Hi Brother Mike,

Praise God for you, Stephanie, and the rest of your ministry team!   For several months, our 4-year-old daughter has had 1-2 hours long tantrums every day and in the middle of every night. She inflicted pain on herself by throwing herself to the ground, causing bruises on her knees and legs. She also scratches herself leaving red marks on her body.  This comes from a girl who is very afraid of pain, cries and announces to everyone the tiniest scratch on her finger.  We tried to deliver her, distract her, love her, spend more time with her, analyzed her social/spiritual/physical states to the point we could probably have written a thesis on her lol.  We reached out to you, and thank God Stephanie called.  Surprisingly, she wanted to deliver me!  I told her I repented my desire of aborting my daughter and forgave everyone who hurt me.  Over the phone, Stephanie tried to deliver me without success because I told her I already repented everything and forgave everyone. Later on, I realized how wrong I was and how much I deceived myself.  So I asked Stephanie to deliver my husband instead haha.  Stephanie graciously agreed and was generous of her time.  Demons flew out of him left and right during their phone conversations.  Afterwards, my husband and I worked at your Miracle List SLOWLY, praying and repenting over EVERY incident with EVERY person.  I wanted to do a generic prayer for all people on my list for Step 1, but my husband encouraged me to physically WRITE down the list, and patiently prayed for every incident with everyone with me silently (after he finished his Step 1).  Finally, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I STILL have spirit of rejection for my 4yo daughter (even though I repented my desire to abort her years ago).   I never realized how much negative emotions I had toward her in recent months (when her symptoms started).  I thought my husband and I love our kids more than any parent love theirs, we  both have spent more time with our kids than anyone we know, and have diligently raised her to be set apart for God’s Kingdom since birth.  Miraculously, after I repented my spirit of rejection and negative emotions and release them to God completely (took several hours because couldn’t succeed initially), our 4yo daughter INSTANTLY changed back to her sweet and unburdened self from before! My husband and I were shocked to see the dramatic and sudden change at her face and body posture, as if she sensed the spirit of rejection left! We never knew how sensitive she is to the spirit realm. My husband realized our daughter is sensitive to the spirit of rejection and abandonment because he has generations of abandonment in his family tree. He was abandoned by his parents often since birth, and his dad is an orphan.  Your list is truly a miracle list!  And we are only at Step 1! Also my husband and I have been watching your videos for several years.  Understanding  your teachings gives us supernatural peace (especially during COVID times) and discernment which we are still learning.  We listened to you guys almost daily to stay renewed and spiritually fed.  Thank you Stephanie for praying for us, for your time 

making the phone call, for speaking with love and patience and faith, and give us good insights of our spiritual warfare.  We love your ministry team and will continue to pray for all of you.

With much gratitude,

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