Since I started attending the AZDC in August, I have experienced deliverance that I knew I needed for years but didn’t know who or where to turn to until I found out about AZDC. I just want you to know that you and many on your deliverance team have blessed me so much with prayers. Kelly, Laurie, and one man (I’m so sorry I can’t remember his name!!!) spoke with me after prayer and provided me with such wonderful, encouraging words, I am just so grateful!   I have since been delivered/healed in Jesus name from the following: chronic complaining, severe neurological Lyme Disease, countless lies that were constantly floating around in my mind, a dark cloud surrounding me since childhood. Until I came to the knowledge of TRUE deliverance, I wasn’t fully wearing the armor of God and didn’t even know it. I wasn’t fighting the enemy by casting out demons like I should have been doing all along. The devil has given me one long beat down, but now I know what it means to truly wear the armor of God and fight. To God be the glory forever and ever!

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