I loved being there on Friday to hear you teach on Spiritual Warfare and see deliverance afterwards.  It was a powerful teaching.  Thank you for being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and leading as you shared God’s Word with us. I wanted to share a praise with you.  Since finding your ministry I realized I have never received the gift of tongues for my personal prayer life.  In fact, I had never asked for it because I thought it was limited to speaking in tongues publicly. This morning I prayed for the Holy Spirit to give me this gift and teach me how to speak in tongues and guess what.  He answered that prayer and I was speaking and singing in tongues for over half an hour this morning.   I wanted to let you know this success and let you know I’m so excited at how the Lord is working in my life.  I want to use this to help heal my sons of Autism and Epilepsy. Praise God for your ministry.

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