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They Overcame Satan by the Blood of the Lambkin & by the Word of their Testimony.” 
Revelation 12:11

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Carolina G./May 2021

Hello Br. Mike. I am Carolina G. I went with my mother and sister. I  want to update  you.  The prodigal Husband returned. Ha ha. God change my heart, and help me to see him in trouble, in love and in forgiveness. I can see in his eyes the spirit of the Lord. There is the miracle from God. Thanks again for your intervention, patience and wisdom. Have a blessed day

Diane U./May 2021

Bro. Mike, you would be amazed what God did to my husband. He completely changed him. As a family we experience the presence of God in our house in a very beautiful way! Last Saturday I didn’t even invite him at your seminar but he wanted to come. I could go on and on with the changes God did and is still doing in him. He restored my marriage! Thank you Bro. MIke for everything. I think God is preparing us to go back to my country. Its amazing what God can do with people that are free!

Diane U./April 2021

Few months ago I was in a very dark place. I had no hope, I was depressed, I was hurt, I was having anxiety every single day, I did not know what peace was anymore. The good news is that God always sends the right people at the right moments so that they can help you. I was blessed to have a counseling session with Julie and God blessed me through her. She listened to me, prayed for me and I didn’t feel judged, but loved. If it wouldn’t be for Michael W. Smith and his ministry I don’t know where would I be today. Today I live an abundant spiritual life in Christ. I have so much joy and peace, I have a blessed marriage, great hopes and plans for the future. I am healed, I am restored, I am FREE and I’m ready to fulfill God’s great destiny for my life. If you struggle with any sort of pain, any sort of illness, any sort of addiction there is hope for you. If you live in fear, if you can’t make any spiritual progress, if you have no peace and joy, God can set you free from all of it. Please seek help and stop hiding your problems. There is hope for you and God wants you to have PEACE and JOY that overflow. God has a great destiny for you here on earth before He welcomes you in Heaven.

Christopher H./April 2021

Thanks to your counseling & list, I confirm the recovery of my vocal chords that were blocked due to chronic back problems…your teaching on devotional time is also moving & precious! Any tension with my catholic wife quickly dissipates & our mutual affection prevails.  Mike you are an end times brother from the states! May the LORD guide me as an extension of your ministry here in Paris! In Christ, my love to you & yours.

Christina V./April 2021

 Hi Mike! I just want to say thank you for everything. I am more transformed in one week because of your center than in the complete year that I became a follower of Christ. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My session yesterday with Julie and K2 was intense. I WEPT multiple times for a few reasons. The most powerful weeping was for my abortions. I never had felt remorse for them. I had always been pro-choice. I’ve actually been liberal in all of my beliefs until last year. But up until that moment in your prayer room, I never understood that I sacrificed my children for Satanic ritual. My understanding happened in a flash, and my repentance was the deepest emotion I’ve ever felt. Julie helped me so much tonight. I feel so much love for her. I am extremely grateful. I will not stop testifying, and I don’t care who it is. I’m gearing up for victorious battle. This is changing my life’s purpose. 

Stephanie B./April 2021

So excited to say that the Lord has delivered me from MANY fear spirits and that is not all. I spent years getting infected with them. And now if the demons TRY to give me a fear thought I don’t feel it jump in me or emotions. Can you believe this? I had to have had hundreds of spirits. I am just so so so so grateful! They are still coming out. And my memory is clearer. I can remember things. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my excitement for what the Lord is doing. Also I felt his peace on the plane!

Heather O./March 2021

The first thing I want to tell you is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Your videos have really changed my relationship with God in such a great way.. And when I watch your videos I feel the Holy Spirit more than I have ever felt it before! I have been happier this past week than I have been in a long time!

Summer C./March 2021

Thank you for your ministry. It has done more in my walk with God in my last few months than over a decade of attending church.  Two of my friends joined me this weekend for Melissa’s talk. We came from San Diego. We did a one on one with Julie on Friday and then joined in for group deliverance on Saturday. I will be back in May for the next woman’s seminar.  I listened to the sliding back talk on YouTube yesterday and wow! It was on fire 🔥. I shared it with my friends it has opened to our eyes to so much. 

Diana from Romania/March 2021

Julie, thank you so much for the prayers and the encouragement! I just want you to know that God delivered me completely! I was struggling to forgive my husband but when I finally did 100%, God set me free. No more bitterness, no more pain, no more wounds, no more anger. I am FREE! I rejoice in the Lord no matter what my husband is doing! I finally got it! I released him to God! You will see me more at ADC because God told me to learn and learn so I can help others! God bless you Julie!

Jamie C./March 2021

Praise the GOD OF ISREAL that as full gospel believers we don’t have to stay sick. Months ago I was having pain in my shoulders and it was creeping up the back of my head. I put on a cast out CD of arthritis about 20 minutes or so into it I had these monster burps. Pain gone and mood was better. CHILD LIKE FAITH. I THANK MY HEAVENLY FATHER FOR GIVING THIS REVELATION. I DON’T HAVE TO STAY SICK. THANK YOU JESUS.

Sylvia D./March 2021

Thank you for the prompt reply. Melissa gave me the list and I’m working on it. Just by watching some of the videos on You Tube I’ve been receiving deliverance. Take care!

Jon W./March 2021

Thank You Bro Mike,  I will use the List as a guideline with my whole heart. I stood in front of my toilet. I shook, coughed, and hacked. And I feel super light and just amazing. I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. Thank You Jesus. 

Tyler L./Feb. 2021

The list of things you sent me was exactly what I needed. I can’t describe how much better I feel. I have never had full control of my mind and emotions before but now I feel completely normal.

Gideon S./Feb. 2021

Hi Mike,  We’ve been slowly covering the list making sure were covering all bases. Going back over the list and examine ourselves repenting praying confessing et.. Just wanted to give you a quick testimony. While covering the request for godly sorrow, I immediately felt the spirit of conviction and godly sorrow began to overshadow and fill me. I knew this was the Holy Spirit but every time I have a supernatural experience or receive gifts or impartation etc. I ask for confirmation. Sometimes he’ll flood my mind with the scriptures that prove it and other times he’ll answer differently ( Holy Spirit doesn’t fit in boxes lol) . Anyway it popped in my head to open my bible app and the scripture of the day was Jonah Chapter 3. After reading and sharing this with my wife I spent a good while in Gods presence praying in Tongues worshiping and allowing the conviction to do its work. The sorrow I experienced was quick and heavy and was a gift.  Just wanted to let you know that Gods definitely using you and your ministry and the list is awesome. 

Diana U./Rick Katt testimony/Jan 2021

Brother Mike, I want to share my testimony with you and I hope brother Rick will hear about it too. I was praying for my husband for 4 years, I wanted him to be born again. The real fight started last year, my husband starated to do drugs, drink alchohol and I was in a very unhappy marriage. He was no longer a kind man. I could not spend my time with him, sometimes I couldnt even look at him because I was terrified. This whole time I was depressed, confused (I didn;t know he was on drugs, I trusted him when I asked him and he said no), I didn’t know why he was losing weight, he no longer slept at night and He was so talkative (which is nothing like him, he was always very quiet). I felt like I was going through hell. I was waking up crying and this is how I started my days for months. I kept praying even if sometimes I was so mad at God and I couldn’t understand why was happening to me. I was faithful to God since I was a kid. God showed me in a dream in September that a huge snake is at the house’s door, the door was open but I started to speak the Name of Jesus and the snake left. I understood that I need to fight on my knees. Once I wanted out, just wanted to live back in Romania but then when I imagined Daniel without me. I knew I could not leave him. Then we came to talk to brother Rick. God touched my husband! He completely delivered him and my husband has a great testimony. I wanna shout in the streets how good God is. He gave me a new husband! The heaven came down in my house. I want to thank you, I want to thank Rick, God worked through you. I used to start my day crying and I do the same now but now I cry for joy! Praise the Lord!

Robert S./Jan. 2021

Am truly blessed with your information and Hardcore Christianity channels. Your teaching is filling many of the gaps that so many others are afraid to teach on.

Michael C./Jan. 2021

I have to confess something. Before I received deliverance at the Arizona Deliverance Center last Friday I had a demon of pride that was telling me that I didn’t need to download Mike’s miracle healing list. One of the deliverance ministers, Brian, gave me a copy of the list & took the time to chat with me about how important the list was. I’m glad he did because as soon as I looked at the list I knew I needed every single part of it. I can tell the enemy didn’t want me to start digging into the list because as soon as I picked it up & started looking at it I was getting hit with a spirit of extreme exhaustion. I’ve been fighting through it & I am getting some huge deliverance from this list. I recommend everyone downloads it & starts digging into it!

Jeanette C./Jan. 2021

Happy Friday Mike, On behalf of my husband and I – I would like to extend a sincere Thank you for taking the time to see us and pray for us. God Bless you & your ministry. In such a short time I learned a lot & I will continue your teachings on the flash drive and watching your ministry on YouTube. If you ever have pointers for me I am open to learning more. Thank you again, Sincerely.

Michael C./Jan. 2021

Wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you are doing for the Kingdom. We took a family vacation down there and I went to the service at your deliverance center last night and Peter preached a great message and afterwards I received some great deliverance. I’ve been learning a lot from your teachings on YouTube and I feel like I am definitely being called into the deliverance ministry also. Ricks become my favorite YouTube teacher and I look forward to listening to him preach every Thursday.

Vada L./Jan. 2021

Good morning Bro. Mike! Where does the ministry need help/service? I have been so blessed, (propelled into my destiny) through this ministry. I want to be more involved this year. Let me know where I can help.

Clementina E./Dec. 2020

I can testify how God is using you and the List and your ministry to bring healing and deliverance to me. I am in no way in the same place, deep pit I was 5 years ago when I found Bro. Mike and his ministry. I feel fee, I am at peace like never before!

Stephanie B./Dec. 2020

I just wanted to share some good news. I used to have nightmares and bad attacks at night. I have been reading Ephesians 1 and speaking in tongues. And believing it like Brother Mike told me to do. I haven’t had nightmares last 2 nights. I had no attacks. And my dreams have been all of me overcoming the enemy and of me having joy. Lots of joy.

Hilda B./Dec. 2020

I watched one of your rejection deliverance videos which has brought lots of understanding and peace to my life. Many “why’s” were finally answered. Thanks!!

Tony M/Dec. 2020

I went through your list to the T and wow, I learned so much from your list, and your book Planos Spirits. I did purge myself a few more times and while watching your videos during the endings and your healings, I had more coughing up and tears of forgiveness.

Nyl T./Dec. 2020

I did step one of The List today; forgiving. Man it was hard! Going back down memory lane and remembering all the people who had a share in causing me so much pain and emotional distress! The scripture Ephesians 6:12 came to mind. I was in prayer for almost 1 hour! But I was worth it, i felt free afterwards.

Nichola J./Dec. 2020

I just want to say thank you for your ministry. The Holy Spirit led me to your teachings -‘woke’ has new meaning (lol). You were the catalyst to my freedom and my kids freedom.  I recently got another major deliverance! I really appreciate you! Thanks for being a weapon and standing out in faith!

Jay L./Nov. 2020

Tonight for the first time, my wife has talked to me about her issues, and she asked me to forgive her and thanked me for my patience with her. I talked to her a bit about the first two steps on the List you sent, that she needs to take, the same two that I do as well, though my problem is different. Your show on Omegamanradio has really meant a lot. Thank you, Brother Mike!

Ben P./Nov. 2020

Hi Mike, I wanted to express my thanks for what you are doing over there in Arizona. I went through the email list of 1-15 points you sent. I went through taking each step and reading every scripture you provided. I also watched the Overcoming Rejection 3-hour video and deliverance at the end. I was delivered of a rejection spirit that came in (and probably the hate and anger). Your dot point material led to a breakthrough where I went through self-deliverance of a deaf and dumb spirit. I also wrote to my dad just now thanking him for being my dad. Thanks.

Daniel S./Nov. 2020

Bro Mike, I had been Molested, beaten, tortured, verbally abused, from age 4 to 15. I was completely BROKEN. Diagnosed with Dysthymia, Generalized & Social Anxiety Disorder, Severe, Chronic Depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, migraines, Constantly Tortured and harassed by demons, hopeless and SO MUCH MORE! I”m a Christian and thought God had abandoned Me. No one could help or convince me there was ANY HOPE it had been hell for 25 Years! I Had hung on JUST for my 3 CHildren. I was exhausted!!! I was very Suicidal and at end of my rope, LONG story! I Cried out to God ONE LAST TIME with ALL my heart for healing! He instantly lead me to your vIdeos and started taking away the scales and chains instantly! I watched all your videos and listened to Godly music and Bible on CD. GOD HAS HEALED ME!!! It’s been 5 WEEKS! I waited to write cause I could hardly believe the MIRACLE. NO more fears! I stopped believing The 1000’s of Lies, God Bless.

Jarkko Y./Nov. 2020

Shalom bro Mike! I am happy to report you that this List you sent me actually works! I finally did this self-deliverance early last summer (it is windy rainy autumn now in Finland) after my last stumbling with the demon of lust and cocaine. Out of desperation I finally had the strength to do this thing, I had those numbered lists waiting for many months before I finally got serious with this. My life is changed after that delivery, for something surely went out of me. I have started to feel the loving presence of God the father like never before. For many times this has happened I have been just crying my eyes out. Am able to worship and praise in the church with sincerity. Have finally started in bible studies in my local church. AND I have been released of the lust to go after other women, I mean, that thing it is GONE. This is freedom, hah.

Ann P./Nov. 2020

The first time I went through the Miracle List, I saw quite a bit of change in regards to how I felt about T’s father and others. I also saw a huge change in my finances that have held very steady with constant increase. I’ve noticed a difference in my reactions, thoughts, etc. I’m going through the list again and noticing almost like a second round of things to work on.  It works.

Todd M./Oct. 2020

Hi Mike,  You sent me the miracle list about six weeks ago. I have been working on it very methodically since then. I have had amazing results and deliverance’s.

Karen C./Sept. 2020

I’m in the process of doing the List. I’ve made the lists and in the process of praying. Been listening to your U-tubes and podcasts. I’m feeling HOPE! I cry as I type! I’m SO GRATEFUL….No one knows, but Him, how grateful I am! In the mornings when I wake up and say, “Thank you Lord for giving me another day!”, I’m meaning it.

Nicole A./Sept. 2020

I am grateful for your deliverance ministry! We found you on YouTube and even got Deliverance from a live stream and the List!! Praise Jesus for you and what you’re doing in AZ and throughout the world for the gospel Of Jesus🌍.  I’m grateful that he doesn’t hold one thing against you especially tolerating any jezebels among the fold.  I pray for mike and Karen’s marriage and for supernatural finances and provision. I pray for a new building and for your children to follow after Christ all the days of their life – for it to be REAL to them, not just the daily routine and familiar words.  Thank you Jesus, you rule, amen! 

Danielle D./Sept. 2020

I continue to share your videos hoping it has as great of an impact on their life as it has on mine. So grateful to have met you and received your teachings because they have saved my life as you know. Be well and there will be a time I come back up to Phoenix to visit. The List started me on my journey and saved my life! That’s why I’m so grateful for you! I did not miss a thing, believe me.

Mike C./Sept. 2020

Hi Mike,
I have really been blessed since engaging with your ministry. I’ve been through the List and am engaging with the spirit realm very differently to before. I have just listened to your seminar from five years ago on AI. Any updated material that I should listen to?

Ronald S./Sept. 2020

Brother Mike,
I wanted to reach out to say Thank You Sir for all of help, Teachings,  and Ministry Teams Support and the List.  Thank You again Brother Mike for all that you do and All that God is continuing to us you to do as you continue to do your Kingdom Assignment. I Pray God will continue to Bless You, Your Family, Your Friends,  Your Enemies,  and Your entire Ministry Team in The Mighty Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen

Andrea M./Sept. 2020

Thanks so much !! I love how the miracle List is so versatile!! Amazing !!! I have had so much deliverance & I have been casting out demons out of other people as well (including my beautiful children)!! We are all saved and servants of the most high God. I just want to thank you for all your help when I was going through a Very Hard time (worst in my life), and you were patient & kind! So thank you. You truly are a brother in Christ ! May God Bless you,  your family & Your Ministry


Amanda H./Sept. 2020

Just want to praise God and thank you for praying for me when I reached out to you in May because God delivered me so that the sexual demons could no longer overpower my will. I was able to breakthrough and completely stop the particular sin in May. Praise God!

DeAnn W./Aug. 2020

I am so happy I was able to go to the Arizona Deliverance Center and speak with you. It was such a wonderful and healing experience, nothing I’ve encountered before. I am filled with so much gratitude and thanking God for you guys every day. I have struggled with severe depression for 17 years, anxiety and panic attacks for 13 years, and I was filled with so much dread and guilt, insecurity and self hate for so long I had accepted it as my lifestyle. Simply, I was miserable. After my deliverance, I am now filled with so much joy and confidence. Every ounce of fear, depression, and anxiety is gone. I have never felt so free and light. I was never known to be a “happy person”. In 7 years I slowly forgot how to feel joy, and over a course of time I just stopped laughing. But now since my deliverance, I have laughed more than I knew I could.  And smiling has never come so easy. I used to see a cloud of fear and dread hang over my relationships, over myself, over my husband, and over my home. I was filled with a lot of fear, and it consumed every part of my life. It’s now gone. I am now more productive, I can think clearer, my relationship with my husband is slowly but surely healing and getting stronger, I am filled with confidence, joy, peace, and thankfulness. I can’t even begin to tell of my thankfulness. I finally feel like I can live. Not only that, but I have seen, and felt, a huge improvement in my children. They are also filled with so much laughter and confidence. Thank you x 1,000

Gabe F./Aug. 2020

Brother Mike, good morning! I wanted to share with you that I had applied for a job in the shipyard two days before I flew to Phoenix to see you. They called me while I was with you and I came back and interviewed and got a job offer that is $4.20 an hour more than my present job! Immediately I remembered when you called out lack and poverty and came against the lie that a believer can’t financially prosper! Thanks for what you (and your wonderful staff) are doing in Christ.

Sarah R./Aug. 2020

Thank you for your wonderful ministry and amazing team members at ADC. We learned a lot from our visit In early June. Thank you for your time and effort with our parents. Our mom is on meds and is more of her “normal” self now. She still needs deliverance but as I learned from our visit, she will need to make more of an effort for her deliverance. I watched your video on mind control and was thinking that may be the root. Also, I would love to get her dad involved. He is in prison, but I was able to send him your book “Planos Spirits” and The List. He wrote me and said that he went through it and did self deliverance. Praise God! So he is on board and supportive in this endeavor.

Allen P./Aug. 2020

Your last sermon on OmegaMan was THE BEST,  to date.  An old wise man told me that “We get paid according to our Service”…Well, the Holy Ghost is definitely blessing and growing your Ministry, Keep up the good fight!  We’re with you all the way.

Melissa B./Aug. 2020

Thank you so much. God bless you. I need help and did not know where to find it. I was a Meth addict and have been healed of Hep C but struggle to get completely free and have big hopes of helping others as Jesus commanded us. It is the desire of my heart to hear God and carry His anointing.  I have suffered and I am so grateful for your help to finally be free. Sincerely Love In Christ.

Cara K./Aug. 2020

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Although we have never met personally, your ministry has blessed my life in so many ways.  You have taught and helped free many of my closest friends who in turn exposed me to Deliverance.  Now I am being set free and walking in more freedom each day, Praise God!  I lead a moms group here in the valley and had the privilege to attend one of your summer Children’s Deliverance services along with several other women from my group.  We were overwhelmed with the love, care, compassion, and knowledge of your staff/ our sisters and brothers in Christ. And each one of us and our children left with more freedom!  If you are conducting any events for women’s ministry or children’s deliverance sessions… Please let me know!  My passion is to see moms healthy, free and in love with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. 
God Bless you, your wife, family and ministry,

Gabbie M./Aug. 2020

Dear Pastor Mike, I would like to praise God for the incredible deliverance my husband and I experienced at Arizona Deliverance Center on June 4, 2020. I thank God Almighty for Arizona Deliverance Center and the pure truth of the Gospel preached and manifested in integrity and wholeness.

Cassandre P./Aug. 2020

I feel better , noticeably better. I did many of the steps on the List, especially the forgiveness part. Some of my mindsets have changed and I feel lighter and happier.

Veronie L./July 2020

Thank you SO much for your prompt and detailed response in the List. I have watched many of your videos. I actually have a prayer circle and we are currently watching your series of FAITH. I believe in your work. I know it to be true. When you walk your participant through deliverance at the end of your teaching I too have participated and received deliverance. Your ministry is ANOINTED! Thus, why I have sown into your ministry. I NEED and WANT COMPLETE DELIVERANCE. I have been blessed to experience the MAJOR difference from some of the spirits leaving. I am able to hear the Holy Spirit better.

Rachel G./July 2020

Hi, I did a lot of the List, and I finally just got past being a witchcraft victim from months back. Each satanic holiday seemed to had brought new demon groups attacking me. I was terrorized and ruthlessly tormented. Without your help/email back I probably would have been toast. Thank you so much.

Sina O./England/June 2020

Thank you for your obedience sir. I watched one of your videos; Mens Healing Night and got deliverance in my room. It was crazy! 
But I feel like there is more that needs to be deal with. I live in England just outside of London.

Dani L./June 2020

You two saved my life. With Jesus’ help of course. I got delivered from alcoholism, smoking and a bad temper. Also I was obsessed with my old beau from college days eons ago. Thank you for everything!

Vicki J./July 2020

God morning to you, Bro Mike! Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for being an instrument of God’s Grace and deliverance! Your teachings inspired by the HG have changed my life! The layers are painful but necessary to remove.  So much to say to you and I look forward to meeting with you when the US Canada borders open, God willing.  Your Sister in Christ.

Daniella D./June 2020

Hi brother Mike, I was preparing to do my self deliverance last Thursday and decided to hold off so I can watch one more video of yours, which was Overcoming Rejection with self identity and relationships from six years ago. It took me 5 hours to go through it and take notes. I didn’t shut the video off and as I was listening to your voice it was as if I was standing in front of you and had a deliverance right in my kitchen as the rejection spirits were coming out!   I can’t thank you enough that you recorded your material from years ago because I literally felt like I was there! I can’t explain how much better I feel. My thoughts are becoming clearer and I’m able to talk more and did reach out to family that I haven’t spoken to since the summer. That’s my mini testimony to you with gratitude.

Winston Z./May 2020

I completed steps 1-3 yesterday of the List. I then went for a hike and started singing in Tongues for couple of hours at the top of the mountain. I can still remember the songs. Thank you for your help. I am a musician, but I have not been able to sing or play because all I knew was secular songs.  Parable of the sower had me feeling guilty about my gifts. Now I can Glorify the Father, and I know that in the name of Jesus Christ my songs could help with the delivering to handicap and dementia/Alzheimer’s patients. Animals respond too, a herd of deer , donkeys, were just chilling. I didn’t even know there were deer here.  Thought I would share some of the first fruits with you. Thank you again for your help. God bless brother.

Dani L./May 2020

I not only went thru the List once, it’s been a lifestyle of vigilance and warfare. I feel 50 pounds lighter and have become an OVERCOMER.

Breandi P./May 2020

I’ve been attending your service for about a year. I wanted to thank you and the ministry team for all the prayers, deliverance, and healing. Not only did I received healing from the Most High God but I also witness others get healing and deliverance. Lately, I’ve been telling my pastor about God’s wondrous works that has been happening at your ministry.

Daniella D./May 2020

Number 2 on the List probably took me about two weeks. I didn’t think that list was going to end. A lot of what I had on the list cleared up once I started learning about the lying spirits and fear demons dealing with mental illness. One video that was 27 minutes long changed my life! The other video was about 2 1/2 hours and ever since then I don’t have any more depression or anxiety. I went back to number 2 on the List and started seeing the patterns. It’s still a work in progress. As you know they are relentless and continue to beat me down as much as they can. It’s getting better as I learn more and put things into action. I’m not giving up.

Audrey L./May 2020

Mike,  Thank you for your videos each week.  It is the one thing that I really look forward to.  I always seem to get some deliverance plus sometimes I help cast out demons from others there with you, believe it or not.  Yes,  it is as if I am actually right there at the ADC.  There ain’t nothing better than seeing or hearing someone getting free.  Sometimes tears come to my eyes when witnessing it.  It is such a beautiful thing to see the Holy Spirit at work.  Thank you for all you & your team do for your fellow man.  That is the love of Christ in action complete with that big beautiful compassionate heart of flesh.  In Christ,

Don & Rita M./May 2020

We are the parents of Andy M. in Southern California. Thank you for helping our son while he was in Phoenix, AZ. He has been struggling with PTSD, the loss of his children, pending divorce, etc… You were a GOD sent to Andrew. Your prayers and concern are greatly appreciated. He is presently at a Sober Living Home in Covina, CA. He has a new focus and perception since encountering you and your ministry. Thank you!
GOD bless you in your endeavors in helping others. 

Joshua O./May 2020

I have been doing the list. It truly is life changing event for our household. Just fyi, thanks again such a blessing as a brother in Christ.

Ashley H./May 2020

Thanks I’ll watch the video today. I don’t know what the difference is with me but I can already tell the difference this go around with the list.  1-3 ❤️ I just want to say thank you for what you do.  Thank you to your wife for allowing you to do it.  I’m sure it’s not easy.  You are full of God’s love and I just want you to know how much I appreciate the time that you and your team have taken with me.

Cassandra P./May 2020

I feel better , noticeably better. I did many of the steps in the List especially the forgiveness part. Some of my mindsets have changed and I feel lighter and happier.

Marco M./May 2020

I wanted to share with you an experience I had after following the sermon and deliverance prayer available in YouTube ‘Blessings or Curses your choice’. I have been practicing self-deliverance following the Arizona Deliverance Center and praying to the Father to help me and work with me to remove all works of the devil in me. One spirit I had discerned I had in me, I started calling a ‘shadow spirit’, something like a invisible layer of demonic presence that covered me. I started discerning that this spirit was embedded in me for most of my life, since childhood at least. One of the symptoms of having this spirit was that sometimes I felt like somebody else was living my life, like I was watching myself doing things, like my life was a movie I was watching. I think the Holy Spirit moved me to follow this sermon ‘Blessings or Curses. Your Choice’ which talks about generational curses. As I was following Derek’s prayer I was standing, with my eyes closed, and my arms raised, when the prayer got to the point where I started casting demons, I felt a tingling on the back of my legs that started moving up, then suddenly I felt dark spirit or presence detaching from me, raising from behind me, and at the same time I saw a very bright light in my mind after the demon left, I felt I was going to pass out so I opened my eyes, by then I stopped following the prayer. Immediately I felt free of that presence, now I can look people in the eyes more. I also can express the fruits of the Holy Spirit more easily than before. So I thank you for directing me to Derek Prince. It has made a big difference in my life. Thank you Kelley, may the Father bless you for your sending me in the right direction.

Tasha R./May 2020

Thank you so much! I went to the Arizona Deliverance Center and I had a mega deliverance. I felt it on the first night. Even more so when I returned.  Thank you again for taking the time to respond. I’ll keep trying to convince my relatives to come there. 

Ron S./May 2020

Made a lot of Progress. Brother Mike it’s one thing that I’ve noticed especially being Single and Surrounded by a lot of Family that keeps attacking me. I’ve noticed that I work on my List and listen to your Videos it helps. I seem to get stuck sometimes and don’t have anyone to talk to and then you said in your Video The Holy Spirit is all that we need and ever since you said that, I’ve just released everyone over to God and things have gotten better. I actually had to just isolate myself from everyone so that I can get my Deliverance and Healing List finished.

Javier B./May 2020

I don’t know if you remember me, my brother Edward and I sat down with you last year when we came from California. Edward was starting a bad case of schizophrenia paranoia, it got so bad that he checked himself in to the mental clinic couple times saying that the neighborhood were spying on him and putting witchcraft on him. I wanted to give you a praise report. My brothers mental health is more stable he’s  actually working now for a company. His lifestyle got cleaner and I thank the Lord for what He has done and I thank Him for your ministry! Big blessings!

Shraddha V./India/April 2020

Brother Mike, I am going through your videos. I have seen great work in my spirit man, especially in exorcising the ghosts of severe self putdowns and self hate. Thank you.

Fawne W./April 2020

I’m so grateful for the way your miracle list has taught me a lot and brought me through a lot of healing. I want to thank you and let you know how important the tools you’ve provided to me have been.

Jamie A./April 2020

Wow!!! These classes are AMAZING!!! An eye opener for sure!! I was delivered from a spirit of rejection, lust, legalism, fear, pride and the list goes on and on!!! These teaching are worth every penny!!!!!! I watched all 18 with my jaw to the floor when I heard these messages!!!!

Shelby P./April 2020

I’ve been doing the list and am experiencing joy unspeakable. Every item on that list makes it better. Every numbered item I do makes me feel freer.

Mr. Singh/Mar. 2020/Radio Show

Hi Dear, I listen to your radio show on dark sky and I really enjoy it. The show was absolutely Spectacular! We loved every minute of it! I can’t begin to describe how magnificent you sounded it was awesome. I look forward to more shows like this one, or anything that you do for that matter. Thank you so much.

Bethany W./Mar. 2020

I can never read one of your testimonials without the Holy Spirit falling on me and making me ball like a baby! Praise you Jesus for delivering your children!!!

Kathrine C./Feb. 2020

Good morning. I just wanted to share that I woke up this morning feeling so different since my deliverance yesterday! Thank you Father! This is absolutely amazing and I love you guys so much. ♥️

Jesus A./Feb. 2020

Holy Spirit led me to watch your live preaching and demonstration of the gospel. I am grateful to God for your life and the gift to the body of Christ. I was touched by you demonstrating the power of God to deliver people as in Acts 10:38, even I experienced a touch from the Lord in many areas I didn’t even know I was struggling. Thank you so much. May you grown as in Luke 2:52, 2 Peter 3:18.

Ashley S./Feb. 2020

I just want to thank you! My visit has really changed everything.  I see through the lies and I am taking my authority.  My prayer language increased at Fridays meeting so much! You carry love and authority and I appreciate everything.  God bless you brother Mike. Thank you!

Frederieka V.D./Feb. 2020

I received the Deliverance Training Program in the mail on Friday.  Thank you so much!  I have been binge watching and am on lesson 8!  I love it.  
God bless you!

Renju A./Feb. 2020

It’s been two and half months since i came to ADC. I have been attending every week and even brought my husband to a counseling session with Bro. Mike.  The racing thoughts are gone. Depressing and suicidal thoughts are gone.  I have a sound mind and clarity to discern every thought that comes to my mind. I am overcoming all the wiles of the enemy daily from a place of repentance. My communication and marriage is at a better place as well. Thank you Jesus and thank you Bro Mike and ministry team.

Paula D./Feb. 2020

Hi Mike, thanks again for “the list.” Because of the ministry to Veronica I’ve had to get very aggressive about night time prayer in my home for protection. I asked the Lord to wake me if an attack is imminent which He does!  I met with Veronica today, laid out the List to her and she’s willing to do the list. She read the entire list to me out loud. She was quite compliant and it went well. I asked her if she desired a deep relationship with The Lord and deliverance and she said yes. We ended up spending 4.5 hours together, after our session and prayer I bought her a Bible. Mike, I deeply sense how The Lord loves her. Last night I heard two cats fighting in the spirit. I told her that demons would fight her tooth and nail to keep her in bondage. I explained a lot of stuff to her and she listened and there was no resistance to the truth. Glory to God! Thank you so much! I’m doing the list too. We are both working on # 1.

Ekanem A./India/Feb. 2020

Thank you so much. Your ministry has been a blessing. I discovered you on YouTube 2 weeks ago.  I have already begun receiving my deliverance. 

Brooke B./Feb. 2020

Thanks Brother Mike.  I am doing the steps you recommended on the List.  Very practical and freeing. Thank you my brother.   

Vaisha L./Jan. 2020

Mike. I am a christian since 6 years now. I was facing anxiety and fear of man, guilt and shame and people pleasing rejection demons. Until 10 days  ago I started listening to your teachings and doing the List. I am in India. Thanks.

Angie N./Jan. 2020

I can’t express enough my gratitude for allowing me a chance for Precious Jesus & His Holy Spirit to deliver & heal me from so, so, so many wounds & from a broken heart. Psalms. 91. God Bless this ministry 70×7. God Bless & protect the captives who are being set free!

Scott R./Jan. 2020

You did your teaching Friday night.  I didn’t see it live but, the Lord woke me at 4 am and had me listen and then had me on my knees when you turned the lights down at the end. I started coughing and dry heaving and what I would consider tongues, I was trying to pray but couldn’t speak it aloud right. I can’t exactly explain it all. It was the most different event that I’ve ever felt before. I felt free afterwards to an extent but, I can still feel the fight against me.

Jose S./Dec. 2019

Thank you Brother Mike for being willing that God could use you for so many great things. My life has changed dramatically. I had 18 years of drug use and have been sober for 6 yrs which I’ve been walking with God. I’m just so grateful for your ministry. I keep you always in my prayers. I suffered through a lot of nightmares and I would stop breathing. At House of Healing I learned about deliverance and have been totally healed ! I praise God. Please keep going as there are a lot of sick people out here. Thanks again and God Bless You.

Mark N./Dec. 2019

You helped me to be delivered from mental illness and since doing your list I have not had any medication or symptoms since then and its been about 6 months now..thank you

Lillian K./Dec. 2019

I am in awe of what God is doing. I went through the list and I had applied and interviewed for a position with this company and the guy who interviewed me dropped the ball and I wound up with his job. To God be ALL the glory. I really believe had I not done the list this would have never happened this way!

Matt G./Dec. 2019

The trip we made to the Arizona Deliverance Center was great. It really changed out life. My wife said after the teaching of Renewing Your Mind lesson and ministry afterwards and demons leaving that it was like a 2nd conversion. Next to her coming to God and receiving the Holy Ghost it was the most significant spiritual experience she has experienced. I listened and followed your advice about getting rid of the spirits of my ex and my mom and dad. My wife and I both watched the meditation video you recommended to me and we both have been doing Holy Ghost meditation everyday and it is really amazing. My wife is a new person. She wants me to be close to her. She appreciates touch from me. She loves me. It is amazing. She is allowing me to be the Spiritual head and I have been scarifcially loving her. We have both been doing self deliverance and I have been honored to be part of my wife’s continued deliverance. She is sleeping better. She was even been given knowledge in a dream about other spirits to cast out of us. Her sleep went from being oppressed to being restful and used for God’s purposes. I have had the honor of doing deliverance on my 2 daughters age 4 and 8. I felt great as they were yawning during the deliverance. Their behavior has improved. Thanks for everything. Everyday I am focusing on renewing my mind. I’m now starting work with a few people at our church with your process and list. I’m giving them a little bit of truth at a time so I can help them be delivered and free like me in Jesus. 

Kim W./Dec. 2019

Good morning! It’s been awhile since I last contacted you.  You sent me the email of the List on what I was supposed to do tho get rid of a bunch of things I had wrong with me.  I did what you said to do. I didn’t really see a change in my thinking our my attitude.  I became even more hopeless.  I reached out to you again & you sent me the same List. Now I was becoming angry with you.  🙂  I was putting my hope in you, hoping that you could some how fix me!  Ridiculous, I know. But when you have been deceived & jacked up as I have been for over 50 years….. Anyway, I listened to your video on overcoming anxiety on Sunday 12/8/19 & when I did the self deliverance I was totally & completely healed of all the craziness I’d been living with for years! Why now?  I don’t know. Why did it take now? I don’t know.  I’ve heard your message preached for  years. I even wrote a book about how not to listen Satan & how your identity should only come from God! What in the world! I digress. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to God for your ministry & I praise God that your daughter led you to our Mighty deliverer.  Give her a great big hug from all of us who love your ministry. Now I can boldly go & do what God has ordained me to do!

Crystal C./Dec. 2019

Since I started attending the AZDC in August, I have experienced deliverance that I knew I needed for years but didn’t know who or where to turn to until I found out about AZDC. I just want you to know that you and many on your deliverance team have blessed me so much with prayers. Kelly, Laurie, and one man (I’m so sorry I can’t remember his name!!!) spoke with me after prayer and provided me with such wonderful, encouraging words, I am just so grateful!   I have since been delivered/healed in Jesus name from the following: chronic complaining, severe neurological Lyme Disease, countless lies that were constantly floating around in my mind, a dark cloud surrounding me since childhood. Until I came to the knowledge of TRUE deliverance, I wasn’t fully wearing the armor of God and didn’t even know it. I wasn’t fighting the enemy by casting out demons like I should have been doing all along. The devil has given me one long beat down, but now I know what it means to truly wear the armor of God and fight. To God be the glory forever and ever!

Marco M./Dec. 2019

Dear Bro Mike, This past year, since I started listening to your Deliverance Ministry and have been doing the List, I have made spiritual progress like I never thought I could before. I thank our Heavenly Father for guiding me to your ministry and I thank you and your crew for all of the You Tube videos that have helped me so much. Your last sermon on un-renewed minds was, like you said, one of the most important sermons of my Christian life.

Duane R./Nov. 2019

Dear Mike and Karen , God Bless you both for the tireless work, promoting the Kingdom, I personally know of many including yours truly ,who are thankful for the deliverance we’ve received in JESUS Christ…having seen Heaven and Hell. I have been delivered from Hell and the grave and given my life back and healed beyond my wildest dreams. Thank-You for the training  And the teaching to stand against the wiles of the devil… I know my break-thru, is coming as the attacks seem to be on the increase ….last night was no exception. I just had to invoke JESUS’S NAME to get relief. I know with what you both have been thru is a toll taker. I’m Glad that you Both stand with Jesus. I do want to Pray the Lord Bless you and your family with the Magnitude of the Blessings Bestowed upon JABAZ in JESUS NAME AMEN.

Ashlei B./Nov. 2019

Wow. I finished my deliverance tonight and I want to say thank you so much. Your List works in the entire person. There were so many layers that I didn’t even know where there especially when it came to the un=forgiveness. Some parts were very difficult, some where easier. But it seems like as the steps went on they became easier for me. Thank you for your ministry. I want to sow a seed soon. Looking forward to my daughters complete healing as well. My house even seems better and she seems to be acting completely normal today.  I ended up watching the video on rejection because that’s what I’ve dealt with my entire life.  I’m going to watch the familiar spirit videos as well. I feel like I’m free completely and I also cast out those spirits as well. I coughed up a few things at one point. I feel much lighter, I don’t feel rejected and I’m not holding any grudges. I feel like I have a new slate. Thank you Jesus.

Ann P./Nov. 2019

Tonight you prayed over a boy who was born with a developmental disability during the deliverance session.  You prayed for him and told him to blow a big breath when you count to 3. When you counted to three, I started vomiting. I recently mentioned to you about the swelling and pain in my legs that many women in my family suffer from. Well, after the deliverance session tonight, it is the first time is quite some time that my legs/joints aren’t in pain. Thank you for everything that you do! Love you!

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I dont know why but ive just got to say that this message hit me soooo hard and even though i see the humor, it made my heart break and i cryed so hard because i know all this is so very serious and I am a wretch and no good and I’ve let Father down. I can be so stupid and why God gives one i o ute about me I dont know but on my life I can tell you He dose and He has never turned his back on me. I fall to the floor and give praise because he gives me grace and hope and the Holy Spirit. I am so broken and eternaly thankful to my father. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “STOP SINNING! BRO. MIKE IMPERSONATES JOYCE MEYER! July 2017.

Wow….just watching the part where the brother commanded fear to leave around 1:54, I started weeping and felt a heaviness leave and i am feeling warm on the inside it isnt the heat lol…..I am a born again Christian and will be at the Womens healing siminar tomorrow night 7/28…..the Holy Spirit is strong on this live stream, even though it was a week ago it really did something for me…..so much authority….thank you so much! FRIDAY NIGHT TEACHING, JULY 21, 2017.

You get me to understand the word, AND HOW SATAN TRIPS ME UP, in an amazing way with real talk, I am blessed by you, No word’s can thank you enough. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “INSIGHTS INTO TEMPTATION.” July 2017.

I spoke to you last year in june about my back problem. After watching your deliverance videos and following your instructions I was healed instantly. I was unable to walk for 15 months but in july 2016 i was delivered. PRAISE THE LORD. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DIVINE HEALING.” July 2017.

Mike these are all so good !!!. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DELIVERANCE TRAINING CLASS #6.” July 2017

I Swear if there were more preachers like you more people would be SAVED! You are a miracle worker through God’s Gift of intelligence! God bless you this is a true TALENT that God gave you and that’s coming from an artist! You’re talent of diagnosing and assigning the symptoms is remarkable! I pray your words reach all whose hearts desire healing! Amen! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION.” July 2017.

THANK YOU DEAR GOD for these blessings. The HOLY SPIRIT totally spoke to me and humbled my spirit. I wanted to see how this message related to others I know. FATHER put a grip on me showing how this message was for my inlightenment. Hardcore truth gives all praise and glory to the Father thru Him all things are possable. I am learning how to truly forgive others and whats really great is i get to know why to forgive. Wonderful Bro. Mike. May Father keep using you to reach others. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.” July 2017.

Truth? I was shocked, as I did not expect anything to happen with any miracle. We pray and sometimes, huge seen miracles, like they healed my heart, or the many we do not see, but all is awing, however; THIS MAN HERE, ONE OF HIS VID’S, CASTING OUT DEMON’S, SO HELP ME, TWO CAME OUT OF ME, out of my tummy, felt weird in my belly, praying with this man during the sermon, it was another sermon of this guy’s, but WOE, TWO COUGHED UP HARD FROM MY BELLY, OUT MY MOUTH, I WAS SHOCKED, like woe, it was not a normal cough, it was a real deal, I WITNESS THIS MAN HELPED ME RID A FEW DEMON’S, THANK YOU SIR, SO MUCH<<<<<<<GRATEFUL<< THIS MAN HAS POWER WHEN HE PRAY’S AND WE PRAY TOO AND MEAN IT, WOWOW, YUP<< YouTube Comment on Video “Overcoming Rejection.” July 2017.

Thank you brother Mike! I really thank Jesus for His love for me and for blessing me with you. who assisted with my freedom and my peace of mind and heart….May the good Lord BLESS YOU DOUBLE FOR YOYR TROUBLES… And, lol thanks again for encouraging me.. GLORY TO GOD! Yodie B./July 2017.

I used to think deliverance was, well, weird. Like acting reactions maybe? And someone said it was only for the 70 Jesus sent out. But it sat on my heart to look it up, research, so I did. And it wasn’t until I learned the part about yoga spirits and Kundalini spirit that it seemed the Holy Spirit said “that right there is your deliverance, what you need”. I’d had lower back problems for years and nothing was helping. But God answers prayers in ways we need them answered, and for others to hear how they were answered. Immediately when I learned about yoga spirits, and I had quit yoga, I placed my hands on my lower back and said “in the name of Jesus Christ all yoga and Kundalini spirits need to leave” immediately I felt them like float out and my back healed instantly and I have never had a problem since. I danced in amazement! Did that really happen? Yes! So I did more the next day that I could think to name and I had about a 4 second coughing fit…whaaaat?!! So cool! I testify absolutely to deliverance. Praise the Lord! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DELIVERANCE TRAINING.” July 2017.


Your videos are very eye opening and powerful! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON THE DELIVERANCE TRAINING CHANNEL, SESSION ONE. July 2017.

Mike how do you teach this stuff to such a captive audience all the time? This is deep knowledge of God that is generally forbidden in mainstream churches… where else can you hear teaching like this? I don’t understand how you have a “center” where you teach classes like this, I’m from Atlanta, GA and have been to TONS of different churches and ministries, but have never heard someone teach the deep things of God like this, let alone at an established “center” open to the public. Bo S./July 2017.


Awesome teacher. Wish i could listen 8 hours a day… getting set FREE!! Thank you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “YOU HAVE GOD’S ANOINTING.” July 2017.

I felt such a release of tention & release of resentment. I felt a spirit of faith, like how you do when you get to be with a loved one you havent seen for awhile. When I yawned it was literly my heart relaxing I felt a true conection with my FATHER. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “RELAX IN HIM.” June 2017.


Brother Mike! Praise the Lord! Glory to God, I have been doing self deliverance for two weeks straight. Last night the severe, chronic, unexplained pain in my upper back disappeared! I’m not stopping…I’m hitting it everyday because I have a niece with bipolar, a sister with paranoid schizophrenia, a niece with mental disability (same mother) and a sister diagnosed with ALS but she believes her healing is coming. Praise God! Thank you for obeying the Lord in your ministry! Andrea B./June 2017.

Wow mike, you have an incredible anointing of teaching REAL psychology, with demons and all… your understanding of how Thomas was raised, and Saul with the rejection demons, really deep knowledge, thanks YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MIND DEFAULT.” June 2017.

I would advise you all to check out all of the posts on this sight it is a ………….GOLD MINE ! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO ‘OVERCOMING REJECTION.’ June 2017.

I never wanted to bother you about it, but since we’re talking now, I wanted to tell you that your teachings have been instrumental in my spiritual maturity. Your obedience to God has not only helped me heal but I am transforming (still working on it) from someone who had no boundaries and obeyed what ANYONE (Satan and people) told me. I have learned since our first email that I am allowed to say no and set boundaries for myself. I prayed that god would not only make me someone who could protect myself but that He makeme a fighter so I can protect others. Carolyn L./June 2017.

Bro Mike, I had been Molested, beaten, tortured, verbally abused, from age 4 to 15. I was completely BROKEN. Diagnosed with Dysthymia, Generalized & Social Anxiety Disorder, Severe, Chronic Depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, migraines. Constantly Tortured and harassed by demons, hopeless and SO MUCH MORE! I’m a Christian and thought God had abandoned Me. No one could help or convince me there was ANY HOPE it had been hell for 25 Years! I had hung on JUST for my 3 CHildren. I was exhausted!!! I was very Suicidal and at end of my rope. LONG story! I Cried out to God ONE LAST TIME with ALL my heart for healing! He instantly lead me to your vIdeos and started taking away the scales and chains instantly!! I watched all your videos and listened to Godly music and Bible on CD. GOD HAS HEALED ME!!! It’s been 5 WEEKS! I waited to write cause I could hardly believe the MIRACLE. NO more fears! I stopped believing The 1000’s of Lies, God Bless, Dan. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MINISTERING TO THE MENTALLY ILL.” June 2017.

Hi Mike, Connie and l were up till almost 2 am just talking about how grateful we are about your obedience and sacrifice that had touched our lives. So, l just wanted to tell you how thankful l am for the ministry God had given to you. Your sacrifice is changing lives. I want to continue my deliverance until l get everything OUT. Thank YOU for loving on me with TRUTH. AMEN! Sabrina M./June 2017.

For the last three days, I have watched some of your videos on Youtube. Im leaping and jumping and praising GOD. I tryed to be a christian and felt that Jesus took me out of the sewer. Yet there was something wrong. I prayed and prayed that I wanted a closer walk with Jesus. Yet there was always something I knew very wrong. After watching several of your videos Im Free. Thank you for obeying the call of GOD. Im too old to do Cartwheels in the parking lot, but my heart is feeling like that. Im free, Im free, Im free!!!!! Oh BTY I was raised in a christian home but it was as dead as could be. It gave me all the knowlage of the bible, I knew every story from front to back. But there was no power. I think I had to become desperate, and like you said in the Kathiran Kullman video, she had to lose everything and die. I know that one so well like the seed must fall to the ground and die, then new life can come. I have lost everything and gained the LORD Jesus Christ and it is worth it all. Renee B./June 2017.

I found this site by accident and God is setting me free!! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “FIBROMYALAGIA” June 2017.

Yes amen ! Thank you brother mike. For showing us how to really walk it out in love. God bless u This is what we need. Keep fighting the good fight. Bless u bless bless u. U show God,s love. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “PRAYING” June 2017.
GREAT teaching!… Never heard this kind of explanation in church. Great delivery too!! He was enthusiastic and not boring or monotone …. much easier to concentrate when he engages the people this way esp if watching a video. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “PS. 37.” June 2017.

Hi Mike. I’m overjoyed this morning to share something. I was raised with abandonment, mental illness, neglect and addiction. Dad was a violent alcoholic. I inherited it all! I’ve been hospitalized 80x and am currently in a group home. I never could understand how a born again person could be so sick. Mikes teachings made me realize the “why’s.” Yesterday I was on a House of Healing marathon and I have deep deep wounds in my heart. I couldn’t find anyone to explain how the Holy Spirit heals the soul wounds. After watching you’re teachings about women, ( Women’s Healing Night video) at the end, when you do deliverance, The Holy Spirit came into my group home room. I thought this group home is my end, how can I get delivered here? Well, I did! I had horrible panic/inner pain from many ppl. I woke every morning in torments. The devil amped it all up with a recent breakup/ betrayal. He was coming in for the kill. I was being emotionally destroyed! After the teaching, as you ministered to the ladies , I felt the Holy spirit in my room! I started crying, I coughed, I puked and burped. I felt lighter, but I had to check if this was my imagination, wishful thinking or true deliverance. Happy to say, panic, pain and self hatred are gone! This morning I feel freer! The key was walking though Mike’s instructions. This was repentance, and forgiving those who hurt me so bad, then releasing the hurt to Holy Spirit. It feels like years of pain have left. God has great compassion on the mentally ill. To meet me and heal me in a group home! I’m not completely free, but what a great start! Another deliverance team got out depression and suicide ( family had all this). I’m estastic! Tracey H./May 2017.

WOW that was incredible, I’ve never seen a group deliverance like that. Casting out demons and healings. This is beautiful and amazing, thank you for blessing me with this video. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO ‘OVERCOMING REJECTION.’ May 2017.

Best psychoanalysis of Saul I ever heard. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “INSECURITY & INFERIORITY” May 2017.


This message is so incredibly intense, I had to go outside. I swear I was on fire. I felt the Holy Spirit hit me for the first time in a very long time. Wow. Fire fire fire. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “INSECURITY & INFERIORITY.” May 2017.

My daughter prayed with one of your videos while I slept for me to quit smoking. Well – it’s been five months since I quìt smoking cold turkey. (I smoked a pack a day). It’s been 7 months! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CRUSHING CURSES.” May 2017.

I have learned more from House of Healing AZ/Hardcore Christianity videos in the last four months than I have learned from reading “Christian Books” and attending a mega church in my community for 20 years. I want to “freely give” what you are teaching. Thanks be to God for your willingness to teach us the Word without watering it down and Praise God for you Brother Mike! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON THE VIDEO “THE SPIRIT WORLD.” May 2017.

Hi Mike, So glad i found your videos i am learning so much so fast, thank you..God Bless….???✝️ YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BREAKING CURSES” May 2017.

I did the miracle list you sent me and it was amazing the results god has done for me. Thank you for pointing this out in my life . I never new I had this issue. I offered it to my wife and son of 34 years old and they didn’t want to do it so I asked god to soften their heart and they gave in and did the list. What a miracle in their life god has done for them. They totally believe god answers prayer now and hear them now. They always asked me to pray for their problems to god and I would tell them to ask not me and didn’t understand why they weren’t answered until I did the list and they didn’t neither. NOW its amazing what god has done and is doing in our lives. Thank you for your help and pointing that out in our lives. Lorne M./British Columbia/May 2017.

Your honesty is utterly refreshing. It is so needed everywhere! Thank you! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THE SPIRITUALITY OF SEX.” May 2017.

Dear Brother Mike, Recently I have been listening to your teachings on YouTube. I listened to your teachings on Rejection. In that teaching it said that a spirit of rejection always brings with it a spirit of witchcraft and rebellion, which is so true. I listened to a lot of your teachings and then I was able to recognize the demonic oppression. So one night I got really serious and really angry, so I cast that thing out of myself. I could not believe how much easier and delightful it has been coming into Abba’s presence. I have also gained the ability to understand Scripture better. I never knew I was bound for all those years. I knew something wasn’t right, but I was too ashamed to confront it. I am so grateful for your ministry. I am in the process of listening to many of your teachings and I am growing in leaps and bounds. I also shared your teachings with a few friends of mine who are going through issues with anger and rejection. Thank you so much for doing what you do to help people. Love, in Christ, Denise from Baltimore, MD. April/2017.

It is funny you sent me to The Deep Things Of God channel. That is my favorite channel of yours.I watch them all and God uses your ministry to really teach, correct, deliver and bless me. I am thankful you obeyed. Sue M./April 2017.

Praise Report: I’ve been going through deliverance since 2002 and have been asking God to reveal what other open doors- just found your ministry last week. God delivered me using your videos on Kundalini. Praise Jesus Christ my Deliverer. Wow! I’ve been searching high and low and I lived in Redding attended Bethel did many sozo’s but I was still having demonic manifestations. I stopped attending all their type of conferences because when they would explain my problems they couldn’t help or downplayed them. Thanks to your videos God clarified so much! Jesus is Lord! I believe I’m experiencing 1 Peter 4:17. Laura B./April 2017.

I will be in attendance tonight. I came to a deliverance service on Wednesday night and the love of God was amazing and evident in the building.Tiffany T./Phoenix/April 2017.

Hi there. A miracle happened to me tonight. I prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit tonight. Then Right after I fell on your Video on Youtube. The Holy Spirit clearly showed me what is my ministry, which is to go and heal others from the spirit of rejection. I have had a really bad past, and everything you said in the video applied to my life. In the past 2 months God has been totally cleaning up my life for this message. Matthieu B/Canada/March 2017.

HouseOfHealingAZ Brother Mike, I don’t know if you will see this, but I wanted to let you know how powerful this deliverance was. I attended the last part of the stream, the actual casting out of the spirits was awesome. YOUTUBECOMMENT ON VIDEO OF DELIVERANCE SERVICE “HOUSEOFHEALINGAZ.” Mar. 03/17.

You were brought here on purpose. Br. Mike has extremely important and uncommon information specifically for you. Super duper anointing happening currently. Tune in and recover. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO OF DELIVERANCE SERVICE “HOUSEOFHEALINGAZ.” Mar. 03/17.

House of Healing…the ripple effect of healing deliverance in these posts is mind boggling! Thank you JESUS. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ONE TICKET TO PARADISE.” Mar. 2017.

Hi Brother Mike, I was just listening to the video you made on Emotional Illness number 022417 Satan’s number one strategy fear and lies. I was about to seek counseling because I still felt like I was losing my mind but you hit the nail right on the head for me. The point that you made about Satan or his imps talking or giving us good ideas especially about preaching to the nation’s. That’s what I thought I was supposed to do. I actually had a vision that I was going to do that, I’m not saying that I’m not going to do that or that it was from Satan but now I see exactly how he uses good ideas and then lets you down. That is what I have been suffering from for years. I didnt think I had illusions of grandeur. My husband has been telling me that for years. But I just couldn’t see how doing God’s work would be illusions of grandeur. Thank you so much for being obedient. I wish I had known about you 46 years ago. I don’t believe that I will be going to the counselor because I believe that I got my answer tonight thank you again; love you. Kim W./Feb. 2017.

What a blessing your teachings have been to me. Enjoying watching a teaching per-day 🙂 YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “HOUSEOFHEALINGAZ.” Feb. 2017.

The moment I learned the TRUTH about the demonic spirits planting negative thoughts in my mind is when I realized my power over them. It was instant for me. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “FEAR. SATAN’S MIND CONTROL.” Feb. 2017.

Mike. This is an awesome teaching. Thank you very much. Much love to you and prayers for your ministry. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MENTAL ILLNESS.” Feb. 2017.


I received deliverance viewing this video!! Alleluya! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BE HEALED OF FIBROMYALGIA.” Feb. 2017.

Mike this is absolutely where it is! I just have nothing to tell you! Thank you. Thank you! You obviously know exactly what you are saying to be correct minded. I feel freaking amazing. I feel for the first time completely like myself inside my own heart and mind and head space. Please please please put some sort of paypal button or credit card button on ur website. Give us folks who really really want to help you along- the ability to do so online. Make some sort of online tab for tithing. I want to give back in a blessing what you have given to me. I have watched probably everything you have uploaded to youtube and will continue to stream when you live stream. Thank you for teaching me. I hope I can find the ability (time and money) to come visit in fellowship. Thank you for everything you give in ur insight to us. Jennifer Q/Feb. 2017.

Dear bro Mike. I am now delivered from being bipolar since following the list you gave me. What a world of difference but now I have to walk in life with no mania or downs which feels totally different. Mary C./Feb. 2017.

Bro Mike, I love HOH ministry and I contribute money to it. It is very powerful and the church needs this ministry as never before. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “TEMPTATIONS.” Feb. 2017.

This teaching as Mike says just will not fly in most churches….. Just incredibly simple & to the point examples of insidious plans Satan has for every person alive right now. YOU TUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CAN CHRISTIANS HAVE DEMONS.” Feb. 2017.

I don’t have words adequate enough to tell you how valuable these teachings have become to me. If you listen and APPLY what is taught here, you will find life changing results. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.” FEB. 2017.

Bro Mike, I had been Molested, beaten, tortured, verbally abused, from age 4 to 15. I was completely BROKEN. Diagnosed with Dysthymia, Generalized & Social Anxiety Disorder, Severe, Chronic Depression, insomnia,fibromyalgia, migraines, Constantly Tortured and harassed by demons, hopeless and SO MUCH MORE! I’m a Christian and thought God had abandoned Me. No one could help or convince me there was ANY HOPE. It has been hell for 25 Years! I had hung on JUST for my 3 Children. I was exhausted! I was very Suicidal and at end of my rope, LONG story! I Cried out to God ONE LAST TIME with ALL my heart for healing! He instantly Lead me to your vIdeos and started taking away the scales and chains instantly! I watched all your videos and listened to Godly music and Bible on CD. GOD HAS HEALED ME! I’ts been 5 WEEKS! I waited to write cause I could hardly believe the MIRACLE. NO more fears! I stopped believing the 1000’s of Lies of the demons. God Bless, Dan

You guys rock! This is one of the best YouTube channels out there. I wish I could go there in person, but I gotta watch it on YouTube. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.” FEB. 2017.

I wanted to give you my testimony. I wrote to you earlier this year in August about my situation. I was so frustrated at what I was going through with wanting to be married. You told me to put a halt on trying to date and follows the steps you sent me. I printed that list out and I followed it to a tee! I highlighted, underlined and read every passage of scripture plus looked at the videos that were on the list. I worked hard on that list! I was determined to get well! I did exactly what you told me! I was in constant prayer almost daily! Well, that was then and this is now. Brother Mike, I met a man a few months ago. He is a man who loves the Lord with all of his heart! He told me from the start that he was looking for a wife and that he was not trying to date casually. We prayed together, read the bible together and wanted to do it God’s way. Brother Mike….WE GOT MARRIED! YES, I AM NOW MARRIED! HE IS A WONDERFUL MAN WHO IS A BELIEVER IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! It didn’ t take long either Brother Mike! I have tears in my eyes right now because you put me on the right path of healing and helping me create a fresh start on becoming healthy and wholesome to be a wife! I love you Brother Mike and I sincerely thank God for you and your ministry! God Bless you, Roselle D./Feb. 2017.

I just wAtched your your youtube video explaing mental illness. You have saved my life. Starr P./ Feb. 2017.

Thank you Mike. I learned more from your deliverance training video number one than a year studying deliverance. Thank you Jesus. John T./Feb. 2017.

Brother Mike, Both my son and I will be tuning in tomorrow night! Your ministry has completely turned our lives around with both “Father” and “Jesus” of course having a helping hand! God Bless You, Ryan & Julian C./Feb. 2017.

Brother Mike, I went through the List and let me just say WOW! I never experienced anything like that spiritually. A lot of spirits were coming out and fighting and screaming! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” Jan. 2017.

Your teachings are beyond helpful. I am so grateful you have the ability to see into and explain the torment we live under. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CHRISTIANS RECEIVE AND PUT UP WITH SPIRITS.” Jan. 2017.

What Brother Mike does is so needed today and his knowledge is incredible, the way he blends science and the bible is fantastic, Lukeworm christians will get offended. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “HEBREWS 12.” Jan. 2017.

Wow. I was set free from so much through God using this video. I got healing and deliverance. PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH! I’ve never even been to this ministry. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BLESSING BLOCKERS.” Jan. 2017.

Hi brother Mike,i have completed all the tasks you have given to me. I am finally free and my injuries a fully healed. God is great. I cannot thank you or Him enough for what you have done. Keep up what you guys are doing. This world really needs it. God has also revealed so much to me through the process. Michal L./ Jan. 2017.

Praise God Bro. Mike, you won’t believe I have been healed. I prayed and followed your instructions and for sure, now I feel an empty heart. I know that demon has left my chest. Praise God, now I can think clearly and I hardly remember my painful past. I am honestly humbled, please thank him for me and thanks to you for allowing yourself be an instrument in HIS hands, PRAISE GOD! Ebube A., Nigeria. Jan. 2017.

I am so glad I found this video, lord knows, this is confirmation. God has been speaking this to me and it has been a great battle. So Greatful for the remnant of the body of Christ , May God continue to bless you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” Jan. 2017.

I felt so good after this. Very powerful prayers. Thanks Bro Mike. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THURSDAY NIGHT PRAYER: UNCLEAN SPIRITS!” Jan. 2017.

Every word was a treasure! Bless you and your ministry! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “YOU HAVE GOD’S AUTHORITY.” Jan. 2017.

I just watched your youtube video explaing mental illness. You have saved my life. I came to your release from kundalini spirits but thats not what i really needed. Susan P./Phoenix, AZ/Dec. 2016.

Michael you are a blessing..you are so real. And direct to the point. ur wisdom is so needed and ur obedience is such a blessing to others. I have to go back and listen a few times as learning so much. VIDEO TEACHING CHANNEL COMMENT ON JOSHUA FEUERSTEIN INTERVIEW. Dec. 2016.

Hello to all who read this. God Bless You and your ministry and family and friends. I have been watching your Youtube videos and I wish i had big words to express my appreciation and gratitude. Brother Mike you and your Ministry Team are Amazing to say the least. In my 30 years of living I have never came across any thing remotely as truthfully raw and genuine! I have been delivered from prescription pill addiction and many other demonic spirits, in my living room as I was watching. It was incredible! You are a TRUE MAN of GOD! GOD be The GLory! Thank you and hope i can meet you all one day. Keep it up! Amen! Felix R./Dec. 2016.

I’ve been to all kinds of churches and you are by far the best. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CROSSROADS.” 12/16.

Brother Mike you have such a great sense of humor honestly. Always a special occasion to hear your guidance. Your passion reaches so many of us. God continue His blessings upon you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “PHIL. 4.” Dec. 2016.

This is awesome! Thank You, Brother Mike. These seminars are extremely helpful. I have used your forgiving techniques and was deeply convicted. I notice instead of blaming someone, I forgive. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MINISTERING TO THE MENTALLY ILL.” Dec. 2016.


May God BLESS this ministry….I get SO MUCH out of these videos!! thank you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “FAITH.” Dec. 2016.

ey. Just wanted u to know just days ago God delivered me of bipolar disorder and many infirmities. .. I no longer take any medications and have a totally sound mind. David F. Dec. 2016.

Your love and prayer in the beginning healed my heart of unlove. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DOUBT & UNBELIEF.” Nov. 2016.

This teaching is fantastic. It is the missing pieces and a messed up puzzle. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your bluntness and complete, transparent-honesty. I have passed this along to several people. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “PISTIS.” Oct. 2016.

Bro Mike, I had been Molested, beaten, tortured, verbally abused, from age 4 to 15. I was completely BROKEN. Diagnosed with Dysthymia, Generalized & Social Anxiety Disorder, Severe, Chronic Depression, insomnia,fibromyalgia, migraines. Constantly Tortured and harassed by demons, hopeless and SO MUCH MORE! I”m a Christian and thought God had abandoned Me. No one could help or convince me there was ANY HOPE. It had been hell for 25 Years! I Had hung on JUST for my 3 Children. I was exhausted! I was very Suicidal and at end of my rope, LONG story! I Cried out to God ONE LAST TIME with ALL my heart for healing! He instantly Lead me to your vIdeos and started taking away the scales and chains instantly! I watched all your videos and listened to Godly music and Bible on CD. GOD HAS HEALED ME! It’s been 5 WEEKS! I waited to write cause I could hardly believe the MIRACLE. NO more fears! I stopped believing The 1000’s of Lies! I Can NOW get out of bed leave my house, go to church, volunteer at church, paint my house, Loving my wife and Kids and helping my broken family members. My wife can hardly stop Praising God! Thanks for doing what you do GOD has saved my life through mainly though your teaching, You really understand Mental Illness and how Demons torture us, and Convince us we can’t be healed. GOd Bless YOU and YOUR Ministry, LOVE and PEACE. Daniel. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MINISTRY TO THE MENTALLY ILL.” Oct. 2016.

Your video is a God send to me. I was praying and thinking about this topic this morning because I am praying for deliverance for my church. I have received the deliverance and am a million times better than I was so I knew it was possible to get. Your video set in cement what God has already shown me. I am sharing this with my pastor and possibly my entire church. God lead me to your video and I praise Him for it. God bless you sir. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CAN CHRISTIANS HAVE DEMONS.” Oct. 2016.

I thank God for you brother! I’ve had life changing,eye opening deliverance through your ministry…thank you so much,keep going…I pray for you without ceasing..you are proof of Fathers mercy ..he heard our cries….. J. Sanchez, Phoenix, AZ. 10/16.

Wow, I can’t believe it, I was watching your video and the deliverance and healing and I remembered how many times I had prayed the last years that God would show me the answer for hurting people, myself included and tonight I realized he has shown me the answer-your ministry. You heal hurting people, well God does through you. You know everytime I say your ministry I mean the Holy Spirit thru you. Thank you from my guts for working for him and loving his people. You don’t know how special you are to me. Email comment from H.J.K. in Ohio. 09/2016.

This ministry is Awesome!! No sugar coating just truth. You will never find this in any church. I only wish it was near me. God bless you brother Mike. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “WOE UNTO YOU.” 09/2016.

Thank you for guiding me through deliverance from the mental issues I have been battling. It was not comfortable by any means, but I now have the presence of the Holy Spirit and can hear God’s voice much clearer. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MENTAL ILLNESS SEMINAR.” 08/2016.

Thank you so much for your videos. I am not mentally ill but do watch to learn how to help someone who is. You have shown me that what the Holy Spirit showed me is true. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THE KEY TO MIRACLES WITHOUT A DOUBT.” 08/2016.

I have never cried or shook or felt the Spirit before I listened to Brother Mike plus the infection that I couldn’t shake through 4 hospitalizations is gone. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THE SECRET TO POWER WITH GOD.” 08/2016.

These teachings are absolutely fantastic…………..Thank you so much Mike. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DELIVERANCE TRAINING CLASS 18.” Aug. 2016.

Thank you for your service to the Kingdom Brother Mike, teachings are helping me through alot of issues. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ADDICTIONS.” 08/16.

This was definately inspired by the HOLY Ghost. I put together a similar class 2 years ago that I will be teaching soon. The psychology was absolute GENIUS! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO DELIVERANCE TRAINING #3.

Hi bro Mike! I followed your list and I am healed and delivered, praise God! I live in Sacramento, California. Thank you and God bless you, your family, and ministry. I suffered almost all my life and no one was able to help. The Lord led me to your videos and now I am healed and delivered! Clementina E./Aug. 2016.

So much truth!! The Devil is a Lair and Exposed!!! Thank you for this teaching! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO ‘OVERCOMING REJECTION.” July 2016.

Thank you so much for sharing these videos. I was given a solid religious education in middle school, but the church closed and I now see that it was Satanic forces doing all this damage to my life ever since. In fact, I think Satan is upset I’m seeing your videos because I encountered an error where I can no longer play it, but you have helped lead me back to Christ directly and I thank you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO FAMILIAR SPIRITS. July 2016.

As a “Child Of God”, I found brother Mike, a little over a week and half ago and the results have been “Amazing”. I’m now filled with the “Holy Ghost”, for the first time in my life and it feels incredible! I do deliverance from home, and over the duration of the next 30 days will watch as many of Brothers Mike “Youtube Video’s”, as humanly possible “Amen Praise God!” I have forgiven my “Stepfather”, who has Masonry roots. I can’t wait to come down and watch you guys LIVE! No one could ever get through to me the way Brother Mike, has been able too…..nobody for I “Was”, as stubborn as they came! Thank you “Brother Mike”, may our heavenly father be with both you and your family both here on earth, and in Heaven “Amen.” Ryan L./July 2016.

I was very blessed by the ministry last night. I receive the words from the Lord and will put into practice what was directed. Again, thank you and God Bless. B. Keith, Indiana/06-16.

Thank You and God bless you, your fam and ministry. You have no idea how much you helped me. All the Glory be to God/Jesus. T. Bergman/06-16.

Mike….I think your the BEST thing happening on UTUBE 🙂 Always strengthened by the way Jesus ” The LIVING water “quenches my thirst, through your obedience. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DELIVERANCE TRAINING CLASS 8.” June 2016.

This is single handedly the BEST channel on youtube. Brother Mike you are so knowledgable in the word and your teachings are eye opening. I am enjoying your seminars and learning more from your teaching than being at church for years. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DEMONIC MANIFESTATIONS.” May 2016.

Came here by chance , usually I would dismissed the stuff like that with a blink of an eye…Just started to watch…I’m an artist – painter and farthest my mind would go would have been philosophy with Lacan and Zizek at the top of the hierarchy…But this is something new to me…It’s abundant with authenticity and it delivers – fully! It just opened my eyes…Because it make sense…For the first time in my life I hear the words of love and compassion as they meant to be heard – believable and factual. I have to reconsider my world views from now on because this has touched me. Thank you! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DEMONIC MANIFESTATIONS” Mar. 2016.

I just discovered your channel…bought time someone is preaching and teaching the truth! The Lord bless you. Glory to the Most High! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “REVIVE ME AGAIN.” March 2016.

The December 21, 2015 teaching on pistis is exactly what I needed to hear and what I need to have, in order to walk in divine deliverance from palsy. I thought I had the pistis since I started believing Christ is my Healer, 30 + years ago. I realize now that I only had some pistis, mixed with “If I can figure out where I messed up, I will receive manifestation.” mindset. Dawn W./Mar. 2016.

Mike…. I’m so darn glad I have good dental insurance. This is yet another wake-up call message of yours that kicked my teeth in and forced me to swallow them. I’m SO GRATEFUL. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THE DEVIL TRICKS.” Feb. 2016.

The entire Body of Christ has been waiting for this message. The vast majority just don’t know it. Yet! Hoping and praying that a new understanding of spirits spreads like wildfire through the church. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION.” Feb. 2016.

I have been struggling with unbelief for a little while. I know God brought me to listen to this because it has spoken directly to my Spirit. A lot of what you were saying is a lot of what I have been feeling. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “FAITH. OVERCOME UNBELIEF. Feb. 2016.

Mike…. I started watching your youtube videos looking for help for my bipolar pastor friend. I was stunned by the power of your series of videos on fear/anxiety, etc and watched them all and with each video, I went through a mini-metamorphosis of sorts with areas of fear I didn’t know existed being identified one by one many of these fears and worries started reducing…and reducing…and reducing with each video. I went to other video topics that you spoke on and after each video, I realized I was not the same, each message of yours had caused dramatic changes in my perceptions while long-standing spiritual problems I’ve had were reducing with some problems just getting up and disappearing. You are permanently in my daily prayers. Annie K./Feb. 2016.

I so much appreciate this teaching and the way you brought it out. I think any honest person can relate to our Lords word in this area. Thank you much. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CAN CHRISTIANS HAVE DEMONS.” Feb. 2016.

I’m literally in tears. This is exactly what I needed. I am determined to get total healing and wholeness in my life in Jesus Name! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION.” Feb. 2016.

Thank you brother Mike from the bottom of my heart. You are the truth. I have been lost for thirty years. Life and the word never made sense to me. After watching you it is scary how much spiritual understanding I have gained. Now I am helping my family and friends. I cannot express to you the gratitude i have for you. I am angry at the church for letting my family, friends, and me down. I wasted half my life and was almost lost forever. The truth you speak is amazing and completely unscrambled my life. You are awesome. Praise God and God bless you! Casey H./Alabama. Jan. 2016.

I love Pastor Mike’s teachings. I listen to him all the time. This teaching is unique because it comes from the bible and psychology. I have been in church for many years and I have never heard anyone teach this material. YOUTUBE COMMENT FROM VIDEO “MIND OVER MATTER.” Jan. 2016.

This was truly a mind alert. Your teachings area Amazing. YOUTUBE.COMMENT ON VIDEO “SPIRITUAL WARFARE.” Jan. 2016.

This teaching is so needed in the body of Christ. This is wisdom and knowledge from the Holy Spirit. Thank you Bro. God has called you for this! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” Jan. 2016.

Really wonderful teaching,, I want to know more about the witchcraft attacks… YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BE HEALED OF FIBROMYALGIA.” Jan. 2016.

Mannnnnnnnnnn this teaching is neeeeeeeeded. Where in the world were u when i was a teenager? God bless u. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MENTALLY ILL SEMINAR.” Dec. 2015.

I am blessed to have found you House of Healing and Mr. Smith. I work in the field and have discovered what you preach for the last 5 years. Thank you for the continued spiritual insight! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “EXPOSING THE DEVIL’S TRICKS.” Dec. 2015.

Hi brother Mike. I went to Phoenix from San Francisco Ca. to the Women’s seminar. Started my deliverance there. Came back and was delivered for more than a week everyday for all the spirits. A week and a half latter, me and my little girlwent to a store. Outside was this man on his bike. He asked me for somemoney to eat. When we finish our shopping we got some money and wentlooking for him out side of the store. He was on the floorweeping, crying. He said he saw Jesus all around my daughter and me. Italked to him gave him the u-tube channel from the House of Healing. Thanks for your teaching about praying in Tongues through the day. It’ life saving for me. Juana L./S.F/Dec. 2015.

Hi Mike, I was touched, healed, delivered and blessed by your youtube-videos. Because of your teaching I finally received the answer to a question that I`ve had for many years. Claudia Z./Dec. 2015.

I think the preaching at the 1:53 minute mark about weeping over our sin is probably some of the best preaching i have heard in my entire life! PRAISE GOD FOR THE TRUTH! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “SATAN’S GREATEST WEAPON.” Dec. 2015.

I would just like to say a very humble thank you to Brother Mike. His generosity in sharing the seminars on YouTube is such a blessing. The latest one for healing women really ministered to me. I am caring for my very elderly mother with severe Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s been an indescribably difficult journey. Since both of us labour under the spirit of rejection it has made it much worse. Last night, I did business with God, and through the pier of the Holy Spirit, I believe I was delivered of a demon of rejection as well as others which I cannot name. I will watch the seminar again just to be sure they’ve all gone. Praying for great blessing, wisdom and anointing for all of the ministry team. Kim O./Cape Town SA/Dec. 2015.

Hi Mike, I’ve actually been coming since I wrote this and the Holy Spirit has been AMAZING! The first Friday I was healed in my body from bladder issues…..most likely linked to spirits …and they had to go. I was there this past Friday and hit the floor before my Lord and now I’m free. The most amazing this is that when I went 3 weeks ago, I was feeling so free already and the Lord freed me EVEN MORE!!! I’m crying as I’m writing this because our GOD is soooo good. Jennifer P./Dec. 2015.

I cannot begin to tell you how much your ministry has helped me. I am fairly certain I have watched most of the videos.They have been my “David’s lyre” (Ist Samuel 16:23) many nights. George P./Dec. 2015

Excellent presentation. You speak a mighty truth. Thank you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” Dec.. 2015.

Watched the ladies live stream Fri and was so blessed. Thank you from Ashland Oregon. I visited the house of healing a few months ago with my son Gideon and we were delivered in a wonderful way. Last nights service gave me permission to let my son go and trust him to Jesus. It also gave me insight to the way Satan sets the wrong men before for me. Thank you for a wonderful repentance session. Wendy E./Nov. 2015.

Hi Brother Mike, I am thankful for you and your ministry! I found you on you tube by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I was led to you when I could not understand what was happening to me. Thank you sir for all of your precious time that you sowed into me. You planted seeds and its growing! Forever grateful and I hope to see you in either January or February. Mark Smith/Nov. 2015.

Hello brothers and sisters! This is not a prayer request but I couldn’t find an email address on the website, so I am doing it this way ;).
I came across your video’s on youtube yesterday and I just want to say ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH’. It feels like words are too limited to express my thankfulness for what you guys are doing. I have only heard 1-2 seminars but I am so excited to learn and start using this knowledge to set people free, once and for all. This was for me like a missing link in the chain. We need to know and give people the whole package, and that includes deliverance and emotional/ inner healing. Thank you and may all of you be fruitful and glorify Our Father in heaven all the days of your life! Blessing. Anxhela/Nov. 2015.

God sent your message to me tonight….I have been waiting to hear from God for almost 3 years about this issue. Thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me to your youtube channel. Now, I finally understand. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DEALING WITH REJECTION.” Nov. 2015.

Dear Brother Mike, I don’t know where to begin! This ministry has been such a blessing to me, my mom and my older sister. (I got them all hooked on your videos!). I am excited to support this ministry. It touches my heart so and makes me cry, to hear the people being set free, at the end of your teaching sessions. I can hear our Savior’s love for them, through you, as you are speaking to them by the Holy Spirit! The captives are set free by our beautiful Savior, Yeshua Ha Mashiach! I watch your videos on Youtube and went through self deliverance on myself. (didn’t even know they were in there-thought I was “good”…learned so much! Lisa L./WA/Nov. 2015.

Hi Mike. On Friday night some diabetes demons left, fear demons, etc and another layer of iniquity peeled away. Result is radical health improvement, no brain fog, no inflammation. Slow and steady improvement on soul and body level. Ed and I are talking the same language now and are praying together and helping each other process and grow. Lisa Q./Nov. 2015.

Dear Mike. I am watching your video and need to express my thankfullness. You gave it to me a few weeks ago, but I am certain the demons inside me told me it was rubbish and were critical. After sharing time with you this morning at Peter Johnson’s session I ran the video and realised that the demons were trying to block me from watching your video. Thanks
Isaac P./Nov. 2015.

Wow, Wow. Just to re-enforce what I just said WOW! Praise God for the Truth. As a separated man, having a wife that wants a divorce because we no longer communicate well, this is an awesome truth! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON THE VIDEO “THE SPIRITUALITY OF SEX.” Nov. 2015.

Your messages through Christ Jesus are a blessing to me. Through Him, you given me two things, hope and peace.
Daniel K./Nov. 2015.

Just finished this vid, the Holy Spirit is AMAZING. Exactly what I needed to hear. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “LUCIFER.” 11/15.

This was fantastic Mike! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THE POOL GUY.” Nov. 2015.

This was such a special and anointed night – from the glorious deliverance testimony to Brother Mike’s profound teaching on building the Church the right way and his piercingly honest recollections. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BUILDING CHURCHES GOD’S WAY.” 10/15.

Very helpful information about being a believer yet having demonic problems. I’ve never heard this information presented clearly like this. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DELIVERANCE TRAINING.” 10/15.

Thank you for this, I’ve been struggling with negative thought patterns for as long as I can remember, and over the years it’s become so bad that it is affecting my marriage, I am tired of struggling. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THURSDAY NIGHT. NEGATIVE THOUGHT DISORDER.” 10/15.

Hello Bro Mike: Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my email. I just finished watching your video “The Believer’s Authority. Why Praying Doesn’t Work! Use Your Authority to Take Your Life Back”. This video just changed my life! I have been doing it all wrong. I’ve been putting my faith in other people to deliver me from my demons, when I had the power all along. By putting my faith in others and not getting results, I was losing my faith which was crippling me. I watched to the end and did deliverance on myself. I felt so powerful and strong. I hate these demons for what they have done to my life and I let them have it! Jeri-Lynn C./Oct. 2015.

Excellent, excellent teaching! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “TAKING OUT THE TRASH.” 10/15.

Thank you, for delivering my husband Jose and having open doors to the public. He no longer hears voices anymore. God bless. Havilah S./Payson/Oct. 2015.

Wow and double wow. I have been researching medically documented miracles and some of them are so amazing, but this personal testimony gets to the heart not just the mind. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BRO. MIKE MEETS KATHRYN KUHLMAN.” 09-15.

Hi bro. Mike! I listened to the last 45 minutes of prayer on livestream. I’m now delivered n set free. Schizophrenia is broken. oh, Joy, Joy, JOy! Glory Glory Glory be to Him, Jesus n Him alone!!! Naomi F./Phoenix/Sept. 2015.

Hope all has been well. Mike, I just wanna thank you again for everything. Everything has gotten about 80% better after following your lead man, thanks. Also Im still praying for your ministry and you and your staff. I will be donating soon, I will be working by Monday! I’ll keep you posted on things. I have quit drinking and smoking for good, like almost over night! No more cravings or desires left. Derek W./Phoenix/09-15.

Glory! Today the Lord used this video for me. I did read the wall first. I spent most of morning and afternoon getting deliverance Glory to God. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION” 09/15.

I was watching your men’s seminar on lust and pride and constantly had to fight tiredness. I obediently and repentantly started repeating your prayer and as I started to command those demons out of me I was reeled around the room with strange sounds coming for me. As I commanded the spirit of lust and homosexuality to come out, again thrown to the floor. I feel a completely different person now. I will follow the post deliverance programme now. Bro. I have been for deliverance but this is the first time I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is it. My father had Prostate problems my bro. and myself had to have a radicle prostectomy and you explained it so well in your seminar. Thank you my bro. I am trusting the Lord for a financial need and would like to support you in your fantastic ministry. God bless you. Johann Z./NY/09-15.

Thank you Bro. Mike so much for having the autoimmune seminar~~ my testimony is I was healed at the autoimmune seminar last week that my husband and I attended. The first picture is what it looked like while I was attending the autoimmune seminar ~(I was in severe pain for five weeks) the second picture is what it looked like on our way home to Florida after the autoimmune seminar- no pain and you can clearly see my ear go back to it’s normal size and shape and the flesh came back to it’s normal color..~~~Jesus healed me! I want to thank you Diane & Kelly for praying for me as well.
God Bless you all! Bernedette N./Florida/09/15.

Man! This is nuts! I got healed! It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I did all the steps in the list except 4 and 6 and only watched the rejection video and participated in the deliverance section at the end of the video by myself (releasing hate, asking father to forgive me, and speaking in tongues (that was my 1st time speaking in tongues too but I was willing to do anything, I was so desperate for help and broken). As I followed along at the end of the video with the self healing, I felt a small wind lose hold around my private area, and I was lighted headed the whole time. Then a few hours into my sleep I was awoken and I felt a tingling/static feeling all over my body. Right then and there I yelled “spirit of impotence, I command you to loose your self from me right now and go in Jesus name! It left.” Mike your videos are life savers, thank you but most of all I thank Jesus for his alright name! I’m really happy, but sad for the people who will suffer for the rest of there life because of their atheism, or refusal to come to Christ. Thank you friend! God bless you and your ministry. I will send a donation sometime soon. Ryan/CA/08-15.

Thanks again for your obedience Mike. The ripple effect is more glorious than you know. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “LOVE CAUSES YOU TO GO PLACES.” 07/15.

Bro. Mike, You know, it has been incredible to not be living from a place of pain anymore since my deliverance with you. Every day I wake up in that day, instead of in the past. But a greater joy than even that is to have seen and now hear my son with joy in his heart. Our God is such a loving and gracious Father! And you are such a loving and gracious servant of the Almighty. We are eternally thankful to you! Love you. Tamera T./Phoenix/07-15.

WOW. I needed this message and it was POWERFUL. I’ve never heard of God’s love (and like) for us taught this in-depth. This teaching really provided a breakthrough for me about God’s Love. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “LOVE, JEHOVAH STYLE.” 07/15.

Thumbs up! The Lord is good and He brought this message at the perfect time! Another great one! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “AFFECTIONS” 06/15.

Thank you for sharing this. Very insightful teaching. God bless you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MENTAL ILLNESS SEMINAR.” 06-15

I send each day listening to the teachings of Bro. Mike. I love this channel and the truth being shared. Prasie God! Thank you Lord! Thank you Bro. Mike for being obedient and bringing the Word. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “WOMEN OF GOD SEMINAR.” 06-15.

This teaching has revolutionized my spiritual progress! NO KIDDING!!! For decades, I have wrestled with NTD….negative thought disorder. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “FEAR. SATAN’S MIND CONTROL” 06/15.

Thank you and Bless you and your loved ones. I was at your Women’s ministry night seminar with 5 other friends and saw them delivered. As well as myself from the spirit of rejection. When you were praying over me and had your hand on the top of my head, I felt like I was on the edge of the universe and fell from that distance and into my body. WOW,WOW, WOW! Just amazing. I’m watching and listening to you and your teachings on YouTube for the past couple of hours and sharing my experience with other friends. I met you about 5 years ago at a friends house in Camp Verde. It was amazing. I was bewildered and don’t know if I noticed much but since including last night, absolutely. I live in Cottonwood and Diane and I will be journeying more to learn more from you all. Bless you and much Love. Many thanks, Sharon D./Cottonwood, AZ/05-15.

Awesome!!! So glad you had a women’s night. We are hungry and tired of the grief, hurt, pain, rejection etc. Still digesting co-dependent mom. That opened my eyes. I only had related it to a husband. Wow, set free, free indeed. So glad to have been able to have come. Understanding is opening up, more power and authority–people calling for prayer, noticing the power and authority. As soon as I kneel, the power falls. Makes for a wonderful way to start the day! Friends saying–let me know when you are going again. Thank you Michael and your team for being sensitive to the cry of the Christians and following in the steps of Jesus, to help all of us. The hours you devote to the cry is such a blessing to us. May God bless you all abundantly. Diane L./Phoenix/05-15.

Best site on utube, in my opinion ! Thank you JESUS!!! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “WOMEN OF GOD SEMINAR.” 06/15.

Amazing Vid! Keep killing it! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” 05/15.

Hi Mike, Thank you for your message on why praying doesn’t work. Many christian friends continue to pray for things which clearly are rightfully ours according to God’s word whereas I have for some time had a somewhat different approach, which was confirmed by your message. I find your messages uplifting and a breath of fresh air – no beating around the bush. Thanks again.

Hi Mike, Thank you for your message on why praying doesn’t work. Many christian friends continue to pray for things which clearly are rightfully ours according to God’s word whereas I have for some time had a somewhat different approach, which was confirmed by your message. I find your messages uplifting and a breath of fresh air – no beating around the bush. Thanks again. God Bless. Teija S./CA/05-15.

Brother Mike, Believers authority, why prayer does not work! Best teaching ever! Fell asleep listening to it last night and cannot wait to finish the teaching! On point….hit me to the core. Everything that you said happened to me, then I blamed the Lord for not helping me when the demons came after me. It is sad that I did not use my authority sooner! I thank you for this teaching! I told my husband about your ministry yesterday! I cannot wait to meet you! Caroline S./CA/05-15.

Wow! Brother Mike is Right ON! He is beyond smart! May the good Lord bless him and his loved ones. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DO YOU HAVE A FAKE SOUL?” 05/15.

Isa. 53:40 is some scary stuff! Thanks again HOH for not only helping people get free God’s way, but exposing lies! As boken ppl, we are so hungry for Gods healing and the Holy Spirit. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “KUNDALINI SPIRITS.” 05/15.

I love your sermons. They are so encouraging, So uplifting, makes you want to get up and fight for your spiritual life, To put on the full Armour of Yahweh and stand on His Word. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “FIRST LOVE.” 05/15.

I’m shocked to see the story of my life in this video. It all makes sense now. Thank you ever so much for this bro Mike. I will prepare for my own deliverance, in the name of our Lord and Saviour. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION.” 05-15.

There is no question the message last night was the best I have ever heard. It was the subject and the timeliness of it. Word after word and example after example my spirit resonated with what you were teaching. I will need to listen to it a few more times in order to really grasp everything. I so appreciated that you talked about teaching truth that was very expensive for you to learn in an effort to save people time and pain. YOUTUBE COMMENTON VIDEO “THE BELIEVER’S AUTHORITY.” 05-15.

Mike, these videos are so helpful, thank you. God bless you 🙂 YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BOYS & GIRLS GONE WILD.” 05/15.

Excellent teaching, line upon line precept on precept.. I have been blessed by Michaels teaching, he sticks with the word. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO ‘BLESSING BLOCKERS.” 05/15.

Taking notes and trusting god. Groundbreaking. Period. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ROOT CAUSES OF BACKSLIDERS.” 05/15.

Hello and Thank You!!! God continually Bless you and your family. Thanks for the Scriptures and videos…I am already seeing and feeling results and looking for complete deliverance…The spirit of witchcraft is leaving my premises in Jesus name. Ann P./WA/5-15.

I’ve watched quite a few of these teachings and I feel this is groundbreaking! Let’s pray that the Lord rises up other ministries that teach what’s is really behind mental illness! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “I’M SCARED. PHOBIAS.” 04/15.

Just watched it last night! Whoa Nelly! Your humility, obedience & Godly Wisdom kicks in to HIGH GEAR…because of the faithfulness you & your wonderful staff. You’ve probably already buckled your HOLY seatbelts because countless people are BLESSED by this anointing the Lord has crowned you guys with! Words just don’t cut it in expressing my gratefulness to you. As they say in German, “AUSGESEIGHNET!!!”….. (outstanding). I notice how the enemjy tries to come in &CANCEL my deliverance. BLESSINGS! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “SOUL TIES.” 04/15.

Perfect thank you! Ive always been thinking about stuff way to much and I felt like complete crap today and God brought this video to my recommend to watch. Its exactly what I needed! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON ‘SELF PITY’ VIDEO. 03/15.

Thank you for stepping forward and teaching. God will bless you. You are a blessing- be encouraged to continue teaching! Without a doubt, this is a vital and life saving ministry. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “DELIVERANCE TRAINING.” 03/15.

Go, brother Michael, go! Thank’s for your videos and greets from Germany 🙂 YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “PERSONALITY TEMPERAMENT.” 03/15.

I have to say it again brilliant teaching! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” 3/15.

Brilliant video’s Michael in uncovering the schemes off the enemy – Like yourself I’m miffed off! I didn’t know I had a demon for many years until I wore down it’s legal rights by fighting back! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO ‘THE SPIRIT WORLD’ PART II. 03/15.

Bless you brother Mike for your teachings! I have watched several of your videos and these have opened my spiritual eyes! Finally, I can now see where I have been deceived for many years, buying the lies of satan! God bless you and your Ministry! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “EPH. 1.” 02/15.

Awesome presentation! Looking forward to more presentations. You have helped me out a lot. May God bless you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “HOW THE SPIRIT WORLD OPERATES.” 02/15.

Mike, this message is from the heart of God, keep preaching these truths! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “WHY THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT WORK.” 02/15.

Thank you Brother Mike. I think you are very special to God! You make me laugh out loud and you convict me to cry and repent. Bless you for your courage and service to God. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BLESSING BLOCKERS.” 01/15.

Best teaching you will ever receive on overcoming the wiles of the devil! God Bless you Brother Mike! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MINISTERING TO THE MENTALLY ILL.” 01/15.

Amen! Truly an amazing message. COMMENT ON YOUTUBE VIDEO “HUMAN SEXUALITY.” 01/15.

Thank you so much again for showing me this! This is truly a life changing message. COMMENT ON YOUTUBE VIDEO “HUMAN SEXUALITY.” 01/15.

Thank you, sooo much. I can’t thank you enough for what you have helped me with and what you have helped me through. Thank you so much for working with me and being so patient and caring. I can’t thank you enough for what you allow the Lord to do through and with you. I see how you are helping and impacting so many lives. Bringing back REAL hope in this country. *:(( crying You are a rare find here in America. I know, I have searched, compared, and narrowed it down to your ministry. This ministry is a one of a kind, find. I can’t wait to come into your area to visit. Thank you JESUS CHRIST! Praise the FATHER! *:D big grinDon W./Tx./01/15.

You expressed my prayers for this ministry. May you all receive the same reward you’ve given us. Your ministry provides soul saving teachings free of charge. Words can’t express the way I feel. Glory. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “KUNDALINI SPIRITS” 01/15.

Bro Michael you are a great teacher. You have a great Ministry. I’m learning so much from your teachings. God bless you and your family. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “KUNDALINI SPIRITS.” 01/15.

Just found you all today. So glad I did. Can’t stop watching the videos. Learning alot. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “KOINONIA.” 12/14.

Hi Mike, I would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ and you for my deliverance. The very next day, I did not feel any lust waking up. Also, I do not feel as hungry as I used to after a meal. Right now, I’m working on the post-deliverance 12 steps. Eventually in the future, I would like to start doing deliverances. Jeremy G./New York/12-14.

FABULOUS, HOLY SPIRIT, FABULOUS! I give all the glory to You! I just released every sexual abuser in my past – online! God richly bless you Bro. Mike! This is perfect for me. This is perfect for me. First I hear the teaching – AND THEN COMES THE MIRACLES! More people have GOT to know about this ministry somehow. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “Women Healing Seminar.” 12/14.

I’m thankful for HOH and your videos. They are soul changing and interesting from a former psychology student. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “86400 Seconds a Day.” 12/14.

What an insightful, helpful & important message to receive. Thank you for clarifying 1 John 5:18, James 4:7. You’re so right, this is a war going on. I’d like to become a real soldier in this for God. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CHRISTIANS RECEIVE DEMONIC SPIRITS AND PUT UP WITH THEM.” 12/14.

My Dear brother: We are so immersed in the videos you sent us that we have not come up for air, they are so informative and contain so much information that we have found so useful and relevant to our direction. I wanted to thank you personally for you taking the time out of your already busy schedule to think of us enough to care that we receive correct information and in depth teaching. Bro. Little/Sis. Alice/N.C./12-14.

Excellent, excellent message! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BE HEALED OF FIBROMYALAGIA.” 12/14.

I really needed this vid today. Great encouragement for me which I need. I’ve had enough negativity and condemnnation. Need positive encouragement now. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “SATAN’S GREATEST WEAPON. PEOPLE.” 12/14.

Thank you so much for posting this wonderful lesson. May G-d bless you and your ministry! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “SOUL TIES.” 11/14.

Hi Mike, Thank you so much for the time you spent with our son. God is so good. All day he was in chronic pain with tight knots in his back. He has been suffering with this for several years. He shared with us that after you prayed all the knots
went away. Yesterday he was still knot free as well. He did share that his biggest problem was lying and he felt something had happened. We are just so thankful and truly believe this will be the beginning of break throughs in his life. He really needs it.
God is so faithful. Thank you for being a faithful servant of His. Blessings to you. Rita M./Phoenix/11/14.

Mike. Im thanking God…It has been my appointed time for deliverance…..I was secretly crying out for years. I am free at last…and clear in mind and pure thoughts. Keith I./Scotland/11-14.

Your teachings gave me such a deep knowledge an power to live in this decadent world. Sometimes as you say its hard to keep going and acting all the time as a son of God. I read many books and teachings such as from the elijah challenge and henry wright. I live between italy and romania and such teachings or words of knowledge are nowhere to be seen. Roberto R./Italy/11-14.

Your video’s on anxiety have DRAMATICALLY helped me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for what you have been called to do. YOUTUBE COMMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” 10/14.

Another great talk. Praise God I found your ministry, it seems to be medicine to the soul and sustenance to my spirit man. God has given you the gift of articulation and the ability to paint well a portrait of God’s message and yet simple enough for unbelievers to understand. Thanks and God bless you and your ministry. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ABSOLUTE TRUTH II.” 10/14.

I watched this video today for the first time and I wish I had watched this years ago because I have dealt with fear and anxiety bad thoughts for awhile now but it has picked up tremendously last 2 months. I feel as I cant get these demons out of me.BUT watching your videos comfort me Mike you are an amazing person I wish I could come out to AZ. To take in a service one day. I feel im geeting a little stonger each day mentally I keep watching your videos keep up the great work you do for the lord. Thanks again. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” 10/14.

Thank you soooooo much for these videos, I feel such peace come over my heart listening to you…. God bless don’t stop. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THURSDAY NIGHT PRAYER. UNCLEAN SPIRIT ROOTS.” 09/14

Eye opening and life changing thank you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION.” 08/14.

Hi Kelly. Thank you so very much. I’ve already listened to EVERY ONE of the podcast messages, some in fact over and over :). I thank God for this ministry and for you guys being so kind and willing to send me his MP3 messages. There is NO Pastor, Teacher even close to where I live that does what Bro. Mike does and this is heart breaking. Donations that my family and I send send will come though Paypal by credit card. Thank you for taking the time to send me Bro. Mikes podcast they are TRULY A BLESSING! Maria N./Clover SC/08/14.

You are preaching to nations!!!! I’m from England and yr ministry is delivering myself and my family, thankyou for being a disciple of the Lord. YOUTUBECOMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION” 08/14.

A great message. Praised the Lord! YOUTUBE COMMMENT ON VIDEO “GOD WILL PROVIDE.” 08/14.

Thanks for posting. I just subscribed to your channel! I have been listening to the messages on fear and anxiety. Thank you Jesus for your delivering power! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “STOP LETTING YOUR EMOTIONS RULE YOU.” 08/14.

Bro. Mike, Thank you so much for your wise and timely teaching. Last night you spoke about not repenting for the thoughts the Enemy puts in our minds, but rather to rebuke him and not accept the thought. Today, I experienced this principle for myself. The thoughts hurt my heart so badly that I was crying and as I was crying I was repenting for the thing that was hurting me so bad. Then your teaching came to mind and I rebuked the thoughts instead. Sure enough! The tears stopped and my countenance returned to being full of joy. The thoughts were not true to my character. 🙂 I thank God for your teachings and God’s confirmation in my life. Tamera/Livestream Viewer/08-14.

Bro Mike please be encouraged you are totally ministering the ‘Word’ of God! Thank-You to the utmost!!! Please be being blessed Mike! Please stay strong bro regardless of the facebook attacks! We love you man! Peace! Tracy E./Phoenix/08-14.

Awesome teaching! So true! I thank you almighty FATHER GOD for this teaching that will save many! GOD bless you, Michael and your ministry! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “BE HEALED OF FIBROMYALAGIA.” 07/14.

Praise report! I had you pray for my niece Tara who was having a hard time getting pregnant and I just found out that she is pregnant so thanks for your prayers! Please pray that the baby is healthy and that she has a good pregnancy! Karen D./Phoenix/2014.

We were down last Friday and my husband was very excited. Saturday morning for the first time in a long time he had his sense of smell back. I believe we are going to try to come down this Friday again. Janice F./Glendale, AZ/07/14.

I’ve had a total break through after watching the Women’s Healing Night video, plus my husband turned to Jesus! Thank you very much. Hazel B./Co./ 07-14.

Thank you for your videos, they have blessed me and i’m sure many others as well.It is clear that you are doing what God has called you to do, spreading his word and love .May God bless you and open. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “UNCLEAN SPIRITS. ROOT OF ADDICTION.” 06/14.

I just gained a lot of respect for you when you said that you didn’t know what the verse meant. Humility with such extensive knowledge. God bless you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CARNAL CHRISTIANS.” 06/14.

I watched your 2 hr 54 minute video on getting healed from rejection. I did not realize how all the problems I am wrestling with now stem from the demonic presence of rejection. You had so many insights, I filled 8 pages with notes – pretty unusual for me to even take notes during a sermon. Bless your ministry. Stephan G./MI/06-14.

After watching video Overcoming Rejection i felt certain power in me. In matter of facts I receive salvation now after praying and weeping to God. I was a sinner thro your video watch and teaching the lord touched me. Help me now to stand firm in salvation highway..looking to hear from you. Issac O/Nigeria/06-14.

Excellent teaching as always the Holy Spirit makes these teachings timely for my own deliverance. Many blessings to you and your ministry team. Technical feedback: excellent video clarity, audio able. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THE REALM OF THE SOUL.” 06/14.

How awesome our God is. I just got a check for $650. My rent! I watched the videos and repented just as if I was there in the meeting…I was delivered of the rejection. It Was amazing! Then, while watching Eph1….O.M.G!!! I had the m.o. of when stressed to the max, I’d go to pieces, screaming, crying, pacing, a total meltdown. Most unattractive. I had been doing that a lot in fear over my rent….Now, I AM FREE! You spoke out to someone, “The moment of terror”! Instantly, I was reliving a ‘freak out’ episode my mother had when I was maybe 4 or 5. That was my “moment of terror”! It is gone! “Peace, not as the world gives…”
God sent your ministry to me! Praise His Holy Name! Thank you, Gina W/Phoenix/06-14.

AWESOME video! Really opens the spiritual eyes to what’s REALLY going on behind the scene of being tormented and life just being too much. Appreciate your work to get the truth out there, Mike! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION.” 06/14.

Thank you so much. Big help. Now i truly understand whats been going on. I work during the night now but back then i couldn’t sleep because of anxiety. Now i know how to deal with it and sleep. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CAST OUT ANXIETY” 06/14.

This a great video and ministry if you have mental and spiritual issues and need a helping hand up and out of the corner that the devil has pushed you into! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MINISTER TO THE MENTALLY ILL.” 06/14.

I brought a few of my friends down to House of Healing last Friday night. Great seminar on truth and my 3 friends got some deliverance and 1 of them received healing in her back (she was taken off pain meds and was all hunched over and sweating) she was healed stretching and running the spot on her lung was removed and she forgave her dad. I didn’t get a chance to say hi to my awesome friends kelley and mike so much deliverance’s, healing, freedom that night going on at the house of healing. I would have to say one of my most favorite places to be in Arizona. Johanna L./Prescott/May 2014.

Wow! Very informative. I learned a lot and I’m so excited about it. Thank you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “RUN SATAN RAGGED.” 05/14.

As a married man I learned a lot and from most all of the seminars…..thank you…the audio and video was all spot on and allowed the viewer to focus on the message alone it is awesome…thank you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “WOMEN’S HEALING NIGHT” 05/14.

I am a frequent listener of your healing videos on YouTube. They have been such a blessing to me and to my mother. It helped me to overcome my fear and anxiety! I was caught in debilitating fear last year and emailed you, requesting for prayer for me and for my mom who was experiencing the same thing and for my dad who had cancer. He had surgery and the cancer is gone and my mom has improved vastly. Thank you so much for all the prayers and the healing videos, they are such a blessing! Wm. S./WV./May 2014.

Dear Bro Mike: I was introduced to your ministry by my fiancé Albert (Anguilla) and I must say thank God for him and for your ministry that has helped to transform my Christian life and way of thinking. My prayer request is for the healing of my eye that I may see without having to wear these glasses. I must confess that praying the prayers at the end of last Thursdays session was what I needed as I was willing to count the cost and release those who hurt me in my past now I have peace, thank God for you! Kinesha D./Phoenix/May 2014.

Dear Mike, My cousin Wayne R. lead me to you, and I just want to thank you for what you have done for him, and what you in turn have done for me. It is very refreshing to hear the gospel taught in a real and “in your face” way, the way I feel it should be taught. Having gone to many Christian churches, listening to you is like finally hearing the truth, especially when dealing with the enemy. Living in Boston, I follow you on YouTube and this web site, and hope to someday meet you when I visit my cousin. God Bless You.
Steve H./Boston/May 2014.

God is amazing. Every time I am dealing with an issue, you teach about it. The Holy Spirit wants us to be set free. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “GOD WILL MAKE A WAY.” 05/14.

This really hits home. Very good informative video. An eye opener. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION” 05/14.

Mike: I just wanted to do a quick report and to let you know how grateful my son (Jacob) and I are for what God has done for us through you and your ministry. I don’t know if you remember us or not, but last year Jacob (then 14 yrs old) and I came to visit you and you personally ministered to Jacob who was then suffering with severe anxiety and having constant anxiety attacks. He was at the time a new believer of just a few months. Aside from the deliverance he received, what you taught us enabled him to get completely free of the enemy’s oppression and bad thinking that enabled it. Rob J./Phoenix/2014.

Nice solid foundational teaching. Much better then the cnurchianity ‘stuff’ I’ve heard in the past that just meant to give listener goose bumps. I Thank the Lord Jesus for your teaching and anointing that has given me much deliverance and understanding; have more to go but this journey is by far from over…Take care. YOU TUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “EPH. 1.”

Brother Mike, Yesterday I was led to your Youtube video on the spirit of rejection. I had it minimized and was mostly listening to it as I was at work. I could identify with almost everything you said about having a spirit of rejection. At the end when you were doing the deliverance, I repeated the prayers and commands you were speaking and started retching at my desk and coughing. I actualy had to run to the bathroom to throw up. I belive I am free of the spirit of rejection that has plagued me since I was a little girl and has caused me to suffer depression, anxiety, low self esteem, failed relationships etc. I especially could identify when you said that when a person has the spirit of rejection, their real self is subdued and never comes to the fore. I have always felt, in my heart of hearts, that i was more than what the world knew of me. I praise God for what He is doing in my life. When i went home last evening, I had the best, sweetest, most restful sleep I have had in recent memory. Thank you for your ministry and may God increase you from glory to glory. Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya. Muthoni K. 04/14.

I’m so grateful the Lord led me to HOH. In 90 days so much has transpired in my actions, words, boldness,understanding of myself, friends and towards my oldest son who lives with me. A noticeable positive paradigm shift is happening with him as he talks about God, Jesus and his fears. I know from your cd’s it is rejection demons from trauma pregnancy and birth. I am surprised and thankful at the calm boldness I am experiencing now with him. I want prayer for the Lord to help him get to a Thursday nite prayer time- soon. Blessings. Sharon B./Phoenix/April 2014.

My husband and I watched the teaching last night. The way you teach makes this very simple to understand. Fear left along with a few others. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for your compassion for the captives. God bless. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” Mar. 2014.

What an anointed teaching. Thank You Holy Ghost! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “USHERING IN THE HOLY GHOST” Mar. 2014.


That was a great message brother Mike! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “AFFECTIONS.” Mar. 2014.

Your ministry is a blessing. I thank God for using people like you as his instruments. I’m so definitely sure that God has an incredible plan for you and your ministry! Thank You 🙂 YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “WHY NOT YOU?” Mar. 2014.

Bro. Mike, I’m sure you hear it all the time, but I want to tell you anyway. God is doing such an incredible work in the lives of my husband and me since our initial meeting with you. Besides my deliverance and healing, my husband was healed of chronic back pain and anxiety as soon as we entered HOH Friday night! 🙂 Also, God has been speaking to me through His Word, just as you prayed! Peace that passes understanding with unspeakable joy are truly evident in our home, lives, marriage… We are both so hungry for more and more and more. 🙂 Thank you for being God’s bondservant! We look forward to growing, learning, experiencing so much more. 🙂
Tamara T./Phoenix/Mar. 2014.

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I was freed from the Kundalini spirit this week and after watching and praying with you during the seminar on Friday. It all started earlier in the week, the Holy Spirit kept speaking to me saying “Kundalini” so I looked it up and didn’t think much of it because I really haven’t practiced Yoga or eastern meditation very much, however I have been entrenched in Charasmatic circles. Then a few days later I received your email that connected the two – WOW was I surprised. I would NEVER have know that I was filled with this spirit if the Lord hadn’t spoken to me and your ministry brought it to life. Victoria R./New York/Feb. 2014.

I am so thankfull that I found you! I believe this is a correct understanding of the Gospel. We need this healing for our life here in Roumania! We receive it through your work and perseverance… YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “KATHREN KUHLMAN.”

I just wanted to share. I was just watching your video ministries, and when I got to this one (anxiety disorders), the one where you point blank say “phobias are fake, they are a lie,” I stopped and a thought hit me, just like you said, my “phobias” I didn’t used to be afraid of, my “phobias” are actually things that I have loved in my past 30 years of living and have just recently become afraid of them, and when that clicked I literally started laughing uncontrollably and felt such a weight lifted from me. It would be like me sitting on my couch today, but being afraid of it tomorrow! LOL it makes no sense. They ARE fake, they ARE a lie. Now that I know this and everything else I learned from your video’s, I don’t feel hopeless anymore. I can’t stop smiling! God is amazing! Thank you for pointing me to the videos! Nikki J./Washington/Feb. 2014.

I think u r great! I have watched a lot of your teaching and it is highly recommended as an ex psychiatric nurse. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “GOD IS NOT MAD ANYMORE.” FEB. 2014.

Keith R. wrote: “Took time tonight to watch this and wow. Looking forward to watching more that I saw in your archives. I haven’t heard good foundational word like this since I was a kid. Very few churches talk about deliverance and being endued with the power of the Holy Ghost anymore. It’s a shame your church is over 1000 miles away. Anyway keep sending the word forth your making an impact here in Kentucky!” FACEBOOK COMMENT. FEB. 2014.

Pastor Mike, You Are An Amazing Teacher Bro! I Legitmatly Spoke In Tongues For The First Time In My Life! Your Teachings Are A Blessing To More People Than You Know! Greetings From Orlando, FL…And God Bless You! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CHARISMA.” FEB. 2014.

Thank you. I watched the lust video and received deliverance that evening…then my inferiority complex kicked in overdrive and wrote a dumb email to my boss and created havoc. I was lead to watch this video and will get deliverance tonight. Thank you for such excellent teachings. 30 yrs and no church has taught this. May the Lord lead me to fulfill his will for my life. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION.” FEB. 2014.

I thank Jesus for my deliverance on 1-7-14–so much has transpired in one month. “God isn’t mad at me anymore”
2-7-14- was outstanding for me. Thank You. Sharon B./Phoenix/Feb. 2014.

I have been listening to your teachings with my friend and got free from spirit of rejection..was really throwing up and stomach burning ..be blessed hope one day you will come to finland ..this country needs a lot of deliverance. Stephanie H./Finland/Feb. 2014.

Hello Mike, I don’t know if you remember me. My daughter Callie struggled with a congenital heart defect and DiGeorge for quite a long time. You prayed for her relentlessly. Callie was miraculously healed of necrotic bowel in 2007 and God continued to heal her bit by bit as the years went on. Callie received her full heart repair in 2010 and now thrives. She walks and talks and eats and even goes to school (third grade). I was just thinking of you recently and how much you have done for us during those years. I would love to send you a picture of her via email if that is possible or if you have a fb page, I could send it to you there. Anyway, I am glad to see your ministry thriving in Arizona. I wish we lived closer to you. God Bless you and please give my best to your lovely wife, Karen and Callie S./Florida/2014.

Mike, I attended Friday nights teaching about the Spirit of Heaviness–awesome teaching! I had to leave right when you were calling people to the front as my ride had been waiting on me. I have also been listening to the teachings and feel “lighter”. I look forward to enjoying more and changing my life for the best! Janet R./Phoenix/Jan. 2014.

Thank you for your ministry. I’m an American who has lived in Moscow, Russia for most of the past 22 years. (Came here as a missionary, but have been on the sidelines for more than 10 years after a “crisis” of faith.) Recently, the Lord directed me to you on YouTube and I’ve spent hours and hours listening to your teachings and going through the deliverance and healing sessions at the end. I’m seeing a positive difference in me and learning a lot that hopefully will benefits others. The Lord bless you! Since I listened to the rejection video and the Ephesians video (God’s love for me is a struggle) I have not taken any anxiety/depression medicine. This is so amazing. Barbara S./Jan. 2014.

God bless. I started watching you on you tube a few months ago. I have to say that your messages have really changed the way i see things now. Lisette S./Conn./Dec. 2013.

Hi Micheal, Donna Partow sent me your way a while back and you prayed for at one of your Wednesday night services. I have not had a migraine since. So thank you! Christina S./Phoenix/Dec. 2013.

Thank you for prayer for me! Last week I emailed you a prayer request to pray for healing from chrones disease taht I was diagnosed with about 10 years ago. You emailed me about the livestream seminar you were having last Friday night. How amazing is God that His timing is always perfect! I’ve been learning about deliverance and other truths never taught to me in the church this past year and your seminar opened my eyes to even more. Staci Z./Nov. 2013.

Thank you Holy Ghost. I am healed. My stomach was swollen and has flattened. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “WHY CHRISTIANS DON’T GET HEALED.” Nov. 2013.

Thank you for your messages and helping me. I think you have a very unique style of explaining thought patterns in relation to spirituality. I believe you are a true man of God. I hope more people come to learn of your work and practice for the lord. May the lord continue to bless your work you do for him:) Amber/Nov. 2013/Phoenix.

Such an anointed teaching at a time it was prayed for, what a blessing! God bless you, your ministry and family:) YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MEDITATION.” Nov. 2013.

Thank you for sharing this information. I have been fasting to get nearer to God. God bless you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MEDITATION.” Nov. 2013.

Man i love you brother this is game on God is good so good. Im so glad we have revelation bless you for your ministry may the Lord bless you and keep you may his light shine upon you may you rest in perfect peace among the land of the living! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “SPIRITUAL WARFARE.” Nov. 2013.

Great teaching on the difference between public and private Glossa. That passage in 1 Cor 14 used to confuse me. Very detailed and clearly taught. Thank you! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “UNHINDER YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS.” NOV. 2013.

By the way, you have a service on Youtube called Thursday Night Service and you talked a lot about the false self and the fantasy life people live in. It was dead accurate, such a good teaching. So true. When I listen to your teachings, I listen to the whole thing, even though they are over 2 hours, I listen to the whole thing and take notes and pray during the prayer session time at the end. I have found the teaching on Psalm 37 to be very helpful and the teachings on rejection too. I watch them over and over again. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “PSALMS 37.” NOV. 2013.

I just want to thank Hardcore Christianity for being willing to help people who need deliverance, for addressing an issue all of the church should be doing but isn’t. Shauna S./Divine Gifts Ministry/Phoenix/Nov. 2013.

I would like to thank you for your blessing. This is the first time in my life, i really know who i am. i had fears living in my mind all these years and a form of insecurity because i felt i was the only one in the world like me. These thoughts plagued me all my life until i went to your healing session. Something surely happened to me that night. I feel i was just released from a life sentance and for some reasom i have no more thoughts. I believe that part of my brain was dormant all my life and now all the doors in my mind are opened only to accecpt good thoughts. I seem to forgive everyone in the past. You told me forgive not just with words but in my heart. Now i really do. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity. I felt something that night that i never felt before and i know 100% it will stay with me all my life. Joseph S./Phoenix/Nov. 2013.

I really get a lot from your God given gifts and talents, because it exposes the hidden things or the things we take for granted . I was demonized for years because of soul travel and had a supernatural deliverance about 30 years ago . I returned to Jesus and the Adventure is ongoing. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “MINISTERING TO BACKSLIDERS.” 11/13.

This is this the most wonderful teaching I have heard on deliverance. I think I have a seducing spirit attacking my mind. I have suffered from crippling OCD, Anxiety and Fear for 20 years and I have not found anyone who understands or has been able to help me get set free. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” 10/13.

Thank you Mike for Friday night’s meeting I attended. You prayed over me and I was totally hit by the Holy Spirit while you were ministering, I remember feeling something leave out the body. I must have been out on the floor for a while. I did try to get up several times but it was like I was clued there. Apparently that’s where God wanted me. I still felt the Holy Spirit working on Saturday. Thank you it was needed! Ruth S./Phoenix/Oct. 2013.

I just wanted to say how blessed I am by your ministry via your Youtube Channel. I have learned so much and have been set free from many spirits, predominantly the spirit of rejection. I am so happy that I found your channel and ministry. Albeit a small donation, I plan on giving it once a month because I know this is good soil. Michael, you are something else man…I love how freely you share the anointing on your life…makes me want to do the same. It’s all about living free in Christ everyday! I am experiencing such freedom and loving every minute of it. God bless, and be encouraged, this ministry rocks! Israel M./NY/Oct. 2013.

All this week I have watched your teachings, been through several deliverances and delivered my daughter. We have been most blessed! Wow, she is 11 but she has enjoyed watching your teachings with me. She enjoys your humor and you have really reached her. She got angry with these spirits that were on her, she called them out, yelled at them and sent them packing! After deliverance, her whole attitude has improved, no longer rebellious or talking back, arguing etc. I had cancer at 24, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and CFS, I have battled abuse most of my life, anxiety, depression so many physical ailments, even though I was born again 3 years ago, I am now 42 and because of your help, I’m getting healed and delivered through this ministry, I feel peace and freedom like never before. I see the need for these messages and your teachings to spread, I have sent the link for your ministry to several people that I know need this help. Also because of help from you and Kelley, my dad has been healed and delivered the past few days. He was very ill and after talking to Kelley and watching your videos, Dad is doing so much better. Just wanted to share this with you, God bless, Karyn W./Wash./Oct. 2013.

My. I just wanted to say how blessed I am by your ministry via your Youtube Channel. I have learned so much and have been set free from many spirits, predominantly the spirit of rejection. I am so happy that I found your channel and ministry. Albeit a small donation, I plan on giving it once a month because I know this is good soil. Michael, you are something else man…I love how freely you share the anointing on your life…makes me want to do the same. It’s all about living free in Christ everyday! I am experiencing such freedom and loving every minute of it. God bless, and be encouraged, this ministry rocks! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION.” OCT. 2013.

Praise report! On Friday night I was delivered from fear I had lived with my whole life! Someone prayed over me and my husband for my womb because I’ve been unable to carry a baby. We left Friday night free and on fire for God and I asked God to give me a dream that night and when I slept I dreamt the deliverance was still going and in my dream. An evil spirit came out of my womb and I woke up from the dream and had been delivered in the physical. My womb/lower abdomen feels like it is super light and empty like something has left! Ever since Friday I find it much easier to breathe and can still feel the burden lifted! My sleep paralysis and nightmares are also gone. Thank you guys so much for your ministry! We are spreading the word and will return as soon as we can. We already plan to pray over some family members in the upcoming days. Thanks again! Praise God for His mercy! Much love. Taylor/Phoenix/Oct. 2013.

Dear Family in Christ, I just received back the gold ribbon cloths I sent to you for prayer. Please thank Michael Smith for them and all of you who prayed. The Lord healed my breathing as I slept with a cloth/ribbon on my chest….HALLELUJAH! I also sent two anointed cloths home with a friend who’s mother has lung cancer and who’s husband has COPD……So I am believing Abba for more miracles. I pray your healing ministry continues to flourish and that the Lord sends a deeper and more powerful healing anointing than you have ever known. My heart if full of Thanksgiving to Jesus and to you also. Love you all. Lynn/Washington State/Oct. 2013.

One of the best youtube channels for the Saint’s that I have ever seen. Great job and I do want to support this deliverance ministry. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “THE SPIRIT OF REJECTION.” 10/13.

This brother is a very gifted teacher and his teachings are brilliant. So happy the laughing lady did not ruin this message. I also love that this guy not only looks like Chandler of Friends but he dresses like him and acts like him too. He is easy to listen to and he teaches well. Great message. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “FEAR GOD” VIDEO. 10/13.

Hey I got this message and it worked! I have been battling to get off of Adderall (Methamphetamine) for years because of chronic fatigue, being bed ridden if I didn’t take it. I had been laying in bed for three days after I flushed them down the toilet. I found this message on youtube now I am out of bed, getting myself dressed, training for a marathon!! Yes Sir A MARATHON! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “STOP IT” TRAINING VIDEO. 10/13.

Life changing stuff. Thank you for sharing. Love this channel. Stay blessed. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “OVERCOMING REJECTION” VIDEO. 10/13.

Outstanding! How can one laugh and be convicted @ the same time? God bless you and I will stop it!!!!!!!!!YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “STOP IT” TEACHING. 10/13.

I love you brother! God bless you and thank you so much for this teaching! I have much more clarity on dealing with these nasty foul spirits now. Thank you sir! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “SPIRITUAL WARFARE.” 09/13.

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your teaching videos. Absolutely love them. They restore my faith and trust in God every time I listen. Please never stop uploading them, as I do not think I could tolerate living in the Phoenix heat! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON THE MINISTRY VIDEO TEACHING CHANNEL. 09/13.

“Disciples go to church looking for a fight…” Love it. This video should be seen by thousands. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “4 PARTS OF THE GREAT COMMISSION.” 09/13.

Empowering, thanks for posting this and all of your videos, have leaned so much from this channel. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “5 FOLD MINISTRY.” 09/13.

Mike: I’m sure you were aware of the gratitude of those present on Saturday in Tuba City, AZ at the Aglow Int’l. meeting you taught. You have brought the Light of truth to shine in our darkness. They stayed, shared a birthday treat, rejoicing. We have never felt so free or so at peace, they shared. Much had been lifted off their souls and bodies. The power point was so clear. We want to encourage the ladies to continue in their deliverance and healing when we are there the next two months. Joy M./Aglow Int’l./Prescott, AZ/08/13.

I was at the meeting where Mike was teaching about “AGAPE.” I went forward for prayer and told him my story, he prayed for me and then just held me in his arms for a while. I started crying like a baby because I just DESPERATELY needed a long hug. He let me go and started praying for other people but then he came back and just held me in his arms again and of course I started crying like a baby again. You have NO IDEA how badly I needed that. I am 50 years old and I have never been loved like that! Mike, you will never know what that meant to me, but I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for loving me! Doug W./Phoenix/Aug. 2013.

I thank the Heavenly Father for showing me this. Blessed! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON MEN’S SEMINAR VIDEO. 08/13.

Praise the Lord! I uncontrollably cried halfway through the video, somehow perceiving more deeply the Father’s love. It’s weird how mentally i knew it but emotionally seems like a part of me won’t believe it…Thank You Lord! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “OVERCOMING REJECTION SPIRITS.” 08/13.

I feel Amazing after our session! A moment full of tears. Tongues all day and b4 bed 🙂 It was so awesome. The Holy Spirit was so present in me. I just feel like a entire different person. I am just so thankful for your time with me and your obedience to God. I also read 1 cor 14! Today I will be reading and singing in Tongues 🙂 I feel so blessed and thankful for your time. Lisa R./Costa Mesa, CA/Aug.2013.

This message is a gold mine. Thank you! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “CHRISTIANS RECEIVE DEMONIC SPIRITS.” 08/13.

Hello! I came to your women’s seminar. It was a new and terrifying experience for me. I stood up when you called us to the front to be healed from sexual abuse, but was afraid of anyone laying hands on me. A women fell on me, I had never seen that happen and it scared me more. I sat down without being prayed for. I thought a lot of the women were being dramatic and I thought it was weird. I sat alone and prayed to God. Begged Him to show me if the experience was real. Begged Him to take things out of me. I started vomiting, and felt God taking the darkness from me. People surrounded me and prayed for me. For hours (at least it felt that long) I was crying and shaking. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with epilepsy. It’s been a very hard thing to live with. That night at the seminar, they were praying it off of me. I went home and didn’t take my medication. Haven’t taken it since before that night. I haven’t had a seizure of any type! Praise God! Thank you for what you do, for listening to God and making miracles happen in His name! Nikki B./Phoenix/July 2013.

Hi. I wanted to send in a praise report. This is Andrea and about a month ago I ASKED YOU TO PRAY FOR THE MAMMON IN MY LIFE. I want to let you know that I was delivered while you prayed for me live and was watching on Livestream. I was healed from this and we have been able to move houses, save some money and be set free from the worries we have had. But the real blessing is that my walk with Jesus feels closer & cleaner (I do not feel so ashamed in his presence) I also asked you to pray for my husband and he was able to speak truth to me for the first time instead of hiding behind religiousness. Thank you for your great Godly ministry and your commitment to Christ. Bless you all. Andrea H./Livestream listener/N.Z./07, 2013.

Very informative! I watch all your videos thank you so much. Please continue to do what u do. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “SPIRITUAL WARFARE. LIVE OR DIE.” 07/13.

I just wanted to thank you again brother! This meeting at the Blessing House changed me and my family’s lives forever. I am going after this with all my being.
I love you Bro! Bryan C./MN/06/13.

Thank you so much for this teaching! You are such a blessing and a Saint for all the work you do to save & deliver our fellow brothers & sisters. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “DEMON OF REJECTION” VIDEO. 06/13.

You made me realize I need to trust in GOD more and know that HE can heal my social anxiety. Thank you. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON VIDEO “ANXIETY DISORDERS.” 06/13.

Gente…tremenda explicacao!!! Wonderful explanation!!! Thank you pastor! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “CONFESSION. THE FUEL OF THE SPIRIT WORLD.” 06/13.

This is the best video and explanation I have ever heard about “what your suppose to be doing as a minister of the gospel” short, simple, and backed up with verses! Gotta love my old head brother mike lol God bless. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “DELIVERANCE TRAINING” VIDEO. 05/13.

I love listening to your videos, I can tell the info. given is out of pure love. The sound at 1:10 was so beautiful I had tears just running down my face. God bless you! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON PRESCOTT SEMINAR VIDEO. 05/13.

Michael, I brought my 10 year old to your service on Friday for the first time. I had a lot of marriage problems when pregnant and her dad left me when she was 6 weeks old. She has always been a great kid but very jealous and often mean to her little sister. She also saw a counselor at school for a few months. She was a bit scared at the service, so a couple people prayed over her. I was glad you and a couple people prayed again. She ended up receiving the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. She didn’t know what either was before it happened to her. All weekend she was singing in tongues, playing well with her little sister, and being very loving. You don’t have to have severe problems to receive amazing help from HOH. Thank you! Chandra F./Peoria, AZ/May 2013.

WOW! Im a born again christian n been wondering why I still had negative thoughts and emotions. Living that way is horrible n been praying for answers n finally ran into ur channel n found this. May the Lord forever bless u for sharing. YOUTUBE COMMENT “CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE. HEALING WOUNDS” 05/13.

Absolutely OUTSTANDING teaching! Most approach the subject with the idea of throw enough mud at the wall and some will stick. Yours is very down to earth, it makes strong points and takes time to explain and teach. YOUTUBE COMMENT “CHURCH DEMONS: THE KUNDALINI.” 05/13.

AWESOME TEACHING! I use the very same points and explanations as I teach my classes. Your information is compiled differently and on a different subject, But it is used and presented in a very coherent manner that makes the important points stand out. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “CHURCH DEMONS: THE KUNDALINI.” 05/13.

You are sooo right! I work with the mentally ill daily. I can tell you that every one of them believe ‘lies’ as if they are absolutely the truth. And because of this, they live in constant fear. Thank you for this message. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “MINISTERING TO THE MENTALLY ILL.” 05/13.

One of the best Christian channels on YT. YOU TUBE COMMENT. 04/13.

What a powerful teaching, what a revelation brother Mike! God bless you for all these great videos you put out. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “FEAR: HOW SATAN CONTROLS THE HUMAN MIND.” 04/13.

I just watched a you tube video you done. Your such a Blessing. My God use you more & protect you. Donald B./UK/April/2013.

Ding, ding, ding!!! You have hit the nail on the head!! Thanks so much. I will try and call you again. I don’t know if I can do self deliverance, but live in the Pacific Northwest. I did download your recipe. I’ll try to call again. Thanks. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “EMOTIONAL & SEXUAL ABUSE” TEACHING. 04/13.

I like your videos. Very informative. I have been trying to catch as many as I can. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “TEMPTATION” TEACHING. 04/13.

Mike & Ron, I was there Friday night with my best childhood friend. I knew I had a demon. I had organized the trip and dragged my friend along. When the deliverance meeting started I WANTED TO LEAVE SO BADLY. After the deliverance I felt so free and so focused on the Lord and serving Him, its blowing my mind. Even still, i understand that I may need more deliverance and I’m following the outline in James (from Plano Spirits) to choke out all the stragglers, through obedience and complete submission to the Lord. I am still processing everything. Its beautiful. I can’t thank you enough. I’m very very very grateful to you. This never would have happened if you hadn’t given your lives to God’s work. I’m leaving a lot out but I just want you guys to know how grateful I am. May God Keep Blessing you with tons of blessings! You guys are always in my prayers. Tino M./Phoenix/April 2013.

Thanks for clearing this up! It sounded exciting to me, but I’m definitely not gonna touch this stuff. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “ASTRAL PROJECTION” TEACHING. 04/13.

These messages are just awesome!!! Everything I need to hear that’s helping me with my anxiety issues. Praise the LORD!!! 🙂 YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “MINISTERING TO THE MENTALLY ILL” VIDEO. 04/13.

Bro. Mike. Oh praise God for your obedience and the other team members. So many more praises. Keep teaching. People are learning! I love you and your beautiful wife and kelly, marykay, earl oooh soooo much…. I love everybody. God is sooooo Good! Rachel G./Palm Desert, CA/Mar. 2013.

This is probably the best message ever spoken in the world… I’ve literally been experiencing mostly every thing this man has said… The whole world needs to see this video because its all true! May God Bless everyone. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “ANXIETY DISORDERS” TEACHING. 04/13.

Dear Pastor Mike: Your ministry is so amazing! Anytime we are struggling with something, we come to you. We know you have the skill to get us back where we need be. Whether its fear, rejection, etc. we are better because the Lord uses your anointing to deliver! We do and will always send people your way. People in ministry have to be clean before they minister to others. Most of he time they have no idea they are struggling with something like that. You set them free with the anointing the Lord has given you and they are back on the path to do God’s will. Then, you are bringing those that never knew Christ to a freedom from drugs and a life of pain to a life of renewal. So, I had put you my list because I considered you important in my life. I pray God continues to use you and you get to see the harvest for all you have sown into! Thank you for your ministry and the hundreds and maybe thousands you have helped! Janet S./Phoenix/March 2013.

Brother Mike: You have been such an incredible teacher. Because of your teaching I have been able to rid myself of a demon that would latch onto my throat and cause me to choke. This infection lasted almost a year until I heard one of your teachings on the radio and taking your advice-I was able to cast out the demon and I was immediately set free and could swallow again. Bryan and I look forward to complete freedom from these spirits and demons in our lives. Kelly S./Phoenix/March 2013.

I liked the message. Made a lot of sense to me. I am trying to find a way out of the old way and find a new good way. Thank you so much, I needed to hear this and I plan on checking out your other videos;) Have a wondermous day. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “CHRISTIANS RECEIVE & PUT UP WITH DEMONS” TEACHING. 03/13.

I would like to receive some help in my life. I’ve been doing things on my own but would really like HELP with whats being ailing me. I watched your video ministering to the mentally ill on youtube. I was having deep rooted fears that day & I came across your video & I was really set free in many ways! That video was awesome, actually incredible….I’m actually watching “Don’t Despair. Help is on the Way!” as I type. There’s just a few people that I’ve heard ministering that really give the word so clear & straight. You & Andrew Wommack..& I thank God for that! Blessings to you! Liberty R./Kansas/Mar. 2013.

I am so encouraged! I’ve been glued to YouTube watching your teachings! Thank you all or your faithfulness! Love in Jesus! Catherine P./Phoenix/Mar. 2013.

Debbie and I were at the House of Healing last Thur and Fri nights. On Thur. I was delivered from a spiritual wife and transfer spirits. On Friday night you saw what Debbie was delivered from, what an incredible move of the deliverance and healing power of the blood of Yahsuha! Wow, we both have received a great miracle of deliverance and healing! Our lives have been transformed. We came back to El Paso on Sunday, blessed and annointed both of our homes with oil and did spiritual battle and deliverance from demonic spirits over our homes and lives in El Paso. We stayed with my sister Kelly and her husband Bryan while in Phoenix, they were amazed as well to the transformation they have seen in Debbie. I know that our lives have been transformed and we have had a great breakthrough by the Blood of Yahsuha. We will keep on our armor and will be renewed each day by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your Ministry and the people there, please share this with Kelly and Mary Kay. Bud B./El Paso/Mar. 2013.

I’m so glad to have found this video. I’ve been looking and looking for a study on the armor of God..not just a video of the verses. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “TAKE ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD” VIDEO. 03/13.

“My jawbone always felt tight and locked up. I Prayed about all week with the Lord and he revealed to me it was fear spirits that caused the sensation and pain. I was healed by Jesus tonight at House of Healing… Amen!” Valerie H./Phoenix/Mar. 2013.

Brother Mike, Just wanted to let you know the answer to a question you asked me a couple weeks ago. Let me know if your tongue language changes, it did a little then, but after prayer on Friday night it is flowing and no longer choppy or hard to do. Thank you for your ministry. I praise God for you! Tanya F./Phoenix/Mar. 2013.

I’m so thankfull to God for your ministry and for making us part of it. Blessings Pastor see you tomorrow at AX29. Ana P./Chandler/Mar. 2013.

“Father God thank you for brother Mike & the House of Healing. Bless him and his ministry Amen. I am healed for 2 years now. The Holy Spirit & Truth is there every time, in brother Mike’ s bible study’s. If you stay after, you walk into The Miraculous!” Helen F./Phoenix/Mar. 2013.

Thanks to all of you, it is so wonderful to have the quality of people u have working there. I feel so good that I can send my precious husband there & reap the rewards of a surrendered life, getting closer to what our Jesus has 4 us. Thank u for this unique & much needed ministry. Lauren H./Phoenix/Feb. 2013

Hi Brother Mike, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful teaching last Friday evening and for the deliverance service and I am thankful that I was able to attend. It helped me alot! I will be submitting a prayer request in for a friend of mine through the website—he needs much prayer! Again, thank you for all that you do and God Bless! Janel R./Chandler/Feb. 2013.

I just heard a praise report from my friend Faith, who was healed of long term depression this last Friday night at the House of Healing. She’s doing great! Praise God! Three weeks ago our friends were healed, one from cancer the other from years of bitterness. Our friend with cancer was prepared to die. Now she’s excited to live! This Friday I’m bringing my sister in law and niece from CA. …My brother in law has been seriously depressed and on meds for over 1 1/2 years. The whole family is suffering. Please pray! I love this ministry and how the Lord keeps putting people on my heart to invite. The best part is seeing them respond, get healed and be set free. Thanks to Mike, Karen, and everyone on the ministry team! Patty G./Chandler/Feb. 2013.

I am so thankful to have found your ministry! There are so many people who don’t even get it. I suffered with mental illness and was in a hospital for 2 months. I was delivered and I know I can cast out demons inside of me on my own so I did in Jesus name and by the blood of Jesus. The Kundalini left me and before coming to the deliverence service I was unaware of what that actually was. Also when casting out demons, I now know to use my authority in Christ to command them to leave and leave stuff alone too because they can manifest in things. Jesus protects us Praise God! Sandy A./Phoenix/Jan./2013.

Hey there Mike, thank your for taking time to help me and my sister today. We are very thankful for this ministry and how it has taught us ways of freedom and growth. I have been interested for several years of this type of ministry. Glad and most thankful of any stumbling blocks have been removed. I am so thankful for you and your teams dedication obedience and love to Father God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I do feel good and so does margaret. I learned to use tongues with more authority that was interesting, kinda cool. So i can have joy in tongues, sing and be firm and demanding with them. I want to thank you from the purest love in me for your time and marykays time today it was priceless. God Bless and Grace be with you. God is everything that is good and perfect. My cup overflows. Joanne L./Prescott/Jan./2013.

Praise God. I’m so happy I found you all. I don’t believe it was by accident. I am now learning of Kundalini and how it is deceiving people. Never even heard of it before I just think it is awesome how last week I was at the deliverence ministry and got set free all week. The renewing of my mind happened, I mean it really happened. Veil was set loose… Sandy A./Phoenix/Jan./2013.

I went to the deliverance meeting last night and it was great. If I can get a babysitter I will be back for more meetings and the praise and worship meetings. It is freeing to know that my children are in God’s hands, because I was wearing myself out trying to protect their souls when only Christ can do that! I teach them they way and they know who Jesus is and the Holy Spirit, we go to church every week. I am craving more and I really would like to grow and be a disciple of Jesus. I felt like I had some freedom from last night and I spoke with Earl and he spoke to me about some things I need to let go that I have been holding on to. Praise Jesus. I love this place. Thanks so much! Sandy A./Phoenix/01-13

Post Traumatic Stress Demons! Great video Bro. Mike. Keep doing what your doing. That third of Jesus ministry the church ignores! God bless you! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “PTSD” VIDEO. 12/12.

I watched your youtube video about miracles without doubt. It really helped. I’m in the process of renewing my mind to the word of God and I am stepping out in praying for people’s healing (A Chat healing website) and I’m going to frequent the market place. Blessings, Curt S./Maine/12-31.

Merry Christmas! Thank you for being with me and helping me this past year. You were a very big help. You have ministered to me so much and been a tremendous blessing. I pray God bless you all the more in the new year. May he bless you and keep you. May he make his face to shine upon you. May he multiply every blessing to you. Greg P./Oklahoma/12/12.

I had a look through some of your online videos… some REALLY solid content there, with the much needed focus on repentance. Mike, this teaching is what needs to be in every church. The enemy has done quite a job at ridding the church of it. We’ve done some research into the early church (post Acts), and its surprising the documentation available that shows the church heavily involved taking every new convert through a deliverance process (lasting up to a year) before they even let them in the church! Wow.. have things changed! Steve B./Phillipines/12/12.

This was soooo gooood! The devil tried to get me so distracted, it was hard to resist and stay focused. His stategies were finally brougt to light in this video. No wonder I never get rid of the demons. Woow..very very good tools. Thank you! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “MINISTERING TO THE MENTALLY ILL” VIDEO. 12/12

This is working for me. Praise God alone! I wanted to say thank you for all the videos. I’ve been practicing this overnight on my minor ailments and its working! I was in shock most of the night! God Bless! YOUTUBE COMMENT ON “PISTIS” FAITH VIDEO. 12/12

Thank you so much! The Lord led me to view your video teaching on anxiety on you tube and it helped me alot. God bless you for sharing! I posted it on Facebook and there is already big interest in this. I knew it would help somebody, thank you. I will check out your other videos. YOUTUBE COMMENT ON ANXIETY DISORDER VIDEO. 12/12

AX29 was off the hook tonight. A lady was prayed for by Mike Smith and got out of her wheel chair and started walking and pushed her own wheel chair around, she also took the neck brace she was wearing, healing healing healing! God is moving there because its a united movement representing different ministries, gifting’s and anointing. Steve Sanchez, The Steve Sanchez Show, KXXT Radio, Phoenix/11-12.

Hello Mike,
Thank you for ALL you do each week for people to be set free. You helped me become free of a fear demon a few months ago and have helped my kids get rid of the same demon. It has truly been a blessing. I have written a book recently and am in the final edit stages. I mentioned you and your ministry in my book. One of the ladies doing the edit suggested that I ask your permission to use your name and ministry name. I have learned SO MUCH from your teaching and have not found anyone who teaches on the demonic like you do. Thank you for being so straight forward in your experiences and the truth about the unseen realm. I have brought many people to your services including my mom. She flew in from Texas to go there last March. She had problems with all the electrical devises that everyone carries…cell phone, wireless equipment, etc. When you prayed with her, you found out that she had a spirit of rejection from a divorce 25 yrs ago. The demon came out and she has been healed ever since. Thank you again! Debbie H./Phoenix/Nov. 2012.

This was a significant event for me, life-changing. I’ve been praying in tongues since last night. In fact, when I got home, I prayed over the entire house, Ben, the dogs, everything. Also at work today, whenever I can. I already know who wins the ultimate war, but last night I felt I left the battlefield victorious! I was honored to witness Dennis’ healing. I still get goosebumps thinking about watching him take those steps! Thank you so much for including me Debbie. Thank you Mike and Karen! God bless all of you! Cheryl S./Phoenix/Nov. 2012

Thank you Mike. Last night we attended the women (Mary Kay and Kelly) who prayed and were very annointed and took authority over the devil and he has been defeated. We just finished up a bible study and we are newly refreshed in Christ. Thank you so much. We hope to make it to one of your services real soon. Thank you again. Awesome powerful ministry. Ann S./Phoenix/Nov. 2012.

Brother Mike, I was watching one of the teachings and then I watched the deliverance service and I was following it like a live service and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so thick and my son (Philip and he is 17) was just laying in bed just watching with me. I had more deliverance and these noises coming out of my stomach almost belching then I vomited blood (Witchcraft stuff) and some more and felt so much better. Also my son started to yawn and repeat after you…oh we had a good Holy Spirit encounter. I feel so good and so much lighter. I can not wait to log in to tonite’s service. Thank you brother Mike. You are a heavy General in God’s army. Much respect and Agape, Helen N./Canada/Oct. 2012.

Hello Mike. This is Peter. I want you to know that last night I went on Livestream. I did feel something weird and I don’t really know much about what you do but it works. Thank you so much. Peter G./Phoenix/Oct. 2012.

Came across your website: Anyone teaching/ministering deliverance is OK with me and I know with the Almighty, looks like a very credible work. One of the most needed ministries today. God Bless! Rev. Joseph R./Sugarland, TX./Sept. 2012.

Hi, Mike & Karen! I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I am doing really well & to thank you again for getting me started down this really good road. I’m now 150 lbs down & I am strong and healthy. God has been really good to me & my bouts of depression and self-destruction are few and far between now. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. Amy M./Flagstaff/Sept. 2012.

Brother Mike, I really like that you are doing these seminars every Friday. It is such a nice way to end the week and enjoy your a teaching. I would like to serve there wherever is needed if you could just let me know what is needed. Debbie D./Mesa, AZ./Sept. 2012.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Jesus for Mike! Your encouraging words are such a gift and a powerful tool against the enemy! Last week my x-muslim bro in law on the phone said he feels better when he goes on Fridays. I told him to go. He doesn’t want to go by himself. I told him Mike loves you. He said, I know….God is soooooo BIG! Rachel G./San Diago/Sept. 2012

Had a lady healed of TMJ tonight INSTANTANEOUSLY when Michael W. Smith prayed for her … the pain that had tormented her for days was GONE. TBN host & national evangelist with AX29/Joshua Feuerstein/Phoenix/Aug. 2012.

Bro. Mike. Yes, I was at the service last week. Bless you. I was so blessed last Friday. Words cannot express! Janet T./Phoenix/Aug. 2012

I am exceptionally pleased to see an active deliverence ministry such as Hardcore Christianity opperatiing in our inner city. I have seen few ministorial efforts in this area. “But for such a time as this…..” The ministry has brought back an awareness of opposing spiritual forces that seemed to have disippated into, the nice tolerance of the non-offensive church body, so to speak. Delivering and equipping His people with the truth for His name sake. I commend Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Smith and Staff Associations for bringing clarity to the front line. Love you and your ministry, Dana A./Phoenix/Aug. 2012.

LOVE your new website! It is so informative …. can’t wait to listen to all your past teachings that is now available for me online ….. you are one of the best teachers …. so right on with what afflicts the world! The Lord bless your ministry mightily …. you are so needed, Bro Mike! I hope and pray that the Lord can use me to minister to the demon afflicted and possessed if they don’t know the Lord …. even half as much as He uses you! Being diagnosed as bi-polar and having all the classic symptoms of that lie …. I can truly go to the afflicted and say, “been there done that …. I know what you are going thru .. let me now help YOU!!!!” and give God ALL THE GLORY! Katalin H./Phoenix/Aug. 2012.

Thank you for your reply and I also thank you for your teachings. Since attending your teachings in Arizona and getting delivered, I came home wanting to seek the Lord a lot more, its a privilege serving him and I’m enjoying the journey. Thank the Lord and thank you Mike for teaching us the true Gospel. Iris A./Sydney, AU./Aug. 2012

Bro. Mike: WOW! I came calm and came to the service expecting to receive something. I am very joyful today…..Praise Jesus!! Bottom line…Is that I am not feeling the “guilt” feeling I had and I am free of feelings of “depression” today. For the first time in a long time I have motivation to get stuff done around the house and in my office. I have an overwhelming desire to “clean.” My mind seems so much clearer and I had no stuffy nose upon waking as I have since I moved here last year from Florida. Driving to the service last night I was quoting Jeremiah 29:11. Satan was trying to prevent me from going…I almost had 3 accidents and a weird worker at Wendy’s made a crude comment to me thinking he was funny. Praise God …I understood what was going on. Thanks again, Mike. Please keep me in your prayers and thank your wife for being so wonderful and encouraging to me on the phone. Beverly E./Phoenix/Aug. 2012.

Thank you for your service two Sundays ago….. I have felt lighter and enpowered! I brought a friend who I thought needed ministry, but to my suprise the Lord moved in on my heart! As I looked on your site, I noticed the scripture you had…. “they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of thier testimony..” I use to speak on occasions in Maine where I’m from…. and that was why….. I’m not a speaker, I’m a testifyer! And yes, an OVERCOMER! Thank you for your ministry! I was uncomfortable with some things at the deliverance service…. it’s been a while that I’ve been out of my comfort zone, but I have found that’s the exact place I need to be! I’ll be back to visit…. I feel very strongly your ministry has keys for my life… I’m moving forward, the tides are turing and the warmth is turing to intense heat once again! Blessings! Lisa M./Phoenix/Aug. 2012.

Good morning Brother Mike, It has been a week since I visited your ministry in Phoenix and experienced deliverance. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much – for your ministry, for honoring the call that God has given you and for being a faithful steward of the Word. You said I could call or email – so I’m emailing. First of all I’m so CURIOUS about your ministry and how you came to it. I wish I could get to Phoenix again and hear your story, and how God has spoken to you. Who knows how or when that would happen? Karen B./Chicago/July 2012

So proud to be a friend of Michael W. Smith! This man is a Holy Ghost filled, Kingdom empowered, preacher and devil chaser! TBN host & national evangelist Joshua Feuerstein/Phoenix/June 2012.

Brother! Thank you for the opportunity of an unforgettable children’s healing service last night. I am so grateful to you, for you. Interesting teaching tonight. I released my husband last night to the Lord in tears and sorrow and had a weight lifted just as you mentioned. What love of truth and the power of God you have. I have the bow line tugging at me with my husband but I am letting God deal with it. I want every ounce of HOH, the gifts, the servant’s heart, sacrifice, trials as I know I can handle. Thank you. Bless you and your family. Love you. Kelly B./Phoenix/June 2012

Hello Brother Mike, I wanted to let you know what happened to me. It is SO exciting. A few years ago, my girls and I were diagnosed with gluten intolerance. We had to totally change our diet and could not eat wheat, which is in almost everything. It was hard to do, especially for my girls still being school age and having parties and different foods at school. We worked through it. Then, I came to The House of Healing to bring a friend. While I was there, you pointed out to me that I had a spirit of fear. With your help, I got delivered and freed. Praise God. The next night I went to a formal dinner and all they were serving was wheat filled foods. I ate it and had NO SIDE EFFECTS. I had heard that gluten and spirit of fear were related and they ARE!!! I was totally healed from that intolerance. The next week, I brought my two daughters to the House of Healing and they got freed of fear as well. Now, we are happily all eating wheat again. Thank you so much for going against the regular flow of the “church people” and standing up and doing what Jesus has called ALL of us to do. May many blessings be given to you and your family. Blessings, Debbie H./Phoenix/May 2012

Good Morning Mike and Karen, I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my Spirit filled heart!!! I am so grateful, I am so thankful for what you do in your ministry. I am truly a new person in Christ!!! I am in the word, read through eveything you gave me yesterday. Looked up the verses and will continue to burn those words into my heart. I pray your travels went well yeterday and that you had an awesome experience last night. Thank you again, I am humbled. Thank you for all you do for the sick and hurting people. Our tithe will continue to the cause of your ministry. We love you! Joy R. /Phoenix/May 2012

Praise God Brother Mike! I was delivered this morning! I wished I had read your page earlier to prepare for what was happening. Oh did I get ATTACKED yesterday throughout the entire day & even by my own husband. How many opportunities were present to go backwards. When I got home from your service Sunday night, I had a horrific pain that was behind my belly button and told my husband I was going to throw up. I have not had a hunger for food since Friday and this was not pains of hunger. My hunger for food is gone and still gone. I was in the Word all day Monday, had a coughing spell in the bank, threw up again and went out to my truck in the parking lot, put the seat down and just started rebuking Satan. I had a visitor who came at 2:40 am this morning and felt my hair being pulled up from the back of my neck and thought “it” was going to come through me in my ear. It startled me, not frightened me and I immediately got into the Word and again casting out IN TONGUES. I never knew I could be so hungry for God’s Word and love. I thank you for providing us the opportunity to grow in Christ and Pistis. I downloaded the Post Deliverance which am in. Halleluah!
Kelly B./Phoenix/May 2012

Good Day Brother! I am still “tingly” all over in a very giddy way (like a child!) …What an AWESOME and in awe feeling that I can honestly say I have never had the pleasure of sensing but not in the usual “sensory feel”! My head is filled with “something” in a good way. I cannot even describe it. WHAT A GIFT TO LIFE YOU ARE!! Thank you from all of my regenerated heart. Kelley B./Phoenix/May 2012

Hi Bro. Mike, I really appreciate your ministry and love your teachings. God has freed me from many demons as a result of your ministry! Thanks for praying for me last week, it helped alot. Since fear and anxiety were cast out I have been sleeping well and the knot is gone from my stomach. I am excited to watch your seminar tonight. Be blessed as You get out the truth about deliverance. Blessings. Rafe R., MN./Apr. 2012

Keep me on the email Newsletter list. You minister in most ways that other christian groups don’t do anymore due to trying to please man and being politically correct, instead of being Biblical! Carl C. /California/Apr. 2012

Dear Brother Mike,
Thank you for counselling and praying for me. There is so much that has changed in me since that time, that I am very grateful for. Ruth E./Phoenix Apr. 2012

Hello, I know you are at the Epicenter on Friday night. Will you still be doing group deliverance? I have some relatives in town that need it and want it. Please let me know. I have been delivered recently as well as my two girls. It is awesome what you do. Praise Jesus. Blessings, Debbie H./Phoenix/Mar. 2012

Bro. Mike: First, thank you for your ministry. My husband, Greg and I have been delivered and blessed from your teaching through the Holly Spirit. On our first visit my husband was delivered from 30 + years of smoking. Not only was he healed he has no rememberence of smoking! Praise God! I have been self delivered from many spirits (so many). We brought our friend Lorita and she was delivered from hate demons and sexual demons she had from years of sexual abuse from her father. Amazing!
Susan K./Phoenix/February 2012

Hello; I won’t be coming to AZ. I have been doing the self-deliverance off your web site and it’s had made a huge difference. I have been shutting off the tv at night and turning on the worship music and going thru all the steps you listed. Thank you. I sense God’s presence more than ever and a lot of the depression has lifted. I need to work on my marriage before it’s too late. Tthanks for everything, Steve C. (Washington/Feb. 2012)

WOW! Man of God, Thank you for your obedience, regarding answering the call on your life. This ministry is Amazing, Called, Set Apart and Availible for Gods people. WOW. I applaud you, your wife and your staff. When my daughters speech comes in all the way clear I hope she can come thank you all personally. One of the gentleman (the tallest man there) put me in the mind of a angel and my daughter really liked him. I listened to all the prayer that were prayed over her and he said something profound …… My daughter’s vocal cords are being released. I want you all to know Simone, age 6, has been saying VICTORY! So stay super duper encouraged and we look forward to seeing you soon. My husband is coming to get his healing. Latasha. Phoenix, AZ. Jan. 2012

I wanted to give you a “Praise Report”. After you prayed for me at that Sunday night service about a month ago…I was instantly healed and delivered from that heaviness on my chest, the onslaught of thoughts that we attacking my mind and I was delivered from the spirit of fear. I haven’t had it since then. Praise the Lord. Thank you for your ministry. I pray the Lord bless and continue to use you in a mighty way! Linda C./MN./Dec 2011

After giving financially to the Ministry of HOH Hardcore Christianity, I seen my personal business almost double in just one month. I truly believe that God has a special anointing on tithes and offerings that are given joyfully to such ministries that Destroy the Works of the Devil – 1 John 3:8, Peter V./Phoenix/Nov. 2011

PRAISE REPORT! My friend in Phoenix had your program on and the little demons in her house got upset. The electric went off and she started throwing up. The mother and the son in the house all started screaming at each other, the dog tripped over the cat little box. SHE WANTS TO LISTEN TO YOUR RADIO PROGRAM AGAIN! Praise the Lord. Merry M./Alaska/Aug./2011

Hello There! I have not forgotten you guys. I am doing wonderful at my church as part of the Alter & Healing team. I cannot forget the valuable information your ministry has given me. I am very grateful to the Lord for the wisdom and knowledge. I am very busy and heavily involved in my church, Victory Worship Center (A/G) in Tucson , Az. From time to time I refer people to your services. I thought I would let you know I am doing wonderful in the Lord. Nathan, Sells, AZ./Aug. 2011

THANK YOU, GOD BLESS AND JOHN 9:4 Mark S., July/2011

Hi Mike,
My husband Bob and I would like to register for your next seminar on June 24. Thank you. Blessings in Christ Jesus, Mike. I praise God for your heart and zeal to bring healing and wholeness to the body of Christ. Indeed, there are so many hurting people in the body of Christ, and their pain grabs God’s heart, and His heart grabs yours with His love and compassion…..for He knows He can trust you to be His hands and heart to touch His hurting sheep. It’s Christ in you, the hope of glory. Thanks for touching our lives. You and Scott are a wonderful team….may His love and protection and power keep you. May His wisdom, strength, joy and peace saturate you. May the blood of Jesus cover you and your families and your homes and all that God has given you to steward. May His love touch the deepest recesses of your hearts so that no fear is ever permitted to stay, in Jesus’ Name. He is power and grace. Bob and Karen/Phoenix/June/2011

Brother Mike and the Holy Ghost!!!!! Thanks so much for what you have done for me and my family. We came in to see you on Saturday for counseling and we left with the gift of tongues. My wife and daughters were all speaking in tongues well after we left the House of Healing! It was incredible how many demonic spirits were flying out of us. We have learned so much in the past month coming to your studies and deliverance services than we have learned in the almost 3 years we have been going to church! My family and I thank you and the Holy Ghost for our gift and for the excellent teaching you provide. We all love you and can’t wait until the next seminar!!! Peace to you and yours!!! Brother Earl/Avondale AZ./June/2011

Bro Mike, I came in to be freed. I came out renewed, restored and refreshed. I did not realize, something that seemed so simple, like God’s love, should be easy to comprehend. I had no idea. Love has taken on a new meaning. It’s not painful or discouraging and is not works. I had no idea. My view of God’s love was so distorted. His Love, is so precious, soothing, deliberate, delightful, resting, ensuring, peaceful. It is All in All, encumbering and Jesus Forever! My gums are healed. I’m healed. I can hardly move and where would I want to go anyway. ”Jesus” Overwhelming Love, MaryKay/Phoenix/June 2011

Bro. Mike: I have had more victory everyday since the last time I was at House of Healing & I am still battling. I have more understanding every day. I will be all He has called me to be. I understand there are never any vacations ever from these things & this is a war & a fight for our lives. I have been tormented for almost five years with what I have been going through & now I will never be the same. I know I am called to be a armed commander in this war. I have now taken control of the thoughts that have bombarded my mind & am having total victory over the enemy, with the understanding and power in the name of the KING JESUS, SON OF THE LIVING GOD. I have a lot of work to do in the kingdom. I am almost ready. I will see you soon my brother. Friday & Sunday. Stay blessed love you my brother. Steven B./Phoenix/May 2011

Hello Brother Mike. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and share your testimony about self-deliverance. With your help, my faith was quickened and I was able to self-deliver after 5 days of persistent prayer. The evil spirit that was oppressing me was cast out in the name of JESUS! God showed me that the barrier to my deliverance was unbelief. After I repented of unbelief, I asked God to give me great faith. God answered my prayer and upon praying again, I commanded the demon spirit out and held onto my deliverance by faith!

I am completely free, healed and delivered! Blake in Phoenix/Apr. 2011
My cousin is really doing wonderfully and I thought on her birthday, you might like an update. Since visiting with Mike and learning how to cast out demons (I’ve been helping her since) she has gotten a great job, gotten a promotion and a raise, and TODAY she is moving out of her parent’s home into a house with two other girls she met from church. She is strong and healthy and connected to God, and continually working on her faith. Complete turnaround from a year ago. Her depression has eased, she is doing great in roller derby and has truly forgiven her ex husband. She is a bit scared about being on her own for the first time ever, but excited and happy, too. Thought you might like to know. Amy in Flagstaff/Jan. 2011

Brother Mike, Larry, his wife and awesome staff,
Thank you so much for being awesome Christians. You could not ask for more wonderful people. This ministry is so knowledgeable about the word of God and deliverance. I learned so much in the short time I was there. The deliverance services are powerful! These people truly care about you and your welfare. Brother Mike and Larry and staff showed me who Jesus really is. See, I was living in the old Testament and the devil had me bound with chains. Brother Mike opened me up and showed me how much Jehovah loves us. I am a changed man to this day because of these awesome people and the Holy Spirit. I know longer walk in bondage or torment. While I was there and still to this day. I can see the chains Satan and his demons placed in my mind being broken. The walls falling down and the annointing is really starting to flow. Thank you so much for what you have done in my life. I am a free man and a fire burning in me for God like never before. Brother Mike your book Planos spirits rocks! Ive been casting out so many rebellious spirits. Also the three spirits…Anger, lying, and fear… Phoenix you are blessed to have such a wonderful group of Christians. I had to fly all the way from Louisiana and it was well worth it. Love you, Justin in N.O., LA./Dec. 2010

Brother Mike. Thanks for prayer for heroin addiction! I did not go through any withdraws while in jail, got out early, went into out patient, church and serving God, ministering to addicts on christian web site. Jay/Phoenix/Dec. 2010
Thank u pastor mike, for helping my Husband Robert today & for giving back to me the true man I married,,,,, I thank God for your obedience in what you do for Jesus. God Bless You, Yolanda H./Phoenix/Dec. 2010

It is with my deepest gratitude I share what the Lord has done and continues to do in my life of recent. My walk with the Lord has been strong and I have been seeking him for many years with sweat and tears. I had a dramatic conversion at the age of 21 and life has never been the same! Praise God! It has happened again recently, a life changing eternal moment occurred and it has happened at your ministry via the Holy Spirit!! Thank you seems barely fitting for the magnitude of gratitude that flows from my spirit for the Holy Spirit and your courage to fight in the spirit for all of us!! Thank you Jesus for Hardcore Christianity and the power of the Holy Spirit!! It has been fifteen years and the reality of my past was still plaguing my mind, heart and some relationships, and this was realized in the word of God imparted and taught by Brother Mike! With the Knowledge of God’s word and power of the Holy Spirit I am free in so many ways now. Free in a way I pleaded with the Lord for years in prayer and countless searching moments. The gift of deliverance has freed me and continues to free me to be who I am in Christ and serve him in a way like never before. It has been 17 days since the Lord has healed me from Multiple Sclerosis at your Friday night deliverance service. I weep still with the awe of how much God loves us and how amazing His power is constant and continues to be!! Not only did the Lord heal me from MS, He has restored my heart, renewed my mind as the enemy was CAST out!! I continue to practice self-deliverance, fighting daily and attend Hardcore Christianity’s teachings and services. It is with great joy that I have been able to share the great news of deliverance with many friends! A few of my friends and people I am divinely meeting have attended a Mike’s services already, and there are more to come!! I have yet to begin to process so much of whats happened and is happening. A note of gratitude and praise for what has already begun had to be shared! All for the Lord! Thank you for raising up warrior’s in the kingdom!! Thank you for devoting your walk and life to help so many be delivered! Praise God for your sacrifices and the gifts you selflessly share with all of us! Praying for you!!! Fighting with you via the Holy Spirit!! In Christ, Rachel B., Phoenix, July/2010

Hi There!
I cannot tell you how much my times at HOH have changed me and my whole demeanor. It is not an easy road to go down, but as a new follower, I can, however, say it is definitely worth it. After attending Sunday night, I have received the gift of “laryngitis”!!! (MANY are grateful for that!!!!) But I wanted you both to know that I got up this morning and have only had to take one pain pill today, versus 6-8 daily! “STUFF” is going on big time! Joy, Phoenix, 7/10
Good Afternoon Bro. Mike & Karen,

Thank you for helping me reach my deliverance and freedom from soul wounds! I praise God for the triumph and freedom I experienced today and the breakthrough that came forth as a result. I will be able to walk freely among the earth knowing that God is the judge of all and that he is in total absolute control. God bless you and your ministry you are doing an awesome and incredible work unto the glory of God. Again I cherish your giftings and ministry gifts and praise God for all that you do and your future endeavors!!! Graciously, Stephanie, Phoenix, 7/10

Hi Mike,
Last night I just wanted to float home from the service and today I’m just still in awe. My friend invited me to the service and I had no clue that all that was going to take place. I learned so much from the seminar that I would have never gotten from Sunday School nor bible study. What you all do there is so needed. At first when you had my Friend to move and then the lights went out I was so scared. I have been scared for years of the dark, I have my lights on all the time. Friends have suggested a night light but I was afraid of that because night lights cause shadows. I had no idea all of those spirits were in me. I will be scheduling a one on one as suggested by the wonderful person that was helping me. I was telling my friend that for a while I felt like there is something that is keeping me at a distance from God. After yesterday’s experience I totally understand. I was too full of the enemy. I told my friend that once I am totally healed I hope to help your ministry in some kind of way. I know when I have more money I will be sending another offering. I know I could never make enough to pay for God’s work, but your ministry is GOOD ground to sew into. Again, thank you so very much. I know I am a nicer person today because of it. What you all do there is give life. I thank God for you all. Lacey, Phoenix, 06/10

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me. Last night I made plans to meet with the Lord, just him and I and pour myself out. I can’t even begin to explain what happened, but he showed up in my room and I wept for over an hour. Memories I had buried from past hurt surfaced up. I could see and remember the times I had been hurt and rejected, and how it opened doors for the enemy in my life. I began to renounce those sins, and one by one forgive those who had caused this pain deep inside me. I don’t think I have ever cried like that before. By the power of Jesus blood I took authority over the lust and perversion that has saturated my mind for years. Before I went to bed last night I felt something release inside me. Thank you for posting that link on self deliverance, you have no idea how helpful your site has been. I’m glad there are men of God like you out there who are following their call and not watering down the truth. I am praying God bless your ministry in a very special way. If I ever make it out to Arizona I will make it to one of your services. God bless you! Rafael, Phoenix 5/2010

Hi Brother Mike,
Just want to thank you for your ministry and allowing God to use you. I went to the last demonology training class and one private counseling session and have continually been delivered from different problems. I tried the deliverance on my own also and have been feeling the Holy Spirit in a mighty way. I feel much more focused and peaceful-Praise God He is good! I am planning on volunteering in a ministry to help prostitutes and addicts that my friend has been a part of for over 20 years. I remember you saying to be careful when you start. I know I still need more healing and I don’t want to pick anything else up or not be equip to go in. If you have any advice on this-it would be appreciated. I know the Lord has been calling me to get involved. I just want to make sure I am in the right place. Once again thanks for your help and all you do- I pray God will continue to bless you, your ministry and family. Nelly, Phoenix, 5/2010

Hi Mike,
I pray that you got home safely from Casa Grande Sat. night. I learned a lot about the supernatural spirit world and received more healing. I have never felt so much peace in my entire life, thank God! I thank God for you and I ask Him to keep you and your family under His protection always. Oh, my parents would like to make an appt. with you to on a one-on-one basis. Pat, Casa Grande 5/2010

Mike & Karen,
Thank you so much. I love you guys! God has given me such a freedom and genuine love for Him and His, I cannot stop praising and thanking Him. Just know I am totally filled with the Joy of the Lord and am not giving 10 seconds to the devil and his schemes. Today I see clearly God’s Kingdom and am keenly aware of my surroundings. I have completely remained neutral with my children and pray to keep my awareness, insights and discernment every day. I have discernment for the flesh and do not mistake it for the devil. He pulls me into His presence when I least expect it and I am obedient to comply and seek His face, and pray for humility to serve with all my heart and all my strength. Thank you for exposing the lie, and the truth about the nearness of my God. My immediate “ministry” if you will is, “My God, How He loves you”, for His people to get a revelation of that Love. In His Care, Colleen, Phoenix, 4/2010

Brother Mike,
I appreciate you so much and may God bless you a thousand times over. The heaviness on my spirit is gone. I no longer feel bitter or angry. My family is so messed up it will take a Master to heal it and bring it together again. Praise God I know the Master of impossible tasks! Most of all I feel the closeness of my Abba Father once again! My life was so dark for so long. How I praise Him that He still loves me and will forgive even as unworthy as I am. I can’t thank you enough for calling. I truly was at the end of my rope. Lovenprayers, Kit, Iowa 4/2010

Evening Mike,
ted to let you know how everything is going after my appointment with you! My eyes have really opened in a huge way! I can feel, see and hear so much more than I usually do. It’s like an evil curtain has been lifted and I am seeing into a realm that The Enemy has been hiding from me for some time now! He is not happy about it! I have been under many attacks since our meeting, some big ones at home, that I really want to sit down and talk to you about and some small ones at work. The Demon world is not happy about my new freedom and the fact that I am so quickly able to see them for what they are and where they are from and who they come from and so forth! Praise Jesus the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! With the power and authority given to us through Jesus work I can now start to further explore my calling but I am ready to just JUMP right in if he so wishes! Thank you for being available to me and my family! I will be making an appointment for my 17 year old son as he would like to be free from the Anger demon I passed on to him in his younger years! I would like to learn and grow in this area of ministry that I was so called to do by our Lord,that until now I was blocked from doing. I really appreciate your straight forward approach! Thank you Jesus! Jeff B., Phoenix, 12/09

Hello Bro. Mike:
I forgot to mention that the change in my life since we met has been unbelievable. I have more real peace than I have ever known. Since then my coworkers have remarked that something seems “calmer” about me, and a close friend did not even recognize my voice when I answered the phone yesterday. She said since she has known me, I’ve had a sort of hyper “edge” to my voice that is now gone. Steve remarked on it as well. Thursday was spent in a sort of cloudy haze, with a lot of different thoughts crowding out each other, but when I got home from work and prayed and followed your instructions… it stopped. The peace I’d felt on Wed returned, and it has stayed solid today… with no impulsive thoughts or negativity or compulsions. (Also, as an aside, I kinda grinned to myself when you repeated yourself a couple times, saying, “No men!” and was thinking, “There aren’t any around, not a problem…” Everywhere I went on Thursday, guys were introducing themselves! Cracked me up!! Thanks for the warning though… had i been ill prepared, in the state i was in Thursday, my day may have had much different ending, to my eternal regret. Anyway, just a quick note to let you know I am alive and doin’ fine, praise God. Hopefully, i will be able to make it to a Sunday night class sometime. Thanks, again, Anne, 11/09 Flagstaff, AZ

Good Morning Brother Mike,
I live in Brockton (a suburb of Boston), MA. I need to share this with you. Just after I wrote you last night, something very remarkable happened to me. It was exactly midnight here, while I was still on the computer, alone in my apartment, I heard my CD player somewhere across the room, suddenly turned on and started playing a Praise/ Worship song. It was the THIRD consecutive night this would happen this week, each time at exactly 12.00 am (midnight). On each occasion, I was certain the machine was not in anyway ON or malfunctioning. The first night (on Tuesday) this happened, though I was in serious pain and torment, I knelt down as the music began to play and thanked the Lord for sending His angel to prompt me to worship Him. For one full hour, on my knees, I was totally lost in praise/worship to God, singing along with the CD player. As soon as it was done playing, the CD player went back to OFF mode by itself. I then spent a few more time to pray and thank God before going to sleep. The next night (Wednesday), at exactly the same time, this was repeated exactly the same way, and I responded the same way. Last night (Thursday) it happened again, and as I was on my knees completely lost in worship to God, suddenly a very strong force(s) welled up from deep inside me, took over my voice and started screaming. My mouth and throat was forced open and I felt gasps of air escaping from deep within me. This continued intermittently while I continued to worship and lift up the Lord Jesus. At one time, my face and my mouth got violently twisted, I was kicking uncontrollably with my legs, screaming at the top of my voice. At the end I felt so light and relieved, and have no doubt that God has visited me. I woke up this morning feeling so great and thankful to God, knowing that something remarkable has happened to me. Please join me in thanking Him for this. Hallelujah! Tony A. 10/09

Hey Mike,
I just wanted to let you know some good news! After my appointment with you last Wednesday, I knew that I had made some head-way but was not finished. I tried to do some self-deliverance a few nights later but I didn’t get very far and just went to sleep feeling a little discouraged. I printed out the self-deliverance section off your website and had it at home when I started to sense some kind of demonic in me again last night. It was bed time (around 10pm) and I honestly did not anticipate really doing much but shutting it up so I could sleep, but I got the materials I printed out and started in and within about 45 minutes, I was manifesting again and a little while after I was expelling again. Crazy! So a whole other nest was evacuated and I spent some time in worship afterward before going to sleep at almost 2 am last night. I am still not convinced that I’m 100% free and clear of them, but I do know that last night was a major victory and even a finishing of what was started on Wednesday. I am so excited about it! I have not felt this freedom in, I don’t know how long! Thank you for all that you do, Mike! Here is some more fruit from your labor! Ashley in Sacramento, 6/09

Hi Brother Mike,
I thought you would like to hear what has been happening with my dad. As you know he came in on Sat, and you and Terry prayed for him. He called me today and told me that since prayer, he has been feeling “super.” He’s walking, talking, eating, and breathing very well. In fact he had an appointment with the specialist on Monday, and they were very suprised at the sudden change. They told him to cut back on his meds, and only take them if he felt like he needed them. Praise the Lord!!!! He was so excited, he told me to tell you “thank you so much.”: He’s been reading John, and praying 3-4 times a day. He also said to tell you that you are such a blessing, and that you’re in his prayers. Talk about amazing!!!! Also, thank you for helping my husband and myself. We have been listening to his audio bible together, and also reading and praying. It seems like a fire has been lit inside him to where he wants to seek the Lord more, which is great. My migraines are gone, I’ve been feeling very good. When I read the word, I feel that I have more understanding and am receiving more revelation. Thank you again so much for everything. Have a blessed day. Camille/Phoenix 5/09

Hey Pastor Mike,
How are you doing? I wanted to let you know that I am doing well! I am a changed person. It has been a week since my deliverance and I have been clean from pornography! This is the longest I have been porn free in a while and plan to keep going. My fiance and I met with our Pastor and decided to go through with our marriage. I moved back to my parents house until we get married so that I won’t be, in anyway tempted to do anything with her and to keep from arguing. We have been good, no arguing and we have been very positive. We got tested with a disagreement one time this week and delt with it fine. Thanks again for everything. I know it was the Lord, but He used you to help me. Thanks again. Bryan W. 3/09, Phoenix

Brother Mike:
You and I were praying and I was trying to cough something out of my throat when my daughter, Elizabeth, came running to the car from the house. Apparently while we were praying there was alot of negative activity that arose in the house. That happens when we are praying quite often. Elizabeth said she was afraid that a demon was trying to get her. so I put you on the phone with her and you and I began praying. I didn’t know what was going on but then the next thing I knew, I heard you commanding something to come out and she was screaming about something in her legs and stomach and she was writhing around, so I laid hands on her stomach and her whole body began to tremble violently. You continued to command the demon and instruct her and they began leaving her…she began to throw up and then she laid back in the car like she was resting and she said she thought they were gone. I asked her what was going on when we were praying and Elizabeth said as you and I were praying she and felt her body go hot and cold all at the same time and she said the enemy was trying to control her thoughts, saying stuff like “God doesn’t love you and because of you the demons are going to kill Kyle.” Then Jesus appeared and she said it looked like we were in heaven and he held his arms out to her and told her to come to him. She ran to him and he held her and rocked her like she was a baby and told her he loved her and that it was going to be okay. She said that every time the demon popped up and tried to scare her into stopping, Jesus appeared to her and then finally it was over. Then she started praying for me and she saw a black demon hiding inside my head and it looked like a solid black sheet/wall with yellow eyes and claws. This would make alot of sense because I had been telling you Mike, that I felt like I was being blocked from experiencing the fullness of God’s love and forgiveness. We are free now. Shelly N. 3/09

Whats up Mike?
I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing! I had no idea I had an evil spirit living in me. I now feel like the Nate that God made me 2 be now. I’ve tried for years to get rid of my sinfull ways but kept coming back to them. Some never really even left and I ended up thinking it was just a part of who i was, even though in my heart I didnt want to do the things I did. For example, I never could stop stealing, having sex with my girlfriend, gang banging and drinking. Though I might have cut back at these things, they never stoped. Now I know that was not me and it was an evil spirit. I didn’t know I could be saved and still possesed. I’m doing good and so is my girlfriend we are helping each other to stay focused on God. I actually feel great I’m listening to more worship music and feel God with me all day. Its only been one day but it’s been a great day. No more bad thoughts or evil ways and when they might try to come back, it’s easy to keep them away. I just cut up my blue rags and dumped out two bottles of alcohol that I stole not too long ago. My girlfriend tossed out some weed that she had. I have no plans to steal anything ever again and me and my girlfriend are going to save ourselves for marriage. Me and my brother Caleb both have a strong passion to want to help other people come to God. We are on our way and now I’m not going to miss out on any more of God’s blessings. What you are doing is wonderful and I look up to you for it. Keep doing what you are doing and God bless you and yours. Thanks again. Nate, Sacramento, CA. 2/09

Hi Mike,
Big results! I immediately noticed deliverance from multiple fears that I didn’t even realize were fears. And the strangest thing has been happening. I ate food at Mcdonalds the day after you were here. Now I don’t intend to become a fat fast food fan but I don’t know what is the bigger miracle, that I wasn’t afraid to do that or that I had NO NEGATIVE REACTION TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I also have eaten two or three candy bars. Now these where not the kind you get at the circle k but health food store bars, but still and again I had no negative reaction. Even my family members are acting differently. My son who I hadn’t heard from in years called me the next day and emailed me pictures and sounded somewhat sober. He has never in his adult life called me sober. I’m not even sure if he’s been sober in his adult life before. Apparently broke his leg the day I was delivered. There is more but you get the picture. I think this is it, Mike. I’m still going for the colonics (they are good for you, everyone should go) but I feel healed. Tired and hungry but I always am after deliverance. To everything there is a season. Praise His Name and thank you. You are one of a kind. Michele, 01/09, Phoenix, AZ
Thank you and Nick so much for coming and praying. My pastor is doing well. She is very grateful for the deliverance that you did. She realizes that we would have never gotten ahold of the familiar spirits that had me in bondage. Thank you!!!!!!! Cara S., 12/09, Glendale, Az

Pastor Davies prayed for healing on my shoulder as well as impartation of evangelism. I have never been much of an evangelist but i woke up this morning thinking of “ways” to introduce the gospel. I think I received a triple whammy down here in the desert! For His glory,

Mike M. (Washington 5/08)

I began to ask God to bring to my mind every sin in my life from childhood that I may confess them and ask for forgiveness. Boy was it a lot. When Mike called I was ready for anything, I wanted to break this demonic barrier. Mike had me lay out flat on my bed and begin to do the Holy Ghost check up. Immediately I was hit by the Holy Spirit, and had chills run through my entire body. We were praying the blood of Jesus over my body. Mike had to stop for a moment and begin to pray in tongs because the Holy Spirit hit him as well. Mike said put your hand around your neck and I am going to pray. As I did I leaned my head back and opened my mouth and Mike screamed, come out in the name of Jesus and I began to cough and gag till I couldn’t hardly breath I don’t know how many demons cane out, but when I was able to breath again it was such a huge relief. I was soaking wet with sweet and I knew right then something had changed. I never through anything up as far as liquid – but the entire room had a fowl smell of vomit in it. Mike began to tell me that the demon would try to come back in through my anger. Boy was he right that night I suffer many dreams of rage and anger. Each time I would wake up, plead the blood of Jesus over me, and rebuke the dream in the name of Jesus. Never dismiss your dreams as nothing, God works in our dreams and so dose satan. Today I feel great, I can’t wait to pray over people God puts in my path and see His healing power accomplished in there life. Not my will be done but Thine.
Your brother in Christ, Frank/Kentucky, 12/08

Hi Mike,
The Lord has been ministering to me and refreshing me since you ministered to me. People are making comments on how radiant I look and beautiful and they want to hear what has happened! The worship leader’s wife at our ministry and I had a conversation last night which really encouraged me as she said it is okay that I am being careful and cautious with ministry activities. She noticed a change in me and even in my appearance spiritually. This morning as I was getting ready to open the booktables, the Lord came along and blessed me by doing some deep inner healing work. Even in the midst of this intense time of deliverance and inner cleansing work where I feel so emptied out, God has been pouring out HIS love to me through the body of Christ, including you and your team. I know that God will complete the work HE has begun in me. I want to tell you (if I haven’t already) that you and your team are so awesome. I can feel not only the authority you know you have and fully embrace, but that you are so safe to be with. You and your team are so pure in spirit that I could completely let go with security and peace. My experiences with you so far have been one of the highlights of my life as the Holy Spirit and your team and myself have all worked together to bring about my deliverance. I love how the Lord moves and how HE brings things about within HIS body and through HIS body. When I was at my most discouraging places during the sessions we have had, you and your team rose to the occasion by encouraging me, cheering me on, fighting for me, fighting with me, modeling a seeking wisdom from above and not leaning on your own understanding. When you guys starting singing about the blood of Jesus at one point when I could feel all our spirits struggling with the process, that revelation of HIS BLOOD came over me and it began to fill us all with strength and renewed courage to carry on. I am hungry for more revelation of HIS BLOOD, and even now feel that I have more of an experiential knowledge of that, as opposed to head knowledge. When you told me in an e-mail that I was worth your time and investment. I must have read and reread that 50 times as it ministered to places in my heart I had no idea I was deficient in. The very act of you and your team running this marathon with me and being willing to go the distance speaks so much love to me from the Father. You didn’t even know me, yet the compassion of Jesus was free to be expressed through you and as a result I am set free. Terri is a real treasure. Having her with me last time, especially with all the things being dealt with, was so comforting and soothing. She felt like a rock in the spirit and like an anchor and made me feel supported. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are and for being willing to take up the mantle of deliverance ministry. Thank you for being willing to fight. Thank you for being willing to lay down your lives to love. Thank you for living full out in your giftings and call of God so that the body of Christ has that part that only you can bring to the table for us to feast on. For if you withheld that, we would suffer incredible loss. I have shared with all who will listen of what the Lord has done and is doing. For HE is worthy of all praise and Glory and Honor and power and blessing and riches and might and strength! Cindy S./Phoenix, 12/08.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For being patient with me, for waiting, for not scaring me out of my wits, for making…hmmm…the deliverance process one which was not at all, in the least, terrifying…exactly the opposite, for listening, and for showing me what Jesus looks like in another human being. Now what the heck did I wait so long for, lol.?!?! Sincerely, MaryElizabeth (Phoenix) (12/08)

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