Hi Mike

I was at the deliverance event a couple of months ago in Emporia KS.  I meant to send something sooner for my testimony but what I typed up initially just seemed incomplete.  I decided to wait to see what God wanted to reveal and have me share.  I did not realize that I would be going thru with deliverance at the same time I was writing it out.  God is good and faithful all the time.  Amazing to receive the gift of a mother’s love after all these years.  It gave me courage to no longer be afraid and let her go.  My heart is so full of joy.  I don’t ever remember feeling like this.  Anyway, I wanted to share and encourage you in the crazy times we live in to keep up the good fight and never let the enemy snuff out the gift God gave you to help in setting the captives free.  

Blessings in Christ

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