Brother Mike I wanted to let you know what you have done for me. To give you a little background I have been listening and watching you for about 2 years. I even bought your teachings on deliverance and healing. I watched the complete series but didn’t really put it to use.

About 8 months ago I woke with a headache and vertigo. As time went on the headache became chronic and the vertigo became worse and worse. I am a Navy Vet and went to the VA for help. They did every kind of test you could think of including having my eyes checked, ct-scan and so on. The Doctors still to this day cannot tell me why I have had a headache everyday for 8 months. They think they know the cause of the vertigo was from an accident I had in the Navy and I receive disability payments. But they just wanted to try different medication to manage the headaches. Every prescription had side effects that made my vertigo worse. So I didn’t use them. About 2 weeks ago I started in earnest watching your teachings again and got out your miracle list.  After really taking your miracle list seriously, repenting and forgiving all that have wronged me and the list was long (including my brother) casting out demons and asking the Holy Spirit and Jesus to heal me….. I AM HEALED! I have not had a headache for well over a week my vertigo is gone and I am loving life and Jesus. I have other things being 70 years old that Jesus is healing but I am a new man in Christ.  I don’t even take an aspirin…..
My plan now is to help others as you, Jesus and the Holy Spirit has helped me.

So thank you!

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