Bro Mike Deliverance Training Courses (18) on Flashdrive

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A must have. Bro Mike’s Deliverance Training Series, all 18 of them, now on flashdrive. No internet required. Just plug n play. Invaluable resource for those wanting to enter the deliverance/healing ministry, learn spiritual warfare or for those wanting to learn how the spirit world and the kingdom of darkness operates.



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4 reviews for Bro Mike Deliverance Training Courses (18) on Flashdrive

  1. Jamie anaya

    Wow!!! These classes are AMAZING!!! An eye opener for sure!! I was delivered from a spirit of rejection, lust, legalism, fear, pride and the list goes on and on!!! These teaching are worth every penny!!!!!! I watched all 18 with my jaw to the floor when I heard these messages!!!!

  2. Benjamin P Daniels

    Just DO IT!

  3. Tina Haley

    Thank you so much for making these available- invaluable tools for deliverance!!

  4. Ken ONeal

    Only seen 1 video

    • Michael Smith

      There was only 1 video on it? Should have been 18. Let me know and I will send you another one. So sorry. Mike

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