I have learned so much about the Lord and how things work spiritually. We love tuning in live every week. I found your ministry last year and it has blessed me and my family more than you’ll ever know. I watched one of Bro Peter’s videos on your channel and The Holy Ghost met me right where I was. I had tremendous freedom and emotional healing that day. I also logged on to Bro Rick’s zoom that Wednesday night. He called out back pain and symptoms of MS and the next day all of the pain in my back was miraculously gone! I could also see better! The following week I logged on to the Zoom again. This time I had the courage to raise my hand for prayer and turn my camera on. Stephanie and Dani prayed for me one on one that night. I had even more deliverance and freedom. Stephanie also encouraged me to do the miracle list.

I started working on the miracle list right away the next day. Let me tell you that I immediately received so much more deliverance while doing the miracle list. I have never had such a sound mind and felt the Lord’s presence so strongly before. I was also hearing voices and had a few other mental health issues (fear, anxiety, racing thoughts) and they are totally gone! I want to thank you so much for your ministry, for your miracle list and for all of your teachings on YouTube. I know that I am fully healed in Jesus name. Thank you again for everything that you and your team do! 

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