Hello Mike and Karen,  Just wanted to thank you again for your faithfulness to God. We had booked an appointment for our son to come and see you and he ended up in the Hospital so couldn’t go to Arizona. My husband and I ended up going alone and we had ministry with you and your team. We left encouraged and with some material to help us. We both started to pray warfare prayers some hands on and some just quietly. Immediately things started to change! Our son is completely different and is happy, sweet and our house is very peaceful. He had not been able to sleep for 3 years without heavy medication. Now he is sleeping with NO medication and almost no other medications during the day. He is slowly weaning himself off of everything.  We have had 2 months of a completely different son. I was able to share with a few of the ladies in my Bible Study group and they were so receptive and ready to learn more. One of the ladies in the group has had a daughter who is in very rough shape with depression, anxiety, suicidal etc., I shared with her there was hope and told her how to start praying for her daughter. In only a few weeks she is amazed at the change. She said she has hope for the first time in years. Thank you so much for not holding back anything when you preach. God Bless you both. Whenever I think of you I pray for health and strength for you to continue.

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