I got onto the Zoom meeting this evening. My first time ever doing a video chat. I want to apologise because I was on for a couple hours and then I tried to type in that I am very happy and amazed because of the deliverance I received just by watching the videos of yours and by following the miracle list. I am so very excited and so full of Joy now that I understand who I fully am in Christ Jesus and I am just in love with the Truth so much! Thank you for everything and I know God is going to use me more and more to be a blessing to everyone I encounter! I truly understand know why I was held back from victory by believing lies of evil spirits that try and put thoughts in my mind that are not of God. I fully understand know how to combat this and continually have victory in this! I am a loved child of The Most High and I am very humble He has chosen me to be a beacon of light to this world! Be blessed brother!!!

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