirit depart them.  I now have no fear, refuse to be offended by anything any person says or does and have no anger against anything except for Satan and his demonic forces.  I shared this in my Sexaholics Anonymous group and began identifying the emotions and thoughts of continual relapser’s as demonic emotions and logic, logged in the person from a lack of confession, repentance and calling on faith in Christ to remove the demons.

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