Dear Friends:  The Healing House is completed!  Thank you for your prayers and kind donations.  We have already seen dozens of people from outside Arizona delivered & healed! 


Our ministry is dedicated to helping individuals who are afflicted by mental, physical &, emotional illnesses.  Our goal is to promote awareness to the international Christian community of the need to return to a complete presentation of the Gospel by reintroducing mental health counseling, healing, deliverance, inner healing & the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to the Christian churches.  Jesus called these ministries "miracles" (Mt. 12:28, Mk. 16:17).  Bro. Mike is a certified professional counselor with 35+ years experience and Sister Karen is a licensed professional teacher with 24+ years experience.  She is also a notary and licensed realtor.  Karen, Kelly Beck & I look forward to helping you fulfill your glorious destiny.
Through the use of the Greek New Testament we are able to enlighten the message of the true Gospel.  Our desire is to assist you into the presence of the Son of God, where you will find emotional & physical healing, revelation, rest & deliverance from the strongholds of mental and physical oppression. 
The Arizona Deliverance Center is technically a "church," but is not operated traditionally as one.  It provides free counseling services to the poor and discipleship training for healing, inner healing, evangelism & deliverance. 

We want to see the bondage of emotional and childhood verbal & sexual abuse and mental illness leave your life forever!  We have seen thousands delivered from spirits & hundreds healed.  We are one of the very few authentic "full gospel" ministries of the Holy Spirit operating in the United States.   We have the largest deliverance ministry in the nation.

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ADC Facility location:  Arizona Deliverance Center.  3342 N. 15th Ave., Phoenix, AZ  85015 (S. of Osborn Rd., w. of 15th Ave.). 

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