Hello brother Mike. Hope that you are doing fine. I am going once again through the miracle list  so I am at the 7th point.  Since the day I started to speak in tongue on September 2022,  I’ve never ceased to do it throughout the day.  About the 1st point the only persons who truly hurt me in my entire life was my sister and her husband. I was actually fasting and praying for their heart to be transformed by God and their house to be blessed with the fruit of the womb  when spirits started to go out of me. The love for my dad is actually the reason I moved back from the USA to my home country so we are on pretty good terms. I have already apologized to him for breaking his dreams for me and for any wrong that I may have done to him. I am looking for the time to watch again your teaching “miracles blocker.” 

I am also trying to arrange my schedule to be able to attend the zoom sessions. 

Thank you a lot for your precious help. May God continue to bless you. 

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