Good morning,

I got my package this week, thank you for being so prompt.  I have been following your teachings since 2010 and you have opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Your miracle list does work as I was delivered and healed of stage 4 breast cancer this past August.  If it hadn’t been for your ministry I would’ve given in to my diagnosis and died. The sad part about all of this is no one here knows about deliverance. Such as: is it real, why we need deliverance, how demons enter our bodies, etc.  That’s the easy part to relate to people.  The hard part is:  we don’t have to accept it and deliverance is Biblical.   A while back you had an 18 series set of videos that explained those questions and much more.  These were amazing.  I need those!!!! Please say yes!!!   I will pay you for those if you will send them to me. 

Thank you 

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