Wow. I finished my deliverance tonight and I want to say thank you so much. Your List works in the entire person. There were so many layers that I didn’t even know where there especially when it came to the un=forgiveness. Some parts were very difficult, some where easier. But it seems like as the steps went on they became easier for me. Thank you for your ministry. I want to sow a seed soon. Looking forward to my daughters complete healing as well. My house even seems better and she seems to be acting completely normal today.  I ended up watching the video on rejection because that’s what I’ve dealt with my entire life.  I’m going to watch the familiar spirit videos as well. I feel like I’m free completely and I also cast out those spirits as well. I coughed up a few things at one point. I feel much lighter, I don’t feel rejected and I’m not holding any grudges. I feel like I have a new slate. Thank you Jesus.

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