Bro Mike Deliverance Training Courses (18) on Flashdrive

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A must have. Bro Mike’s Deliverance Training Series, all 18 of them, now on flashdrive. No internet required. Just plug n play. Invaluable resource for those wanting to enter the deliverance/healing ministry, learn spiritual warfare or for those wanting to learn how the spirit world and the kingdom of darkness operates.



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8 reviews for Bro Mike Deliverance Training Courses (18) on Flashdrive

  1. Jamie anaya

    Wow!!! These classes are AMAZING!!! An eye opener for sure!! I was delivered from a spirit of rejection, lust, legalism, fear, pride and the list goes on and on!!! These teaching are worth every penny!!!!!! I watched all 18 with my jaw to the floor when I heard these messages!!!!

  2. Benjamin P Daniels

    Just DO IT!

  3. Tina Haley

    Thank you so much for making these available- invaluable tools for deliverance!!

  4. Ken ONeal

    Only seen 1 video

    • Michael Smith

      There was only 1 video on it? Should have been 18. Let me know and I will send you another one. So sorry. Mike

  5. Rachael ~ Australia

    I first started listening to Bro Mikes teachings in 2013. I was a new Christian and seeking deliverance from mental oppression. Years of being abused and hitting rock bottom Jesus saved me. I however was still struggling with Intrusive thoughts and unforgiveness. I was grateful to be led to Bro Mike on You Tube. Contacting him via email and receiving his list. It is 7 years later and I am now a new person. Filled with love for others again and able now with the power of the Holy Spirit to cast aside all thoughts that are not of God. Far from perfect and still growing. I love you Bro Mike for time and effort you have given to us who have happened upon you. God bless and sorry I never sent a testimonial sooner. Hope you remember me.

  6. Benyapa

    My friend just introduced me about Bro. Mike yesterday. I finished watching one YouTube teaching.

    May I receive the List?


  7. Tina Paradis

    I am devouring these teachings. The teachings are so practical and not shrouded in mystery. I could never get this from a church. Since listening to these teachings, I learned that I was being lied to by the church. I have always wanted to know as much as I could about deliverance. Teaching #6 was missing off my flash drive. When I click on it, it says the folder is empty.

  8. Dorothy (verified owner)

    Just ordered this (and your books) and I’m so excited to receive all! Thank you so much Bro.Mike for all your labor and obeisance to serve Abba and our Beloved Messiah!! Prayers for Father’s merciful love, grace, peace an protection to you, yours and all always!!

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