Thank you for the list! I began it the next day and wow it is something. Then I listened to a 3 hr video of autoimmune deliverance. Woke up the next day with no desire to smoke! Praise God!! Then….. 3 days of non stop attacks in my marriage. My husband is not a strong Christian and mostly hears me tell him what I learn and my faith. Well, let me tell you the attack was so very strong and never ending. He said to me he wasn’t even mad at me yet it was a full 3 day barrage of constant attack!! I knew what was behind it because of your ministry but by the end of day 3 I caved. Really bad weekend and I lit up. Guess what? Yep the attacks instantly stopped. I witnessed to him and he wants to plan a trip to Phoenix. Praise God! Yet now I am praying how to handle this better next time. I must repent and even tho that battle was lost the war still must go on. 

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